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Fav Radio Stations


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With all this talk of Metro Radio and Chris's perculiar obsession with it, I thought I'd ask what Radio Stations do you listen to regurlarly.


Usually I listen to Radio 1 or XFM, I like Radio 1 because the DJ's are good, with the exception of Sara Cox, and they play all of the best new music and only a small amount of crap.


I like XFM, 104.8fm in London, on Sky Digital or at XFM.co.uk because they play absolutely no pop crap, all good music. Christian O'Connel who presents the Breakfast Show is taking over from Chris Moyles on his Channel Five show, well worth a listen.

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Talksport!? wash your mouth out Nicole!:D lol,only kidding,i"ve still not forgiven them for srapping Talkwrestling!,i always listen to GMR,especially Saturdays when i can listen to the City match commentary.Other than that i don"t have much time to listen to the radio!
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If I listen to the radio, I listen either to Radio 1, or sometimes on a Saturday Talksport to keep me updated on Footy results. Normally I dont listen to the radio at all.
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After entering this thread and having a think I realised that:


a) I can't have listened to a radio station since I moved into my new house (a year and a half and I knackered my tuner moving in)




b) I haven't watched TV for at least a week and a half



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Guest Jerichoholic
Ah Acid Christ, I have good news - you can listen to the radio on the Internet! So, whilst remaining with your internet addiction, you can rediscover the world of radio!!
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Guest Pabster

I love radio. The stations I listen to are :



Radio 1

Radio City

5 Live (Sometimes, mainly when I'm out and want to listen to commentary on a match etc)



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Guest The Vulcanized One

I listen to Kiss in the morning-Bam Bam and Streetboy.


I also listen to Radio 1 during the day-Mark and Lard if I am off or in a boring lesson :) and Chris Moyles too. I swap between colin murray and Capital at night depends what mood I'm in.

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