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Official Royal Rumble Thread (Thoughts and SPOILERS in here)

Dead Crow

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A bit early I know, but I'm going to have a quick kip in a bit before the Rumble comes on, and then have a glorious lie-in as I have the day off school due to cold and muscle weakness, so I'm posting this here now.



All results, opinions, reviews, questions, spoilers, etc etc etc go in THIS thread. Please try to refrain from making seperate threads, but if you must, please do NOT post a spoiler in the title, or it shall be deleted.


Thank you, and enjoy.

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The following report was written by Kevin Gregg of PowerWrestling.com:


WWE Royal Rumble Opener:


The show opened up with a video package, hyping up the Royal Rumble and the winner of the Royal Rumble goes to Wrestlemania to wrestle for their respective brand's Heavyweight Champion in the Main Event!



Location: Boston, Massachusetts

In the arena:


The fireworks went off in the arena and the crowd went nuts for the start of the pay per view as Michael Cole and Tazz kicked it off on commentary!



Referee: Brian Hebner

The Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar

The Big Show's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring along with Paul Heyman and the winner of this match between The Big Show and Brock Lesnar will be entered into the Royal Rumble!


The start:


The Big Show and Brock Lesnar locked it up in the center of the ring and The Big Show shoved Brock into the corner as the fans chanted "Let's go Lesnar!" The two locked it up once again and The Big Show once again shoved Brock into the corner and then Brock drove The Big Show into the corner with a running spear.


Mid-match notes:


Brock Lesnar gave The Big Show an incredible over the head belly to belly suplex and then he picked him up and gave him another one. Amazing, simply amazing. Brock went for a third one but The Big Show grabbed Brock by the throat to stop him from doing so. The Big Show then launched Brock over the top rope to the outside of the ring and if this was the Royal Rumble, he'd be eliminated from the match! Thankfully for Brock, this is a one on one match to determine who gets into the Royal Rumble.


The Big Show charged at Brock Lesnar in the corner but Brock moved and then Brock pulled The Big Show out of the corner with a German suplex and then a pin for a two count.


Paul Heyman grabbed the leg of Brock Lesnar and as Brock was trying to escape, The Big Show kicked Brock in the face to knock him down.


The Big Show signaled for the choke slam and then he stalked Lesnar and grabbed him by the throat but Brock pulled The Big Show down to the mat with an Oklahoma roll into a pin for a two count. Brock then gave The Big Show another over the head belly to belly suplex.


Heyman got on the ring apron and Brock pulled him into the ring and then Heyman crawled across the ring to try to get out but Brock grabbed him by the jacket and then went for the F5 but when he turned around, The Big Show grabbed him by the throat and gave him the choke slam. The Big Show then pinned Brock but only got a two count as Brock Lesnar was somehow able to kick out of it!


The finish:


An angered Big Show then pulled down his straps and then he stalked Brock for another choke slam but Brock got out of it and shoved The Big Show into Paul Heyman who was on the ring apron and then Brock picked The Big Show up and gave him an F5 and then a pin for the three count to get the win!



Winner - Brock Lesnar



Terri was shown backstage with Chris Jericho and she spoke about Brock Lesnar being officially entered into the Royal Rumble. Speaking of the Rumble, Chris was given the opportunity to choose any number he desires and he chose number two. Chris said that he wasn't given the option to choose any number he wanted because Vince McMahon made Shawn Michaels the first entrant in the Rumble. Despite the favoritism, Chris is something that Shawn Michaels has never been and never will be and that's the first ever Undisputed Champion and not only that, he had to beat The Rock and Steve Austin back to back to do it. Just like he rose to the occasion then, he's going to do it tonight when he wins the Royal Rumble and fulfills his destiny of regaining his Championship at Wrestlemania!



