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***Official Raw Report 14/1/03***


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We start with Bischoff and Chief Morley waiting for Vince McMahon's return in the parking lot. Bischoff says he can't afford any unruly Superstars today. Earl Hebner comes up and says that the referees are being mistreated and they are considering a strike. Morley takes Hebner away to discuss the issue. Scott Steiner comes up and tells Bischoff that he can't wait for the Rumble and he wants Triple H now. Bischoff says he can have Triple H in a Benchpress Contest, but Steiner says he's through playing games.


The Raw music video plays, the pyro explodes, and we are LIVE at Mohegan Sun for the last Raw before the Royal Rumble and the first Raw in a long time to be graced with Vince McMahon's presence.


The benchpress weights have already been set up for later tonight.


WWE Women's Championship - Hardcore Rules

-Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria

Trish Stratus comes out to face Jacqueline and Victoria in a Triple Threat Hardcore match for the Women's Title.


The tree start out looking at each other, then run to the corners where trashcans are set up with hardcore objects. Victoria finds a Trish Stratus cutout and can't believe it, allowing Trish to attack her from behind. Jacqui takes Trish out and then slams Victoria down.


Steven Richards pulls Jacqui out of the ring, leaving Victoria and Trish. Stevie tosses a kendo stick in for Victoria but overthrows it. Trish gets it and hits Victoria three times. Victoria comes back with a scoop slam onto a trashcan lid, but she misses the moonsault. Jacqui runs in and rolls Victoria up 1-2-kickout. Backslide 1-2-shoulder up. Inside cradle 1-2-broken by Trish.


Stevie pulls Jacqui out of the ring and smashers her into the security barrier. Then Victoria drop toeholds Trish onto the ropes where Stevie smacks her with a trashcan lid 1-2-3! Victoria retains her Women's Title.


After the match, Trish begins attacking Victoria. Stevie comes in to help, but Jacqui heads him off. Stevie takes care of Jacqui and hits Trish with the Ste-Vie-T. Richards holds Trish in a dragon sleeper as Victoria goes second rope with a kendo stick, but The Hurricane runs down and forces them from the ring.


In the back, Bischoff and Morley are still waiting. Bischoff wonders if Vince will be happy with what he's done to Raw. The Dudleys come up to them face to face. BuhBuh talks about how Bischoff and Morley have cost them the Tag Titles, fed Spike to Batista, and last week had them beaten up by eight men. BuhBuh shoves Bischoff, causing Morley to step between them, saying that if you have a problem with Bischoff you go through him. The Dudleys have no problem with this and attack Morley. Bischoff gets security to restrain the Dudleys. BuhBuh wonders aloud if Stephanie needs a new tag team on SmackDown, so Bischoff suspends them.


Tonight we'll see an Over The Top Challenge between Chris Jericho, Batista, Kane, and Rob Van Dam, as a little Royal Rumble preview.


-Test and Maven vs. D'Lo Brown and Chris Nowinski

Test comes down with Stacy and his tag partner Maven. D'Lo Brown and Nowinski come down to face them.


Test and D'Lo start, but D'Lo immediately tags in Nowinski. Test elbows Nowinski down and smacks D'Lo. D'Lo comes in and takes Test down, allowing Nowinski to stomp away. Big boot by Test, then a clothesline to D'Lo. Tag to Maven. Double back elbow to Nowinski 1-2-shoulder up.


Spinning heel kick by Maven, then a dropkick 1-2-kickout. D'Lo clubs Maven in the back, so Maven knocks D'Lo from the apron. D'Lo guillotines him and Nowinski spinebusters him down. Tag to D'Lo. Another spinebuster, this one by D'Lo 1-2-shoulder up.


Maven tries to fight back, but Nowinski makes a blind tag. Maven suplexes D'Lo down, only for Nowinski to hit an elbow drop. Nowinski wrenches Maven's back over the ropes, then hits an underhook front slam 1-2-broken by Test. Tag to D'Lo.


D'Lo clubs Maven down repeatedly, then hits a scoop slam. D'Lo wrenches Maven's shoulder back, but that doesn't keep Maven from flipping over D'Lo and tagging in Test.


Test with clotheslines to D'Lo, then a tilt-a-whirl on Nowinski and D'Lo. Sidewalk slam to Nowinski. He sets D'Lo for the pump handleslam, but Nowinski pulls D'Lo out. Clothesline to D'Lo and the Test Drive to Nowinski.


