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Tournament to Crown the Best European Wrestler

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Real Name: James Gallagher


Also Known As: Scott Castle, James Gallagher, James Scott


Born: ?, 1984


From: Glasgow, Scotland


Height & Weight: ?


Trained By: ?


Debut: ?


Has Wrestled in: BCW, 1PW, SPW, PBW, ICW, 3CW, other promotions


Titles Held: BCW Tag Team Championship (3 times, w/ Wolfgang);


SWA Tag Team Championship (w/ wolfgang);


BCW Openweight Championship;


ICW Heavyweight Championship;


GPW Heavyweight Championship;


1PW Openweight Championship;


3CW Heavyweight Championship;


BCW Heavyweight Championship;


W3L Tag Team Championship (w/ Wolfgang);


W3L Heavyweight Championship


Extra Notes: N/A









Real Name: ?


Also Known As: N/A


Born: ?, 1982


From: Newry, Northern Ireland


Height & Weight: ?


Trained By: Bam Katraz, Bingo Ballance, The Ballymun Bruiser


Debut: 2006


Has Wrestled in: IWW, other promotions


Titles Held: IWW International Heavyweight Championship;


IWW Zero-Gravity Championship;


IWW Unified Championship


Extra Notes: N/A







UK Kid


Real Name: Thomas Jones


Also Known As: N/A


Born: ?


From: Fareham, England


Height & Weight: ?


Trained By: Shawn Michaels, Rudy Boy Gonzales


Debut: 1997


Has Wrestled in: IPW-UK, VPW, WWE, RQW, other promotions


Titles Held: ?


Extra Notes: N/A







Karl Gotch


Real Name: Karl Charles Istaz


Also Known As: Karl Krauser, Karel Istaz


Born: August 3, 1924


From: Hamberg, Germany. Moved to Odessa, Florida


Height & Weight: 6'1", 245 lbs


Trained By: Billy Riley


Debut: 1952


Has Wrestled in: WWWF/WWE, NJPW, various other territories & promotions


Titles Held: MWA (Ohio) Eastern States Heavyweight title defeating ?????????? (????, 1961);


AWA (Ohio) World Heavyweight title defeating Don Leo Jonathan (September 14, 1962);


IWA (Australia) World Heavyweight title defeating Spiros Arion (????, 1965);


WWA (Los Angeles) World Tag Team titles w/Mike DiBiase defeating Kim Il & Mr. Moto (????, 1967);


WWWF Tag Team titles w/Rene Goulet defeating Tarzan Tyler & Luke Graham (December 6, 1971)


Extra Notes: N/A







Rob Terry


Real Name: Rob Terry


Also Known As: Big Rob Terry, Big Rob


Born: ?


From: Swansea, Wales. Lives in Tampa, Florida


Height & Weight: 6'5", 300 lbs


Trained By: FCW Training School, Team 3D Academy


Debut: 2007


Has Wrestled in: TNA, FCW, ACW, CCW, Team 3D


Titles Held: TNA Global title defeating Eric Young in Cardiff, Wales (January 27, 2010)


Extra Notes: N/A







Lord Alfred Hayes


Real Name: Alfred Hayes


Also Known As: Al Hayes


Born: August 8, 1928


From: Originally Great Britain. Billed from Windermere, England. Currently resides in Dallas, Texas


Height & Weight: 5'9", 230 lbs


Trained By: ?


Debut: 1950


Has Wrestled in: Various territories & promotions


Titles Held: (Britain) World Mid Heavyweight title defeating Mike Marino (????, 1964);


NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Cyclone Negro (December ??, 1971);


NWA Western States Tag Team titles w/Rikki Starr defeating Bobby Duncum Sr. & Dick Murdoch (August 24, 1972);


NWA Western States Heavyweight title defeating Cyclone Negro (September ??, 1972);


NWA Western States Tag Team titles w/Nick Kozak defeating Karl Von Steiger & Cyclone Negro (December ??, 1972);


PWI Inspirational Wrestler of the Year - 1972;


NWA (Central States) World Tag Team titles w/Roger Kirby defeating Mike George & Jim Brunzell (January 17, 1974);


NWA (Central States) World Tag Team titles w/Bob Brown defeating Mike George & Jim Brunzell (February 28, 1974);


ESA (Eastern Sports Association) International Tag Team titles w/Mike Dubois defeating The Beast & Johnny Weaver for vacant titles (May 13, 1975);


NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/Big O defeating Tony Charles & Les Thorton (????, 1977)


Extra Notes: N/A



Also long as we have real UK wrestlers not ones that wrestling in front of 5 people



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Guest Jayfunk
Hayes, Terry is growing on me, just look at what batista did in WWE he couldn't wrestle either give Terry time and he will be in WWE
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I'd put money on Darkside being able to do more damage! The guy does MMA more than wrestle these days... top notch fella as well, but he came third after Hayes and Terry for me (I've never seen Gotch actually wrestle...).
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Guest Chriscare
I've never seen Hayes wrestle, and Terry is Terry-ble. Mandrake has a great look, but doesn't cut it for me in the ring, I pick Darkside.
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