World Tag Team Championship Match

Referee: Nick Patrick

The Dudley Boyz vs. William Regal and Lance Storm ©

And this next contest is scheduled for one fall for the World Tag Team Championship with the Dudley Boyz getting a shot at the defending Champions, William Regal and Lance Storm! As Storm and Regal made their way to the ring, the King held up a chain, telling them that he has something for them! Nick Patrick then checked both Regal and Storm for the brass knuckles but he was unable to find any.


The start:


Bubba Ray Dudley started it off in the ring against Lance Storm and the two locked it up in the center of the ring and the two exchanged arm bars until Storm got Bubba in a wrist lock. Bubba countered it by twisting the arm of Storm and then Storm whipped Bubba off the ropes and Bubba came back with a hard shoulder block to knock him down.


Mid-match notes:


Bubba whipped both Storm and Regal in the corner and then splashed them both and then gave Lance Storm a side slam out of the corner and followed it up with a pin for a two count.


Bubba gave Storm a release German suplex and then pinned him for another two count. Regal tried to get in the ring but Bubba speared him down to the mat to take him out and then he went back to work on Lance Storm with some right hands and then the bionic elbow. Bubba then planted Storm with the Bubba Bomb and then pinned him for a two count as Regal broke up the pin.


Bubba gave William Regal a body slam and then D-Von came off the top rope with the flying headbutt to the groin as Bubba held his legs. The Dudleys then planted Lance Storm with the double team flap jack and then D-Von pinned him for a two count.


The finish:


The Dudleys got ready for the 3D but Chief Morley made his way out and called for a disqualification but the referee said no. Ass the referee was distracted, Regal got out the brass knucks and then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Regal and then D-Von used the brass knuckles on Lance Storm and then pinned him for the three count to win the World Tag Team Titles!



Winners and new World Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz

The Aftermath:


The Dudley Boyz celebrated their win and by the looks of it, the title switch is going to remain.


Nathan Jones - Coming soon:


A promo was shown for Nathan Jones and it highlighted the fact that he's been in prison. This big man is coming soon...



Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter

Referee: Mike Sparks

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie made her way out to the ring, wearing a black Vail, over her face out of respect for Al Wilson and she's ready for this one on one match against Torrie Wilson in the first ever Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match.


The start:


Mike Sparks showed some sympathy by asking Torrie if she wants to go through with this and Dawn jumped Torrie to knock her down to the mat. Dawn then stomped away on Torrie Wilson as she was down on the mat but Torrie quickly got up and speared Dawn to knock her down.


The finish:


In a dull, boring and pointless match, Torrie defeated Dawn Marie with a swinging neck breaker. Exciting!



Winner - Torrie Wilson

The Aftermath:


Torrie celebrated her win in the ring as Dawn left, yelling "It's not over!"




Stephanie McMahon was shown walking through the backstage area and she came up to Eric Bischoff and Randy Orton. Stephanie talked to Randy and Eric broke it up and sent Randy on his way. Stephanie told Eric that she just came to say goodbye. Eric asked Stephanie where she's going and Stephanie said that Vince said he's going to fire Eric in 30 days. Speaking of 30 days, a desperate man calls for desperate measures, so what is his bombshell. Eric said that it's not just a bombshell, it's an atomic bombshell. Besides, what makes Stephanie think her job is secure? Stephanie said that she's successful and she's got a bombshell that she's going to drop this Thursday. Incase Eric is wondering, she is a McMahon and in terms of her job security, blood is thicker than ... urine, in Eric's case! Eric told Stephanie that she's crass but maybe what she's trying to say is that blood is thicker than water, but there's another saying; money is much thicker than blood. Stephanie responded by saying "We'll see."


Sean O'Haire, returning soon:


Sean O'Haire is running these weird promos on WWE programming that are rather hard to describe. He always ends them by saying that he's not telling us anything that we don't already know.



World Heavyweight Championship Match

Referee: Earl Hebner

Scott Steiner vs. Triple H ©

Triple H was introduced to the ring first and he made his way out along with Ric Flair and this next match is for the World Heavyweight Championship with Triple H defending against Scott Steiner.


