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SmackDown...a month on

Guest NJC

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Hi All


I got SmackDown for Christmas. It was a present off my Mum and Dad- so, having HATED with a passion the other SmackDown games I had already convinced myself to pretend to like it for the parents sake, with the long term goal of them paying for my car insurance- I digress.


So, it was settled- I knew the game would be shit, so would simply take it back to Game on about the 3rd or 4th of January, say my Gran got me the same game and have the delights of a GOOD game instead.


But, um...well, it hasn't quite worked out like that.


Y'see, I played it on Christmas Day morning and nearly choked on the Quality Street- it didn't seem that bad. Obviously the special matches were all there- SmackDown could never be faulted for that. A quick browse around the Create mode also impressed me, seeming almost stupidly extensive. Actually playing the game made me dance around the tree- I loved it.


The entrances of the wrestlers are incredibly good- graphics top notch, realism as good as (exception X-Pac and Triple H- who look very poor compared to the insane accuracy of Booker T for instance) the real thing; so I was delighted before I even stepped into the ring. When I did, my joy exploded.


Sure, it took a long, drawn out "Stand still! Stand still! Just stand near the corner...." type of match with my brother before I grasped the controls and different move sets (which now, to my embarrassment seem easier than Ulrika Jonsson.) but once I had gathered my suplexes and my planchas I was truly away.


Nearly a month on, I am still fully engrossed in my season mode that I am playing with, even if I do say so myself brilliant created character Mr. Honeysuckle. (!) Playing the season mode is really what SmackDown is all about, although playing with your mates is also just as fun- more so if you can convince the non-fans to be Shawn Stasiak on the basis that he "is like the best wrestler in the federation, he beat Rock y'know".


The storylines are amazing, and unlocking features, moves etc. only adds to your game and characters outside of the seasons.


Overall, I am completely convinced, it must be said. I LOVE the game. I cannot stop playing it- I find it that good.


I may be in the minority, but I really do find it has everything a wrestling fan wants. Or am I just mad?

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Quite right. I've always been an evangelist for the SD! games.


Not too sure if season's really my favourite thing though. It's fantastic fun for, say, the first couple of years but it did become a chore in the end because, when you get as good as me (;) ) at the game, EVERY match becomes a squash. But I needed to unlock all the CAW parts and movelists cause of my little SmackDown! league - wins and losses are important in the league but so are having a good-looking stable of created wrestlers and "signature" moves and move sets for them.


:xyx :xyx :xyx :xyx out of 5 on the Christ rating system!

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Yeah, I'm still playing it too, and I got it on the release date. I'm on my 5th season mode, with everything unlocked, and I'm simply just seeing where different paths will take me.


There goes my credibility when I said in my review that SD!4 may lack longevity...


Ah well, when you're wrong 40% of the time, you're right 60% of the time.

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I got it on the release date and havent played it for weeks, all Smackdown games are pretty much the same gameplay wise, Smackdown 4 is pretty much the same as the Smackdown game I was playing on my PS1 3 or 4 years ago, just with better graphics.
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Originally posted by K.J

Smackdown 4 is pretty much the same as the Smackdown game I was playing on my PS1 3 or 4 years ago, just with better graphics.




And what was wrong with the original? Nothing!


The way that the SmackDown! sequals have been coded is much like the FIFA football games: evolution, not revolution (although I don't play footy games I know they're THAT damn popular that the analogy will be sensical)




On a side note: How hard is it to type "SmackDown!" in the middle of a sentance? There's that tricky capital "D" mid-word and then then b@st@ard exclamation mark at the end - I always b*gg*r it up and have to re-type the damned thing!




[edit] unless, as in my quote from Mr Kage, you ignore the whole thing and just go ahead and type it how it SHOULD have been titled in the first place. Kinda makes a mockery of my addendum to this post. Ah well, back to the brewskis!

Edited by A.C.
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Theres nothing wrong with the original Smackdown! games, it's just that four years on and I appear to be totally bored with it, I played it for a week and haven;t had the urge to pick it up again, in fact I wish I took it back and exchanged it for Madden 03 or Vice City.


As for typing Smackdown mid sentance, I agree, I usually end up typing Samckdown!!!!

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Guest Peter K

Like most of you, I got SmackDown S.Y.M for Christmas and I was hooked with it for quite a while but when you've locked all the secret items thats it really.......

But I have a question to ask....how can you unlock WWE Divas special video?!?!? I've been aching my brain trying to think how and what to do.....

But I can tell that the S.Y.M one is FAR better than the disappointing Just Bring It game.

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To unlock the divas video you need to get 100 knockouts on Slobber Knocker mode. It takes about 30 minutes, and is reletively easy to do. I would advise using Austin, Jericho or Rock to do it with. The divas video is nothing special really, just a few tame thong and bikini shots with the RAW theme accompanying it.
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Guest Anime Otaku
woohoo! i completed the first season with RVD... the ending with your wrestlemania opponent, your character and vince is funny too. :D wish i hadn't started me second season with my rey caw without unlocking the 30 superstar points
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Guest RazorRoss

This has got nothing in particular to do with the thread apart from it relates to SD! SYM.....and this was the most recent thread about it I could be bothered to find.


Basically, there is a crazy little trick you can do in SmackDown if you play as RVD.........if you are outside the ring, perform RVD's jumping taunt (L2 and down), and, if you press the buttons with exact timing, you can perform any of RVD's aerial moves!!!it is probably easiest to do a five star frog splash this way, as you can learn the timing....as the SD! symbol appears above your character's name. You can also hit the spilt legged moonsault, flying kick and all his other moves.



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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

I thought SD! 4 was surprisingly good, it got worse reviews than JBI!


But this was mostly to the lack of wrestling popularity in wrestling now.


Top game in my view...regardless of the flaws....

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