He runs at D'Lo for the Big Boot, but D'Lo ducks and Test smashes his testicles on the ropes. Maven comes in and D'Lo Sky Highs him, but Maven is not the legal man and can not be pinned. D'Lo yells at the ref, so Stacy gets on the apron and yells at D'Lo. This distracts D'Lo long enough for Test to come back and finally hit Brown with the Big Boot 1-2-3!


In the back, Bischoff is on the phone with someone when he sees a limo ride up. He awaits its occupant.


During the break, the limo door opened and out came... Mean Gene Okerlund! Bischoff asks what the hell he's doing here. Okerlund says he has an announcement about the Raw Anniversary show. Bischoff reminds him that that's tomorrow and tells him to not be stupid. Okerlund says that if Bischoff wasn't so stupid a few years ago, they might be having a Nitro reunion instead.


Jericho comes up and begs to be given the Number One spot in the Rumble. Bischoff says he doesn't want to because he wants to see Jericho win. He tells Jericho to prove something in the Over The Top Challenge and then they'll talk.


We cut to an F-View camera of lockerroom where Lance Storm and William Regal are sitting. Storm tells him to get ready. Regal says he's been engrossed in Lawler's new book and all the stories about his wives leaving him and his children hating him. Storm tells him not to take Lawler lightly, but Regal pats his tights and says that proper planning prevents piss poor performance. Oooh, nice aliteration. We cut to JR and Lawler. JR tells King to be careful, but Lawler says he agrees with Regal's statement on proper planning.


-Jerry Lawler vs. William Regal

We come back, and Jerry Lawler is already in the ring, waiting for William Regal. Regal comes out, along with Storm, their flags, and a copy of Lawler's book. Regal steps in the ring and gets a microphone. He opens Lawler's book and reads a passage about the King being a "court jester" in the bedroom.


Regal tries to start the match, but the referee stops him and demands to check his tights. Two more refs run down when Regal refuses. They back him into the corner and search him, finding the brass knuckles. As the match begins, the two refs come outside and check Storm, where they find another pair of knuckles, upon which they send Storm to the back. While this is all going on, Lawler pulls a chain out of his boots and wraps it around his hand. He nails Regal, knocking him out. He pins Regal, but the ref sees the chain on his hand and calls for Lawler to be DQed.


-Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

We return to see Jeff Hardy come out. We are told that the winner of this match will get the 15th and final Raw spot in the Royal Rumble. Raven, who attacked Jeff and the Hurricane last night on Heat, comes down for the first time on Raw in a while.


Raven starts with a shoulder block and an early two count. School boy by Jeff for another two count. Victory roll by Jeff for yet another two count. Jeff clotheslines Raven and they both fall to the floor outside. Jeff rolls Raven into the ring and goes up top, but Raven rolls out of the ring and wraps Jeff's leg around the ringpost.


Back in the ring, Raven stomps away on Jeff's knees. Jeff boots him down and goes for a moonsault, but Raven rolls away 1-2-shoulder up. Raven goes back to kicking away at Jeff's knees. Step-over toehold by Raven, but Jeff kicks him away and then hits a mule kick.


Jawbreaker by Jeff, then a clothesline. Spinning heel kick by Jeff, followed with the double legdrop 1-2-kickout. Raven looks for the Raven Effect, but Jeff pushes him away. he goes to run up the turnbuckles, but his leg gives out. Raven pins 1-2-shoulder up.


Raven again goes for the Raven Effect, but Jeff holds the ropes and Raven slams himself down. Jeff successfully climbs the turnbuckles and hits the Swanton Bomb 1-2-3! Jeff Hardy is the Royal Rumble.


In the back, another limo pulls up, this one bigger and blacker than Mean Gene's. Vince McMahon wastes no time in getting out, and Bischoff wastes even less in greeting him. Vince says he's just here to make an announcement, nothing more. He runs into Randy Orton, who tells him that he's up to 94%. Vince congratulates him, but smacks him on the shoulder and walks off.


"No Chance" hits for the first time in what seems like forever, and the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon struts his way down his ramp into his ring.