Before the match, Earl Hebner said that he knows how they all are, so he isn't putting up with any crap from Flair, Triple H or Steiner. Mr. McMahon told Earl that he's the law in there, so it's going to be professional.


The start:


Triple H and Scott Steiner stood face to face and exchanged words and Scott pushed Triple H back and then Triple H fired back with a number of right hands on Scott Steiner. Triple H backed Steiner into the corner but Steiner knocked Triple H down to the mat.


Mid-match notes:


Triple H went to kick Steiner but Steiner caught his foot and shoved him down to the mat and then he hooked Triple H in a Boston crab but Triple H was able to get to the ropes to break it up.


Triple H went for his patented face buster but Scott Steiner no sold it and then he got Triple H in a bear hug to wear him down. Steiner then gave Triple H an over the head belly to belly suplex and then pinned him for a two count.


Scott went for the Steiner Recliner but Ric Flair pulled Triple H out of the ring to avoid it. Steiner then started to go after Ric Flair but the referee interjected himself to stop Steiner.


Triple H choked Steiner in the corner with his boot and the referee counted to five and then he pulled Triple H out of the corner. As the referee yelled at Triple H, Ric Flair ran over to Steiner and choked him with his jacket.


Moments later, as Triple H detained the referee, Flair choked Steiner over the second rope.


Triple H whipped Steiner into the corner and then kicked him out of the corner and went for the Pedigree but Steiner broke it and pulled Triple H down to the mat and gave him a slingshot into the corner. Steiner then gave Triple H an over the head suplex and then he lifted Triple H up for a power slam but Triple H countered it and then gave Steiner a neck breaker and then a pin for a two count.


Scott Steiner gave Triple H a double arm under hook power bomb and as Triple H went down, so did Steiner and the fans chanted "You f-d up!" Steiner pinned Triple H but only got a two count.


Triple H then went to the top rope but Steiner went over and pulled Triple H down with a super plex to the middle of the ring. Steiner pinned Triple H to get another two count.


Triple H rolled out of the ring and Flair grabbed the Championship belt and the two started to walk away until Scott Steiner ran down the aisle way, knocking both men down with a double clothesline. Earl then argued with Ric Flair to restrain him and then Triple H went to hit Steiner in the head with the Championship belt but Steiner blocked it and knocked Triple H down to the ground by shoving the belt into his face. As a result, Triple H was busted opened and bloodied up.


After a belly to belly suplex in the ring, Triple H got out of the ring and tried to leave through the crowd but Steiner caught up with him and the two brawled throughout the crowd until Steiner brought Triple H back to the ring and did some push ups in front of the Game.


Ric Flair wanted the referee to stop the match due to the laceration on the head of Triple H but the referee told him no. Triple H then tossed the referee out of the ring and the referee got back in the ring and got ready to ring the bell, but then he changed his mind, telling Triple H that he's not going to disqualify him! Triple H went to hit the referee but Steiner hooked him in another belly to belly suplex and a pin for a two count.


Flair got on the ring apron and the referee yelled at him to get down and then Triple H gave Steiner a low blow and then he rolled Steiner up and pinned him for a two count.


The finish:


Triple H went under the ring and got a sledge hammer out and brought it into the ring and the referee yelled at him but Triple H shoved the referee and then nailed Steiner in the gut with it and the referee was forced to end the match by disqualification.



Winner by DQ, Scott Steiner, but still World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H

The Aftermath:


Triple H went to nail Scott in the head with the sledge hammer but the referee stopped him and then Scott Steiner grabbed the sledge hammer and laid out Triple H and Ric Flair as the fans heavily booed (because of the DQ) throughout the arena. Scott Steiner then put Triple H in the Steiner Recliner and a number of WWE officials came out to break it up but they were unable to do so. Eric Bischoff came out as well and pleaded with Steiner to let Triple H go, because it's over. Steiner eventually released the hold but he's not a happy man because he's not going to walk away as the new Champion.



World Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Championship Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle ©

Kurt Angle made his way out to the ring along with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas and this next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Heavyweight Championship with Kurt Angle as the Champion defending against the challenger, Chris Benoit!


The start:


Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin shoved Chris Benoit away from Kurt Angle as Benoit attempted to get at Angle and then referee Michael Chioda ejected Team Angle from this contest!


Angle and Benoit locked it up in the center of the ring and Angle put Benoit in a side headlock and Benoit countered it into a side headlock of his own and then Kurt Angle whipped Chris Benoit off the ropes and Benoit came back with a shoulder block to knock Angle down to the mat.


Mid-match notes:


Chris Benoit gave Kurt Angle a vicious DDT on the ring apron and then he pinned him but only got a two count.


Benoit went for the flying headbutt but Kurt Angle was able to roll out of the way.


Angle attempted the Angle Slam on Benoit but Benoit countered it and put Kurt in the Sharpshooter, "shades of Bret Hart from Calgary" as quoted by Michael Cole. Kurt Angle was able to get to the ropes to break the hold.


Chris Benoit gave Kurt Angle a series of German suplexes until Kurt Angle broke it and switched it, giving Benoit a German suplex of his own. Benoit quickly countered it and gave Kurt Angle a release German suplex and then he went up to the top rope for the flying headbutt but Kurt Angle hopped up and gave Chris Benoit a top rope belly to belly suplex.


Angle went for the Angle Slam once again but Benoit countered it and put Angle in the Crossface and Kurt was eventually able to get to the ropes. Benoit then put Angle in the ankle lock and pulled Angle off the ropes towards the center of the ring until Benoit countered into an ankle lock of his own!


Benoit then countered the ankle lock into the Crossface and the referee was right there to check on Kurt Angle to see if he gives up but Angle countered the Crossface into a banana split pin for a two count. Benoit then put the Crossface back but Angle eventually got out of it with the Angle Slam and then he pinned him for a two count.


Kurt Angle put the ankle lock on Chris Benoit in the center of the ring and Benoit rolled through it to send Angle into the second turnbuckle. Benoit went for a German but Angle countered it and then Benoit rolled Angle up in a pin for a two count and then he went back to the German suplexes on Kurt but Kurt switched and gave Benoit a German until Benoit switched it and gave Kurt Angle a release German suplex, flipping Kurt Angle entirely over to the point where he almost landed on his head. Chris Benoit then went to the top rope and came off with the flying headbutt on Kurt Angle and then he pinned him for a two count.


Angle slammed Benoit into the top turnbuckle and then he gave him the Angle Slam and pinned him but only got a two count! What a match!


The finish:


Kurt Angle went to pick up Chris Benoit but Benoit pulled Kurt Angle down to the mat with the Crossface and Kurt Angle rolled through it and put Benoit in the ankle lock and Benoit attempted to counter it but Angle held onto it. Chris tried to kick Kurt off a couple times but Kurt held onto it and Benoit tried to make it to the bottom rope and then Angle wrapped his legs around the leg of Benoit to grab hold of him and forced Chris Benoit to tap out in an absolutely tremendous match! Chris Benoit got up in the ring and the fans gave him a tremendous ovation and then he limped out of the ring and headed to the back.



Winner and still WWE Champion, Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:


Team Angle came out to the ring to celebrate Kurt Angle's win by holding him up in the center of the ring!




Rob Van Dam was shown getting prepared for the Royal Rumble match and Kane showed up and told him that he's a hell of a tag team partner but tonight, it's both of them in the Royal Rumble. Two years ago, he was in the Rumble for an hour and he came one man short of winning the whole thing. Make no mistake about it, tonight, if RVD is the man that stands between him in winning the Rumble, Kane will not hesitate to eliminate him. RVD said that's understandable. In fact, Kane should do whatever necessary to ensure his victory because you could be damn sure that RVD is going to do what it takes to make sure tonight's Royal Rumble is Rob Van Dam!


