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Fellas, One Finger or Two?


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Guest The Beltster

I didnt use my fingers, because I had Laser Tag....poor losers!





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Guest The Beltster

I'm surprised you can still buy a bow and arrow set in Toys R Us, and even more surprised it still has an 'Indian' on the front of the box. The way things are these days, I'm shocked it hasnt caused a race row.



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Two fingers. It was always two fingers otherwise you'd just be pointing. And, to take it a step further than ol' Johnny-Boy Hancock, not only did I "schlong" my thumb to make my gun look cooler, I also fired my gun with it tilted 90 degrees to make me more black.



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Machine gun sticks really were the business! There was something about them that were better than the real toy guns. Maybe because the bigger, older and cooler kids could be fooled into thinking we just were carrying sticks rather than bits of plastic that often made a shitty noise.
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I was very intrigued by the title of this thread. The content let me down to say the least.


Anyway, I also had tons of toy guns as far back as I can remember, but if I had to resort to it, I used 2 fingers. Like JRock I would also cock my thumb back when reloading. I don't think any kids I knew over the age of 5 or 6 used one finger.


I also had Laser Tag, batteries were a bitch to come by though.


Edit: Machine gun sticks were awesome indeed. Best part is, if you ran out of ammo, you had a sword, or at the very least a staff to use against the other kids. This, more often than not resulted in an injury and a grounding.



By "toy cupboard" do you mean "hole is the wall full of dead teenage girls"?


He showed me photos.


I wasn't impressed.

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Maxx, I was just to say something similar. I was expecting something much different when I saw the thread title. It was a bit of a disappointment!! :P


To answer the thread question I made my guns with 2 fingers.

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Guest John Hancock

Yeah, mine had recoil, and I had to keep mine out of the water when I was swimming so it didn't jam.


The amount of bullets it could fire before reloading altered every time, but it always required semi-frequent reloading.

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