He came here for one reason. Ten years ago, he had a vision. Suddenly the Dudleys come out and go right into the ring. BuhBuh appologizes for coming out and interrupting Vince. They know this is a big night, but earlier, they got suspended and they don't know where else to turn. They all have a tremendous amount of respect for Vince, but his choice of Eric Bischoff to be the General Manager of Raw was poor. Bischoff is a piece of crap. BuhBuh speaks for himself, his brother, the boys in the back, and all the fans when he says that Bischoff doesn't appreciate talent or hard work.


Vince cuts him off and says that he doesn't appreciate the two of them interrupting his announcement. If anyone is going to throw their weight around, it's Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He reinstates the Dudleys and grants them a Tag Title match against Regal and Storm at the Royal Rumble. But there is one thing he asks in return. Somewhere during their match at the Rumble, he wants to hear the phrase "D-Von, get the tables!" Contented, the Dudleys leave the ring.


Vince goes back to his speech. Ten years ago, he may have revolutionized this industry. The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00 and out comes the Ayatollah, the Savior, the Living Legend, the King of the World, Chris Jericho. Jericho comes in the ring, beaming. He says it's great to see Vince again, but Vince isn't impressed. He says that they have a huge problem. He has been denied the Number One spot in the Royal Rumble. Even though Bischoff said he'd consider it if he won the Over The Top Challenge, that's not enough. He must know for sure that he is the best in the business. Vince is the only man who has enough power to help him. Vince tells him to shut his mouth. Vince says that the winner of the Over The Top Challenge gets to choose his number in the Rumble. Jericho talks about how he's going to pick Number One after he wins. Vince says he has to correct himself, because the winner will pick any number except Number One, because Shawn Michaels has already taken that spot. Vince tells Jericho to leave the ring before he takes him out of the Rumble all together.


Now then, all Vince wanted to do was talk about something dear to his heart. Eric Bischoff's music hits, and the Raw GM, upset, walks down the ramp and into the ring. Bischoff says he doesn't understand how Vince could make him GM of the show and then undermine his authority. Vince screams that he's had enough of this crap. He came out to make an announcement about the Raw Tenth Anniversary show, but he keeps being interrupted by people Bischoff can't control and now Bischoff himself. Perhaps it's time for a public job evaluation.


Vince asks the fans who thinks Bischoff has done a good job. They boo. Vince says he disagrees. Bischoff has done a fine job. But that's not why he hired him. He hired Bischoff to do a great job, to take Raw and turn it upside-down and inside-out. He hired Bischoff to revolutionize Raw, but he hasn't even had any evolution. He hired Bischoff to shake it to its core and choke it. He gives Bischoff 30 days to turn Raw around. And if he doesn't, Bischoff will hear those famous words: "YOU'RRRRRE FIIIIIIIRRRED!"


-Lance Storm vs. Booker T

As we return, Bischoff asks Vince for a little more time. Bischoff makes the claim that there isn't another man on the planet who can replace him. Vince asks if that's right, and out of the limo steps Shane O'Mac! Vince reminds Bischoff that he has 30 days.


Booker comes down with Goldust, and Storm comes down with Regal. Hebner again searches Storm and Regal before the match, but after not finding anything, he allows Regal to stay.


Booker starts with a side headlock and a shoulder block. Storm hits back elbows, but Booker comes back with a clothesline. Scoop slam by Booker, then a knee drop 1-2-kickout.


Storm beats Booker into the corner, then smothers him with his knee. Booker rolls him up, but Storm rolls through. Booker hits Storm with a flapjack, then a reverse thrust kick 1-2-kickout.


Armbar by Booker, but Storm forces him into the corner and hits shoulder thrusts. Hard whip into the corner by Storm 1-2-shoulder up. Backbreaker by Storm 1-2-kickout. Storm lays knees into Booker's back, then applies a sleeper.


Clubs to the back by Storm, but Booker hits a clothesline, then another, and a back bodydrop. Chops by Booker. He goes for the calf kick, but Storm ducks and he hits Hebner. Regal takes Booker out, but Goldust attacks him. The Dudleys run down and start to dismantle their future opponents Storm and Regal, while Hebner calls for the DQ bell.


-The Hurricane vs. Stevie Richards

Earlier tonight, The Hurricane saved Trish from being completely beaten by Stevie Richards and Victoria. Not only did that set up this Hurricane vs. Stevie Richards match, but it has also caused Trish to accompany Hurricane to the ring.