Royal Rumble Match:

In just a few moments, number one and two will enter the ring and then every 2 minutes thereafter, another Superstar enters the ring. Elimination occurs when both men are thrown over the top rope but both feet much touch the floor. The last man standing in the ring after all 30 men have entered will not only win the Royal Rumble match and get a title shot at Wrestlemania!


And introducing the man who drew number one... Shawn Michaels! And now, the number two participant in the Royal Rumble match... Chris Jericho! Christian came out at the intro and distracted Shawn Michaels as Chris Jericho appeared from behind and gave Shawn Michaels a low blow and then he went to work on him in the ring. Chris Jericho got out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair and then he got back in the ring and laid Shawn Michaels out with it to bust him open. Referee Jack Doan got in the ring and yelled at Chris Jericho, as if to say he can disqualify him.


Chris Nowinski was introduced as the third man and he stormed to the ring but instead of getting in it, he stood at ringside and watched Chris Jericho dominate Shawn Michaels and dumped him over the top rope to eliminate him.


When Christian came out to the ring, he immediately got in the ring and hugged his brother Edge and then he went after Rey Mysterio and Rey crawled under his legs and then Edge speared Christian down to the mat. Yes!


Tommy Dreamer brought a trash can of weapons to the ring with him and he whaled away on everyone he could with a kendo stick and Edge joined in on the fun and the two eliminated Bill DeMott with the kendo sticks.


Matt Hardy brought Shannon Moore out to the ring with him and he got right in the ring and went at it with Rob Van Dam and he yelled to Jericho "Come on, let's get him!" as Shannon Moore looked on from the outside of the ring.


Jeff Hardy came out to the ring and Matt wanted to team up with his brother but Jeff decided against it and beat up on his brother, Matt. Shannon Moore did his best to protect Matt and he even got in the ring and laid on top of Matt to try to protect him from the swanton bomb but Jeff came off with the swanton bomb onto both men.


Later on in the match, Shawn Michaels stormed to the ring and went at it with Chris Jericho and anyone who crossed his path, costing Chris Jericho the match as Test dumped him out of the ring. Despite being eliminated, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels continued to battle and that's a feud that's going somewhere.


For those wondering, the Undertaker was number 30 in the Royal Rumble, but he was decked out in his biker outfit as the American Bad Ass.


Maven drop kicked the Undertaker from behind and then celebrated as if to say he eliminated him but then the Undertaker gave Maven a choke slam and then tossed him over the top rope to the outside of the ring to eliminate him.


The final four in the ring were Kane, Dave Batista, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had a stare down but Dave Batista nailed the Undertaker from behind and then Kane went at it with Brock Lesnar. When it was all said and done, Lesnar got the final elimination throwing out Undertaker to win the Royal Rumble!

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Guest hbk fan

I was completely shocked to see HBK go out that quickly and as for Taker coming out as the bad ass after those promos that is just fuc**ng retarded I mean how dumb is Vince Mcmahon at times??? The Benoit/Angle match whoa I am not a fan of either man but man did that match rock easily match of the night. Did anyonelse notice when jericho almost went out in the corner over the post it looked like his feet accidentely hit the floor?


That Edge dropkick cock up looked nasty for Chris Nowinski.

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Guest MillionLiraMan

Didn't order it as I didn't think anything would happen that was going to be worth shelling out fourteen quid, didn't get all the results right but the champs at the end of the night and Brock's win along with Taker in the Rumble provided no surprises.


Cheers Chris for putting down another lengthy and detailed post, you really are making a hell of an effort on here and it is much appreciated! :xyx


Can't believe Undertaker came back as the American Bad Idea, when is this guy going to sod off?! The Phenom would have been cool but then I suppose this just means we can all look forward to another five years of Undertaker saying he's going to retire but actually continuing to stink up the title scene.


Triple H found another way out of doing a clean job for a built-up opponent. No doubt at No Way Out the thinking will be that Steiner's momentum will have died down and he can job for HHH, now there would be a surprise. Mind you, I'd rather have Triple H keep the belt than Steiner to be perfectly honest. His buddy HBK also had to get the last word on Jericho, but that could be a decent feud if they save it for Wrestlemania.


