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With the news that Duke Nukem Forever still exists and will be coming out in 2011 http://www.dukenukem.com/#?press_release what games out there that were either mooted, left for dead or simply should have been made but never came to light do you want to get a revival?


My personal one would be Hogs of War 2, I adored the first one and a high def, amusing weapon filled extravoganza would be right up my street!

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Yeah, the Highlander RPG which has had the release date put back many, many times. It's not officially been cancelled, but word is that it's either been dropped entirely or development has been put on indefinite suspension.


The Stargate MMO game (Stargate Worlds, but no relation to the web game) is on hold because Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (the developers) are in administration and were in financial trouble for a long time before that. It was already in closed beta tests, so it's not exactly a long way from being completed.

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I wish they'd released Too Human back in about 2002 when they were going to. It sounded so cool, and the game that eventually came out was rubbish.
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