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The wonderful things in life

Guest Pabster

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this is a nice topic pab.


um my nice things in life...


making my flatmates laugh

seeing my family

catching the eye of a cute stranger

finding more money in my account than i thought


plus cute puppies and small fat hamsters not like my ugly skinny one colin

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My car! I love my car, its great :D


and my Cat!!! my cat is just the most adorable thing in the world, plus it makes people laugh when i tell people i have a cute pussy :D


and of course not forgetting the most wonderfull thing in the world.....Leicester City FC :xyx

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My Friends...love em all to pieces even though I won't admit it to em


My music...gets me through the bad days and makes the good seem 100 times better


My poetry...going through my poetry book just bring backs memories


The Internet...even though some real mean people have a computer


Hair dye...without it I would look normal :D


TWO..Nice place I can talk about wrestling and many subjects, and get treated like an adult by 99% of the people here


Droitwich...It might be small and smell, but It's my town and I can't imagine not living here


Oh and Oasis in birmingham cos of the 60 yr old goths walking round, and Birmingham and Birmingham football club in general

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Guest Dean Douglas
Music, love, friendship, fuzzy little bunny rabbits..all that stuff. Believe it or not but beneath this cold, hard exterior beats the heart of a Blue Peter presenter on Prozac.
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Guest The Crippler

Nice topic this one,


Going on the Internet


Walking to the train station on a crisp, frosty morning to go in for a really easy day at Uni


Going out to buy CDs, clothes


Listening to my ever expanding music collection whilst downing a few tins of nice and cold Harp


Watching football


Going out with my friends

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The usual things ............

My Friends


Bacon sandwiches with wonderful HP sauce

finding a couple of quid you though you never had in a jacket pocket.

and other stuff

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To me the wonderful things in life are;

Being healthy.

My family.

pay day!

my bed!



Television,especially Sky!



Nights out.

My pets.


and of course Manchester City football Club,!:D

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Ok, here we go:



CDs and Music

Playstation 2

GTA Vice City



Wrestling.............at times :D





Newcastle United Football Club :D

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Guest The Vulcanized One

This is the reason Pab was made a mod. Btw well done to Cripp for gettin made a mod mate you're one of my fave posters here. I'll just go get some kneepads lol. Anyway



Apple pie + Ice cream

Comedy (I'm off to see Russ Noble on his tour next month and I downloaded loads of Bill hicks stuff off Kazaa. Download some of his stuff he was a genius!)

Music any kinds I like what I like

Cats. They're lovely especially pics like No hands (you've probably seen it the ginger kitten standing up)

Sleep. I am a night owl really but just love my bed.

Social events. Parties, youth clubs just getting to know nice new people which is why I suppose I visit TWO.

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