Angle and Lesnar set up already, good stuff but the predictability of it meant that for fourteen quid I didn't think it seemed worth the bother. Any future switches between Raw/ SmackDown! as a result would be cool.


Sounded OK but nothing great.

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The show was alright, nothing was torrid. Angle v Benoit was simply fantastic with great crowd heat, the polar opposite of Tripper v Steiner, yet of course no doubt Trips will come up with some excuse for that.


All the other matches were pretty lifeless, nothing bad, but pretty boring. The rumble itself had its moments, although I do wonder about the booking, and the fact that the way they are going WWE doesn't have a clue about the future. They dump all the talented over stars at the start, then put out the big lugs who aren't over at the end. A lot of guys who were over, were also eliminated fast i.e Goldust, yet ones who weren't over were in their longer like Test. Also the Jericho thing was rolling along nicely, until Shawn just came in randomly near the end and caused him to go out?! So instead of making Jericho think he's nearly one, just eliminate him while there's 14 guys still to be eliminated. That's just basic psychology ignored. And you've got to love Vince, each week on SD with the SD 6, the crowd tells Vince what they wanna see. So what does he do? The last 5 in the rumble are Kane, Batista, Lesnar, Taker and A-Train. Vince get the idea, that the majority of big guys, don't draw.


Then also give credit for The Undertaker. I loved the part of his showdown with Lesnar where they went eye to eye and the crowd was just silent lol they didn't care. And have to love Taker, for not even allowing Brock to get that clean win, have to have Batista to interfere, just to protect the super worker and draw that Taker is.


I think management think Brock is a lot more over than he actually is. Once he won, there was 1 big cheer and then silence. Vince has to watch the Rumble again, and see where the action and the big pops lie, and there isn't no way, Batista, A-Train, Taker etc get them.

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Was pretty much all i expected it too be really.


Lesnar vs Show - Was kept thankfully short and pretty much got straight to the point nic bump to the outside by Lesnar but it ended with Lesnar kicking out of the choke slam then hitting the F5 for the win. Nothing we havent seen from these two before really.


Regal & Storm vs The Dudleyz - Was an ok match i suppose cant say i really bothered paying much atttention as im fed up of seeing the Dudleyz now. The WWE really ceases to amaze me. They spend months and months building Booker T and Goldust up as a tag team that are really over with the fans and finally after months of failied attempts they give them the belts only to have them drop then to Regal & Storm who couldnt be less over if they tried, and then to top it all off Regal & Storm drop the belts two weeks later meaning the Dudleyz get the titles back for the 1000th time. Basically making both Booker T & Goldust/ Regal & Storms tag team reigns pretty pointless.


Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson - hummm yeah ok less said about this the better except surely a CW Title match would have been better instead of this crap.


HHH vs Stenier - I didnt expect much from this match and i wasnt dissapointed. Ive never really seen all that much of Steiner but his entire move set seems to be punches and overhead suplexes and thats it the one time he tried a different move he completely screwed it up and almost dropped HHH on his head (underhook powerbomb). Combine that with HHH's move set and it doesnt exactly make for a thrilling encounter. Of course yet again we had HHH's refusal to job to anyone except his buddys which lead to yet another boring disqualification. Does this mean a rematch next month so we have to endure another month full of pose down's and arm wrestling contests as the RAW main events? God i hope not


Angle vs Benoit - Was so obviously gonnabe the match of the night. Although i have to confess that due to tiredness i fell asleep for about half of this match but what i did see was great. Would have been nice if Benoit got the belt even if Angle won it back next month before Mania becuase i dont think theres one man in the WWE that deserves the title more than Benoit.