Stevie starts by beating Helms into the corner. Hurricane comes back with a suplex and a couple jumping clotheslines. Sleeper slam by Helms 1-2-shoulder up.


Hurricane lets Stevie run into the turnbuckles, then hits the sommersault leg drop. Helms readies himself across the ring, but Victoria grabs his legs. Trish runs over and takes Victoria out, allowing Helms to hit the Eye of the Hurricane 1-2-3!


After the match, Hurricane beat Stevie out of the ring and Trish did the same to Victoria.


Coach introduces Scott Steiner for the Bench Press Challenge. Steiner says that he beat Triple H in an arm-wrestling match and in the pose down, and now Triple H wants him to take part in this challenge? Steiner says he knows how much he can bench, but tonight we'll find out how much Triple H can. He tells the guys to put 585 pounds on the bar.


Coach introduces Scott Steiner for the Bench Press Challenge. Steiner says that he beat Triple H in an arm-wrestling match and in the pose down, and now Triple H wants him to take part in this challenge? Steiner says he knows how much he can bench, but tonight we'll find out how much Triple H can. He tells the guys to put 585 pounds on the bar.


We come back as Triple H makes his way out, in a full suit. He walks right past the equipment and goes to the ring. He says he doesn't give a crap about bench pressing, arm wrestling, or pose downs. He has been stringing Steiner along for the past weeks. All he cares about is the World Heavyweight Championship. It says that he is the best at wrestling. In this ring in this world, he is the best there is.


Steiner may think he's the guy who can knock Triple H off the top, but it's been a long list of people who thought they were the man. Hogan, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Austin, The Rock. All of them thought that they were the one who would knock him down, but none of them succeeded. What makes Steiner think he's different than everyone else? Nothing. He's the same as everyone else. He'll talk big until they get to the Rumble when Triple H will do what he always does. He will make a mockery of Steiner and prove that he is everything he says he is.


Steiner says that if Trips is that damn good then why wait another week? These fans didn't come to see a bench press contest. They came to see Steinre kick Triple H's ass. Steiner leaves the equipment and starts walking to the ring. Meanwhile Triple H takes off his jacket and tie.


Steiner dives in the ring and Triple H start beating him down. Belly-belly by Steiner, then a toss. He tears Triple H's shirt off and starts beating him with his own shoes. Triple H tries to leave the ring, but Steiner tears his belt off, causing Triple H's pants to fall down. Steiner gives Triple H a back body drop, then whips him over the top to the outside. Triple H, now in his underwear, starts backing up the ring, while Steiner poses with the Title belt.


Over The Top Challenge

-Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Kane vs. Batista

Kane starts out beating on Jericho, while Batista hammers on RVD. Kane leaves Jericho to beat on Batista, while RVD goes to Jericho. Kane tries to push Batista over the top. Meanwhile Jericho is catapulted onto the turnbuckle and pushed over, but Jericho is able to stay on the apron and come back inside.


Back suplex by Jericho on RVD, while Batista stomps on Kane in the corner. Batista picks up Kane and tries to force him over the top, but can't. Meanwhile, Jericho sidesteps RVD, who rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Jericho and Batista team up to try and flip Kane over the ropes, but RVD kicks Jericho down.


Big boot by Jericho, who goes second rope and takes down RVD. Kane tries to clothesline Batista over the top, but Batista clotheslines him down instead. Batista chokes Kane in one corner while RVD kicks away on Jericho in the other.


RVD takes Jericho down with a heel kick, as Kane boots Batista down. RVD gets a stomp in on Batista, causing Kane to stare him down. Jericho goes up top and leaps for RVD, but Kane catches him in a double choke, only for Batista to club him in the back.


RVD runs at Jericho, but Jericho sidesteps and throws RVD over the top, but RVD saves himself and comes back in, taking down an unsuspecting Jericho. Suddenly Batista explodes, taking RVD and Kane down with running shoulder blocks.


Batista continues his explosion by clotheslining Kane over the top and out of the ring! Kane is eliminated!


Batista hits Jericho with the sit-out powerbomb, but RVD catches him from behind and flips him over the top! Batista is eliminated! RVD goes up top, but Batista knocks him down, allowing Jericho to push him over the top! Jericho wins the Over The Top Challenge!


