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TNA iMPACT! - 14th October 2010

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit






The iMPACT! Zone

Monday 11th October


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 14th October on Spike TV at 9/8c

UK: Saturday 16th October on Bravo at 9pm


The Fallout From Bound For Glory

14th October 2010


TNA Wrestling presents the aftermath of "Bound For Glory" on iMPACT starting at 9/8c, immediately followed by ReACTION!


-Don't miss the most important iMPACT in TNA Wrestling history! New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will be in attendance! The question is, will he answer for turning his back on the fans on Sunday night? Why did he do it?!


-Also, what will Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss have to say about their role in helping Hardy turn his back on the fans and win the World Title? Will THEY reveal why they joined forces???


-How will TNA President Dixie Carter and the rest of TNA Management react to what happened?!


-What will happen to Kurt Angle after he lost at the PPV? Will he hold true to his promise to retire...or will he want to exact his revenge?


-Also, will TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machineguns answer Team 3D's retirement challenge? On Sunday night, Team 3D announced they were retiring as a tag team, but they wanted to face the MCMG in their final bout!


-Plus, NEW Knockouts Champion Tara will be there - and certainly, Madison Rayne isn't happy she won the gold! What's next for Mickie James as well? Will she begin her quest to capture the title?


There are so many questions after what happened on Sunday night...don't miss Thursday's huge iMPACT and ReACTION featuring the aftermath of the epic event!

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Guest FreeSpirit







Airing This Saturday night in The UK


We open the show with Hulk Hogan's theme song and Hogan's pyro. Eric Bischoff and Hogan (still on crutches) come out and there is a mixture of cheers and boos in the building. There are some loud "Hogan sucks" chant as Biscoff introduces Hogan. Hogan says, "Enough of the crap" and that it's time to take what is their's. Fans chant "Please retire." Hogan says that Dixie Carter lied to him and sold him a false bill of good when it came to TNA, so now "Hollywood" Hogan is taking over TNA. Bischoff introduces the first member of Team Hogan, Abyss. Abyss hugs them and screams, "They're here!" Hogan calls Abyss his son. Bischoff them introduces Jeff Jarrett, who said that at first, he didn't see eye to eye with them but then realized they are on the same page. Bischoff cut a promo on Dixie, saying Dixie took Jeff's company from him, but Fourtune's music played and out came Ric Flair and Fourtune.


Flair said that Fortune runs TNA, not anyone else. Flair says that tonight, either he or Hogan have to leave TNA forever and they face off, then hug. Bischoff asked if anyone thought that 25 years ago, Flair and Hogan would be on the same team ever. Bischoff then introduced TNA champion Jeff Hardy, who comes out. Everyone in the ring claps for Hardy while the crowd is split. There is a loud "You sold out" chant. Hardy said he didn't sell out, he sold in. Hardy said that he doesn't care about his fans and reveals he was the one who was behind the Abyss attack on Rob Van Dam.


They cut to Sting and Kevin Nash watching backstage. Bischoff asks them to come to the ring and let bygones be bygones. Nash and Sting come out. Bischoff asks them to join the crew but Kevin says, "Thanks but no thanks." He cut a promo saying he is sticking with the TNA family and is "passing on the money this time." Sting says that he loves TNA and history won't be repeating itself, and turns them down as well. Bischoff says the offer stands when they change their mind.


Madison Rayne cuts a promo and says that Tara beat her at Bound for Glory and that wasn't supposed to happen. Tara comes out and Rayne tells her that she is the only reason that Tara is back in TNA and Tara needs to do the right thing. Tara lays down and lets Rayne pin her. Madison begins celebrating but Mickie James comes out and says that she came to TNA to make history, so why not let it be tonight. Madison shoved Tara into her and ran off.


Kurt Angle came out to no music to make a statement. There's a big "please don't go" chant from the crowd. Angle says he re-injured his ribs and his neck last night but before he announces his retirement, he wants answers. Out comes Jeff Jarrett, who tells him that Angle said he would retire if he didn't win the title. Angle says that he was the one who put TNA on the map, that his loss at the PPV was the final nail in TNA's coffin and Jarrett can have his ex-wife, but Angle is getting a piece of Jeff. Angle throws the mic down and goes for Jarrett but the two security guards take Angle down and handcuff him. Jarrett begins beating him down. Taz finally takes of his headset and comes down, telling Jarrett to back off. Jarrett finally does and we don't have any official announcement of Angle retiring. Good segment.


Samoa Joe defeated Abyss by DQ when Abyss attacked Joe with the ring bell, busting him open. Before Abyss could do any more damage, Rob Van Dam hit the ring and cut a promo calling out Hardy. Hardy appeared on the screen, talking about friendship. Bischoff comes out and says the main event tonight will be RVD vs. Mr. Anderson with the winner getting a shot at Hardy. RVD immediately accepts.


Fortune defeated Pope Dinero in a four on one handicap match after Beer Money hit DWI on Pope, then beat him down after the match. Pope got in a good amount of offense.


The Shore comes out and cuts a promo on The Jersey Show. JWoww comes out with The Beautiful People. Cookie makes fun of JWow, leading to a catfight between the two. Cookie ends up carried to the back by Robbie E.


Ken Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam goes to a no contest after Eric Bischoff pulls the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy shows up and uses a chair on both of them. Some fans threw plastic bottles at Hardy but Universal security removed them immediately!




TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal pinned The Amazing Red!
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Guest The Beltster
wow TNA seems to have fallen a part after hardy's turn :roll


looks like a good show

You cant help yourself can you?



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Guest Richie Boi 777

By eliminating the problem of two major heel stables, TNA has created an even bigger problem of one over-sized heel stable and I think it'll only be a matter of time until the midcard guys (i.e. most of them) start pushing each other out of the way just to get shown on TV for 5 seconds.


Anyway, there might be some backstage vignettes filmed that the live crowd didn't get to see just to tie up at least one or two loose ends (e.g. Sting & Nash)

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It's even funnier when he's praising a show that makes a mockery of the womens division that he loves so much. If we know anything about Jayfunk, it's that he loves his womens titles to change hands via Fingerpoke of Doom~!


I mean, seriously Bishcoff, WCW at least spread all this stuff out over the course of three years. TNA is rushing through every WCW mistake in the space of a year. If all of this doesn't end with Nash cannonballing into a pool, I will be gutted.


The new "Team Hogan" is hilarious too. Bishc is such a one trick pony and Russo LOVES his huge stables. Almost every main event stable of his seems to have more than 10 members (Corporation, Ministry, Corporate Ministry, SEX, New Blood, etc), which is WAY too much to be meaningful.


It's just funny, now.

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Guest Jayfunk
It's even funnier when he's praising a show that makes a mockery of the womens division that he loves so much. If we know anything about Jayfunk, it's that he loves his womens titles to change hands via Fingerpoke of Doom~!


I haven't seen it yet so how can I? besides the knockouts quality is far from great

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Guest Jayfunk

When did i mention that in terms of what we are talking about? I have positive about hardy's turn when people like yourself have been doom and gloom, which was the point sparrow missed

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