Rumble Match - Was pretty standard with the only swerve being HBK's early exit. I bet noone predicted that one. Should set up a nice feud between HBK and Jericho anyway, just hope they hold the actual match off until Mania. Had the usual heels trying to make friends and then turning there backs on each other and tag team partners fighting and the Hardyz coming face to face. Nothing really different and as time went on it became pretty obivus that Lesnar was gonna be 29 and Taker 30. I did laugh when Maven drop kicked Taker and celebrated as if he had eliminated him again like he did last year but apart from that there was nothing much to remember for me and as predicted Lesnar got the win.



All in all was pretty predictable with no major surprises. I would probably give it a 6/10 possibly 6 1/2 but nothing more.


Oh and one thing i forgot. Last week we were told the Rumble would have 1 minute intervals, then the Fink announced it as being back to 2 mintue intervals and then 30 seconds later JR turned round and actually said it would be 90 second interviews. How half-assed can you get?

Edited by HSM
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Guest Peter K

Not bad, but I was not best pleased watching Triple H lose to Scott Steiner via DQ.

Even Triple H wouldn't drop the belt to another established wrestler, what is exactly Triple H's personal agenda in the WWE?

And wtf was the entrance set all about? it looked basic!!! your thoughts on the entrance set and opening pyrotechnics, but the pyros wasn't not bad!

Out of the maximum 100, I award the PK Award of 70 to the event.

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Guest Jerichoholic

Lesnar vs Big Show:

I thought this was a decent opener. It was fairly short but it was what was expected. I think this was better than the previous encounter between the two. 7/10


Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson:

I thought this would be rubbish, but it wasn't too bad. It was quite boring though, nothingbig happened in it. 5/10


Regal and Storm vs The Dudleyz:

Was a decent match. Shame the tables didn't come out, but it was good to see The Dudleyz get the belts. Regal seemed to get the brass knucks out of thin air, they must hide them somewhere really carefully. 7/10


HHH vs Steiner:

Was about average, as expected. Steiner seemed to get through the match using suplex's. I really wanted to see a Frankensteiner, shame he didn't do one. I don't think enough effort was put into this one, lets hope they don't have a rematch.



Angle vs Benoit:

Was a cracker. They both gave it their all, and pulled off some great stuff. This was probably better than their last match. The crowd were buzzing and it looked like Angle was gonna tap out a number of times. I hope they have a rematch at No Way Out.



Main Rumble:

It was good to see Chris Jericho survive a long time. I thought Jericho was gonna win it, but when HBK ran back down, it was obvious Jericho wouldn't win. People like Booker T should've been in longer, although RVD managed to survive for quite a while. Brock winning was to obvious, I reckon they should've gone with a different winner. Cos Brock vs Angle for WM can be setup on Smackdown.



Overall, a decent PPV. Could've been better, could've been worse. 7/10

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The royal rumble was ok. The kurt Angle Vs Benoit match was awesome, Kurt Angle is world class!!but scott steiner Vs the game was a big disappointment and is it just me or did steiner not seem to be getting that great a crowd response. The royal rumble match itself was good - but i can't wait until wrestlemania for brock vs Angle what a match that will be!!!
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Guest Jerichoholic
Originally posted by Chris2K


Sorry, are we talking about the same PPV here?


I think all this positive attitude is turning you insane Jerky :)


Must be positive, must be positive, must be postive!


I detect negativity *covers ears with hands* la la la la la la la la, must be positive!!

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Big Show vs Brock and the Tag Match were both short and watchable so no complaints.


Dawn Marie vs Torrie was awfull as I expectted.


Steiner vs HHH was abysmal and the easily the worst match on the show, hell even WWA would be ashamed to stick it on one of there shows. I did feel sorry for HHH, he was trying to get Stiener actually work a match but all Stiener seemed to want to do was hit belly to belly suplexes at every chance and not to mention his bloody awfull punches, i'm sure HHH with his 2 bad quads and bad knee is feeling great this morning seeing how stiff and unsafe Stiener was, the finish was awfull and sadly built towards a rematch, the crowd boo'ed Stiener out of the building and did anyone else notice the "Stiener Sucks" chants mid way thru.