Jericho takes a mic and says that, even though it makes sense for him to pick 30 since he can't pick Number One, he is going to take spot number two! Immediately Shawn Michaels runs down the ramp and into the ring. Jericho tosses him over the ropes, but HBK grabs the ropes and flips himself back in, tossing the unsuspecting Jericho over the top and to the floor.

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Awfull looking Raw as normal.


Apparntly the plan is to take Bischoff off TV at the end of the month to replace him with Shane McMahon.

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I'm wondering if they're going to give Bischoff the Head of Raw power. Could sorta explain why he'd be taken off TV and replaced with Shane.


Dull show. Hope the 10th Anniversery show is better.

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Guest fujiwara

I think you're on to something Colin! It does make sense perfectly when you look at it.


A pretty meh show. Matches looked decent on paper but from various reports I have gathered that they were not.


Upside is that Shane O Mac is back.............. Or at least I can assume that he will be back very soon.

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Guest Jerichoholic
The show doesn't look that bad. At least it doesn't have a woman pretending that her OAP husband is dead so she can attack her stepdaughter!!!
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Guest Pabster

This week's RAW received a 3.9 rating which is the best since the 26th of August last year. That's great news for the WWE, is it mainly down to the return of Vince?


You all gotta' admit Vince is one damn good character. He can be hilarious, arrogant or a bit of both.



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Guest fujiwara



The fans want Vince. He IS a good character and he IS the guy who the fans love to hate. Vince returns and the ratings go through the roof (compared to what they have been getting latly)


It's that simple. For further ratings they need Austin or the Rock (as a heel judging by the receptions that he has been getting latley)

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Guest Jerichoholic
Originally posted by fujiwara



It's that simple. For further ratings they need Austin or the Rock (as a heel judging by the receptions that he has been getting latley)


The Rock got a HUGE pop when he appeared at a house show a couple of weeks ago. I think it's just the New York fans that don't like him.

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This week's RAW received a 3.9 rating which is the best since the 26th of August last year. That's great news for the WWE, is it mainly down to the return of Vince?


Its down to Monday Night Football having ended.

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Even tho Vince will likely believe its him, and probably de-push everyone else at the expense of a storyline involving non-wrestlers. How great
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Guest Craig Van Dam

Raw/Raw X thoughts


Here is what i thought of 1stly Raw


Trish Vs Victoria Vs Jackie was quite a rushed match it might have been good if it was allowed to go on longer and nice angle having Hurricane save Trish


Jeff Hardy Vs Raven and Lawler Vs Regal were both a waste of time and is it me or does Ravens new look suck? y dosnt he just go back to a black t-shirt and denim jeans?


I liked the bit with Vince and Eric Bischoff were Vince told Bischoff he had 30 days to turn Raw around or Vince will say YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!


Much like the womans match earlier Hurricane Vs Richards was rushed could have been good if it was given time


The Main event over the top rope challenge was a decent main event not great


Overall an ok show but still not good enought hopefull Raw will get better soon


Now onto Raw X


After weeks of looking forward to this show i was HIGHLY dissapointed


Diva of the decade award included some good names like Sunny Sable and Chyna but Trish won it and by the way who the hell do WWE think they are making Shawn Micheals do a joke about Bertha Faye and not even include in the tribute of all the dead people


It was quite a laugh when the fans were booing and chanting boring at The Rock it really does show how stale Rock is as a babyface he needs to turn heel when he returns


Best Raw moment Austin giving The Coparation a beer bath? thats bullshit they have been a ton of better moments than that


Same with T.L.C 4 from 2002 yes it was a good match but did it really deserve to be best Raw match ever??? i mean theres a ton of brilliant matches it seemed to forget about like Austin Vs Foley from 96 Curt Henning Vs Ric Flair from 93 Austin Vs Benoit from 2001


Austin did deserve to be Raw Superstar of the decade although im suprised Shawn Micheals wasnt even nomanated


Overall a awful show WWE y did u do this to me?

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Guest Seabass

okay lets see if this make sense- Raven Vs Jeff is raven's debut match, jeff blows several spots with the biggest one being where he screwed up the whisper in the wind routine, he looked (literaly) dead tired, some parts it looked like he couldn't be bothered to do anything and yet he goes on to be a particepent in the royal rumble which is a gruelling macth to be in (uness jeff just intends to lir there if he gets hit once or gets thrown out in the span of 5 mins)


raven's look kinda resemebled a japanese wrestler's look in my mind

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