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Chatroom Membership?


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I'm just wondering how people would feel about having the chatrooms have membership access i.e. you would use your forum username/password to get into them?


I've got no idea if I can do this, but just wondering what people thought about the idea?

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2 years too late, I'd say. :)


Back when TWO was full of trouble makers, it would have been really handy. But nowadays, I'm not too keen on the idea. The chat tends to only be inhabited by regulars who return day after day, so logging in every time you wanted into the chatroom would become quite annoying.


Also, having to register might put off people from coming into the chat. It would take quite a while for everything to be processed, and you'd need a working email address, so a few people might be left out in the cold for that one. And I don't think it would deter trouble makers- if one account gets banned, they'll reregister 20 minutes later.


It would probably cause more hassle than it's worth in my opinion.

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There are positives and negatives that the situation brings, the negatives Russ has already mentioned are all true. Add to them the fact that we can't make little 'joke alterations' to our names, like my 'Buy A Lemon', 'King Of The World' tags at the end, and the Survivor Series quiz would be utter chaos.


Positives? Well (for some reason) people have been known to come in the room as me in the past, and it would at least stop that.


I'm with Russ though, it's just gonna cause unrest.

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Guest The Crippler
To be honest I don't really care as I don't go to the chat very often now. When I was a regular I always thought a chat membership was a good idea as we had too many people coming in and impersonating people. If someone is a regular then surely they would go to the not to big a trouble of registering for the chat.
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If there was an option to use it with your name and password and so that you didnt have to log in aswell... understand what i mean? um.... well like you could register if you wanted to then no one else could use your name but you go in like we all do now. If you cant do that then i thin we should try it for a few weeks.
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Id say go for it Kam, it wouldnt be that hard to get it to automatically log in either as I looked at this a while ago.



Bit more hassle for newbies to get in



Will stop the spammers and such just coming in to cause hassle. If people go to the effort of logging in then they want to be there.


Only problem would be is that all mods would need access to a system whereas if they are banned from chat then they would also have their logon details taken off as well.



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Guest Peter K

I understand that the reply is rather late but I would like to address my oponion because it has been bothering me since I first came to TWO in 2001.

That would be other people imitating me because (admittely) I do have a thing with being called "PK" and WCW's biggest fan and etc (Regular chat room visitors will know) and I think by adding chat room membership will cure the imitating problem fully.

I am in favour of the membership.

Thats my thoughts.

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