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Rumble entrants- Spoilers

Guest Jung

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As of this morning, these are the 30.


1. Shawn Michaels

2. Chris Jericho

3. Rob Van Dam

4. Batista

5. Kane

6. Test

7. Christopher Nowinski

8. Maven

9. Christian

10.Booker T


12.Tommy Dreamer

13.Jeff Hardy



16.Brock Lesnar OR The Big Show

17.Eddie Guerrero

18.Chavo Guerrero

19.Rey Misterio


21.John Cena



24.Bill DeMott


26.Charlie Haas

27.Shelton Benjamin

28.Matt Hardy


30.Unknown (rumoured and probably will be The Undertaker)


Well overall looks like an alright line up, should keep the action mostly entertaining.

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Guest Anime Otaku
i hope Nathan Jones is a Raw guy, i think that if they can get him over as a heel and give him a reasonable win record only jobbing occasionally to RVD, Booker T and some sort of small heal fued with jericho. Then put him over as a threat to Steiner or HHH who ever is champ. then give him a title, and have no matches with HHH, infact bust theat guy down to mid card... hell make him be the curtain twitcher once in a while too while their at it!
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Guest Craig Van Dam
Seems like a pretty decent line up of people but as Jericholic said the mystery person mighty be Nathan Jones and not Undertaker but im also a bit pissed that Maven got in the Rumble and Hurricane never
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Pretty much what I expected except for Dreamer being one of the Raw entrants.


I actually doubt Taker will be an entrant in the Rumble, a far as I know there doing Taker/Show feud next and since they did the Taker injury angle last month it would make sense for Taker to do a run-in during the Show/Brock match but sense doesn't usally come up in WWE booking these days.


Notice Taker gets huge build up after been given a month of to spend time with his wife but Benoit who comes back from a near carrer ending neck injury (which was greatly worsed by him working with it when he didn't want to let the company down after they lost HHH in 2001) gets no build up and a TV job to Buh Buh Dudley.

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Guest fujiwara
It looks good but............... There does seem to be a major lack of star power in the match to me. The rumble really look empty without Austin or Rock.
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Theres some good talent in there. The match itself will probably be decent enough, although I can't see it being mindblowing or anything spectacular.
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Everyone is forgetting one man which they all picked to be in the rumble and now isnt - The Damaja. As everyopne knows he won the 4 man OVW tourney to earn his spot in the rumble and for some unexplained reason they ran an angle at there TV taping on wednesday which caused him too lose his rumble spot. The whole rumble tourney was the main focus of there TV tapings for well over a month and then just like that they take him out of the match. Which just goes to show that even the WWE,s feeder organisation suffer from pretty bizzare booking.


Surely the rumble is always better with a few unexpected entrys rather than everyone knowing beforehand who is going to enter. Surley nobody would miss Jamal or Rosey from the rumble so why not give a couple of guys from OVW the chance to shine. Even if its only a one shot deal like with the Honky Tonk man a couple of years ago, its nice just to have that surprise element as it all adds to the excitement of the rumble match as a whole.

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When Damaja was attacked backstage by a group of wrestlers, and was 'forced out of the Rumble', he 'quit' OVW.


So we can expect to see him on WWE TV soon anyway.


HSM's right about the surprise things. I remember the 2001 Rumble, when Honky Tonk Man, Show, Haku and Drew Carey all took part without being scheduled, and it added greater depth to it. Last year we were told who the surprise entrants were, and this year we have 1 who seems to be pretty obvious.


I'm also looking at Jones attacking someone to gain a place in the Rumble.....

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Guest The Crippler
I honestly dont think Damaja will be too worried about not appearing in the Rumble if it means he is gonna be on the WWE roster full time, which looks like it is gonna be the case. The guys in the rumble look alright although I'm never all that interested in the rumble match. The winner is only gonna be one of about 3 people so its nothing really to get excited about I don't think.
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I know that Damaja wont be too fussed , the point i was trying to make is that it was poor booking to hype a tournament, have it as your main storyline for over a month and then one week before its eventual climax to just have it dropped like that. But then again this is the WWE we are talking about so.
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