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[Video/DVD] WWE Survivor Series 2002


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WWE Survivor Series 2002


Features some great matches including: The Elimination Chamber with RVD vs Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs Triple H vs Kane vs HBK, also features Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio and Edge vs The Guerreros!




VHS: (VHS) $16.99 - Amazon.com (Out Now)


DVD: (DVD) $22.46 - Amazon.com (Out Now)




Buy It:

Wrestling 101 Shop - WWE DVDs (For UK & USA)


More Details


Elimination Chamber: World Heavyweight Title match

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Shawn Michaels


Triple Threat: WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero


WWE Championship Championship Match

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show


Harcore Rules Women's Championship Match

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria


Cruiserweight Championship Match

Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman


6-Man Tag Team Table Match

Bubba Ray/Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy vs. 3 Minute Warning & Rico


DVD Extras:


- Post-match interviews:


· Rico

· Victoria

· Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

· Booker T

· Rob Van Dam


- Goldust & The Hurricane vs. Lance Storm & William Regal

- Making of the Elimination Chamber

- Look Back at the Elimination Chamber Match

- Eric Bischoff at Madison Square Garden

- Saliva "Always" Music Video -

Poster Gallery


Listing correct at time of production, subject to change.

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Guest Peter

Was bored this afternoon so thought I would do a review.


Survivor Series 2002 DVD:


The event kicks off with the usual video packages, and it cuts to the arena for a nice fireworks display to kick off the show. The set has a nice old school feel to it, as it is just one single screen which opens up as the wrestlers come out, it’s a nice change from the usual elaborate staging the PPVs usually have. There’s an empty stage at the left of the arena, which is used for the pyrotechnics.


Jeff Hardy, Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley vs. 3 Minute Warning and Rico (Tables Match) – Not a bad match to kick off the show, the crowd were very into it and there were some good stunts with the tables. There was however a lot of sloppiness and blown spots, such as Jeff slipping midway while attempting a rail runner and nearly breaking his neck. The tables come into play as Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb onto Rosey off the balcony; Jamal splashes Jeff through a table off the turnbuckle, and Bubba sends Jamal crashing through a table with a nasty power bomb. Surprise ending too, as D’Von returns in his Dudley attire to help Bubba win the match and reform the Dudleys, which was a wise move seeing as neither mans singles career was going anywhere at the time. Overall, a good, if not a little sloppy opener. 6/10.


At the World, Stacy Keibler introduces the band Saliva, who sings the theme song for Survivor Series “Always” live, along to some clips hyping up Survivor Series matches. Not a bad performance from the band, it was much better than their debacle at Wrestlemania 18.


Cruiserweight Title Match – Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble – Another decent match from the Cruisers, but nothing mind-blowing. Memorable spots include Kidman hitting a modified power bomb off the turnbuckle and Noble hitting a very nasty looking DDT variation out of the corner. Michael Cole makes an idiot of himself though, as when Kidman hits a backbreaker type move onto Nobles neck, Cole stupidly shouts “What a neck breaker to the knee!” The match wasn’t really very well structured, as Kidman controlled pretty much the entire match, and the crowd were not really into this, but this was another good match to keep Survivor Series rolling along well. 6/10.


Women’s Title – Victoria vs. Trish Stratus (Hardcore Rules) – Surprisingly good match from the divas, the hardcore stipulation allowed both ladies to pull out some decent offence, with Trish getting some hard hitting kendo sick shots on Victoria, and also reversing her handstand hurracanrana intro a Trash Can shot onto Vic. There were a few messy spots though, as Trish badly botched a Bulldog out of the turnbuckles, and also stood on and broke the mirror in the ring, which was intended to use for the finish of the match. There was some good stuff in the match though, and it was much better than the usual women’s match. 5/10.


WWE Title – Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show – Very brief match, due to the fact Show can’t wrestle for a long period of time. Nothing of note in the match, apart from Brock showcasing his incredible strength, as he hit many suplexes onto the 400/500 lb Big Show. Brock also hit a very smooth F5 onto Show, which the crowd popped massively for. The ending to the match was predictable, as Heyman turned on Brock allowing Show to win the belt. Passable match for what it was, but nothing special, and far too short to amount to anything. 3/10.


WWE Tag Team Titles – Los Guerreros vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio – Action packed match here, 20 minutes of fluid fast paced wrestling. Other people have said this match was slightly disappointing, I thought it didn’t disappoint at all, the crowd was hot, the wrestling was fantastic, and there were lots of false finishes and near falls. There were some great spots, as Eddie jumped off the top rope and sunset flipped Chris Benoit, Benoit managed to German Suplex Edge at the same time, which visually looked great. Rey nearly broke his neck however, as he spring boarded over Kurt and onto the turnbuckles where he went for a moonsault, but ended up slipping and falling right onto the back of his neck. The only thing this match suffered from was the lack of time, bar that it was superb. 8.5/10.


Christopher Nowinski comes out to cut a stupid anti New York promo claiming New Yorkers are stupid, but Matt Hardy comes out, claiming they are not stupid, just losers. They argue over this until they finally agree New Yorkers are “lupid”. Whatever. Scott Steiner then arrives on the scene and squashes both of them, and does his signature push ups. Pointless segment bar Steiner’s debut.


World Title – Booker T vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (Elimination Chamber match) – Great match which lived up to every bit of the hype in my opinion. It was a bit complicated and if they are going to use the Elimination Chamber gimmick again it is going to need tweaking, but bar that I really enjoyed the match. RVDs Spiderman- like jump onto the cage into a cross body was pretty creative, and the spots with HBK and Jericho going through the glass were good. RVDs frog splash off the chamber was badly screwed up though, as he jumped too far and ended up hitting his back off the top of the chamber, then crashing down and driving his knee into Triple H’s throat, and blowing his own knee in the process. I thought RVD and Jericho were the best stars in the match, as they pretty much held the whole thing together. It was a bit too long for the intended purpose though; it really could of done with 5-10 minutes taken off it. But still, a very good match was produced and I enjoyed it a lot. 9/10.


DVD Extras:


Interviews with Rico, Victoria, Los Guerreros, Rob Van Dam and Booker T – A nice set of interviews that are made quite refreshing as all of the superstars are out of character for them.


Heat Match: Hurricane and Goldust vs. William Regal and Lance Storm – Pretty decent match that is what you would expect really. Typical Heat material, but not bad.


Making of the Elimination Chamber – Just the advert that was shown on Raw and SmackDown before Survivor Series where it shows the chamber being made.


Looking back at the Elimination Chamber – My favourite extra. It looks back at the Elimination Chamber being set up in the arena, the looks back at the actual match as the superstars who were involved comment on it.


Eric Bischoff at Madison Square Garden – Clips of Bischoff at Autograph signings, nothing much.


Saliva “Always” Music Video – The video for the song which is the Survivor Series 2002 theme. Nothing to comment on here really.


Survivor Series Poster Gallery – This extra is a set of still photos of all the previous promo pictures for past Survivor Series events. This was another of my favourite extras, it was nice to see how the event started out and progressed up to now.


Final Thoughts:


I really enjoyed the DVD. The event had lots of good wrestling, and there is a great set of extras, which are the best since the ones on the Wrestlemania X8 DVD. I’d strongly recommend buying if you didn’t see the event, and even if you did and enjoyed it it is still worth a look.


Overall Score: 8/10.

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley



Great review Peter


u must have put a lot of time into it.


good work!!!


should be justified!!!


Does that mean anything to u???


No, doesnt to me either.

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