Benoit vs Angle was awesomem as allways with Benoit's across the ring headbutt being the highlight, good to see Benoit get the biggest pop of the night and a stannding ovation after the match, shame he's nothing left to do on the SD! brand, a RVD/Benoit trade would probaly make sense.


So the Rumble was advertised last weekend as 60 Second Entrants, it was changed to 2 Minutes on HeAT and annouced by Finkle only for Jim Ross to annouce it was 90 Second entrants on commentary, great work WWE.


The match was good but nothing near the standard of 2001, Dreamer killing DeMott was funny (they trained together which explains how stiff Dreamer was), even the very pro ECW crowd boo'ed when Dreamer was emlinated, the problems I felt it had were that Jericho was building towards the marathon run only to be eliminated by Test after 20 minutes, too many guys were out less than a minute after entering and Brock didn't exactly look like a dominating contender when he entered at #29 and did nothing of note untill he won.


Overall Thumbs In The Middle which is mainly down to Benoit/Angle and a enjoyable enough Rumble but the rest was average to abysmal (HHH/Stiener)

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Guest Craig Van Dam

Bigshow Vs Lesnar-6/10 Much better than they terrible match at Survivor Series thankfully this didnt go over 15 minutes a prertty decent opener


Regal/Storm Vs Dudleys 6.5-Just your average tag match here nothing special but Dudleys won so what the hell was the point in giving Booker/Goldust the belts for 3 weeks and then Regal/Storm for 2 weeks?


Torrie Vs Dawn 3/10-Hmmmmm time for a sandwich here the match was a complete waste of time lets move on


HHH Vs Steiner- 7/10 I really think this match was that bad it was good how they built on that fact that HHH didnt think he could beat Steiner with HHH trying to get counted out and that the D.Q ending is just something to build a rematch were Steiner will win


Angle Vs Benoit 9.5- Match of the night hands down it was infact probably the best Angle Vs Benoit match ever and perhaps the best match of both mens WWE carear If Benoit puts performences like this thourghout 2003 its gonna be a matter of time before hes champ


Rumble Match- 8/10 I thought this Rumble was gonna suck thankfully i was proved wrong it was a shame to see HBK go so early it was gonnd when Edge&Rey fought although i thought it was strange to see 2 top men like that come out so early after RVD enterted the Rumble started picking up good people filling up the ring i.e Matt Hardy Eddie Guererro Kane quite predictable Brock won overall a good match


Overall 8/10 A sold ppv a good Rumble and Angle Vs Benoit was a brilliant match

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WWE should have really looked at the Rumble as more of an appraisal, cause they need to get rid of the dead weight, and need to realise what road they have to go down. As evidenced by the early parts of the rumble, and Benoit v Angle, people want and like talented wrestler and decent, exciting matches.


As evidenced by Steiner v HHH, and the end of the rumble, the days of the big man have to come to an end, because the crowd got bored, the action was lousy and no-one was over. The quicker WWE realise the Angle's and Benoit's and not the Batista's and Taker's are the future of WWE, then I reckon they have a lot better chance of getting out of their slump. Thing is does Vince realise this, and if he does, I'm sure Trips and Taker will state otherwise.


Also, if WWE were super smart, they'd have Benoit v Angle at No Way Out in say a Cage Match for the Title. It's in Montreal and they should have Chris go over in front of Canada. It would be a decent idea. Of course Benoit could lose the title a couple of weeks later, or be screwed out of it whatever, and then leave Brock v Angle, and Benoit face the winner at Backlash.


Then again knowing WWE, they will transfer him over to Raw, have him face Tripper at No Way Out, get screwed in front of Canada, just so Trips can prove a point.

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It'll be interesting to see if WWE try Michaels vs Jericho at No Way Out in Montreal mainly because Jericho will be over huge as a face as the Canadian while Michaels will probaly get one of the biggest heel receptions ever because if Hebner still gets masive amounts of abuse from the fans there what will Micheals get.
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