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Where do you see wrestling in 8 years?

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“I'm not afraid of failing. I don't like to fail. I hate to fail. But I'm not afraid of it.” VKM


It is no joke to say wrestling has changed a lot in the last 8 years (and the 8 before and so on). WWF bacame WWE. TNA was just starting out. The draft, at the time now is a discussion for later, opened doors for one of the best rosters WWE ever had. Full of WWF, WCW and ECW wrestlers.



Now we are 8 years later and the whole landscape changed. Most WWE stars from that period are either retired, watered down or unfortunately passed away.


Present times. TNA have found minor goldmines in RVD and Jeff H and are re establishing their ME talent. TNA are also trimming (some of the) Hogan fat from Jan-Feb which is a good thing.


Nonetleless ratings still will not reach 2.0. But a tremendous mainstream growth since 2002 is there to see.



WWE is still dominating the ratings as expected, but is getting stale fast. (Getting!) Cookie cutter Rookies get pushed to the moon without having payed the proper dues and in some cases without establishing themselves the right was first.


Michael Cole is now the top heel in the Company wichh if you said as much in 2002 you would be laughed at and pointed at.


Complety desperate for some tide turning moment TNA just manages to win the battle of repetitiveness and re-hashing older angles


While WWE just runs it's PG course gaining younger fans, and losing most of the older fans.


A lot has happened in these past 8 years, some for the better and some for the worst.


It's hard to actually guess what course wrestling is going to take next.


Another boom may occur, if no and it will be stale for another 8 years, or get so unsuccesfull do you think it might actually die out for one or both groups?


What are your thoughts towards the future?


"Fix it! Fix it so I can break it again!" CM Punk

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Its nie on impossible to say.


I mean imagine asking that question in 1991, or even in 1999.


One thing I will say is I certainly don't think business will be booming again in 8 years time. If there's one thing both WWE and TNA have shown since 2002, is they aren't very good at making new stars. Which tends to suggest 8 years time won't be much different to now.

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"Newsflash! Half the people out there think I suck!"



In 8 years I can safely say I'll be well and truely done with the whole thing. It's never meant so little.


I was well and truly done over a year ago, that's how little it means. I watch only out of stupid habit. Even then mostly only raw and PPV

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It's pure habit now alright, although anything Angle does I need to see, but really that's about it. Even at at that I don't really give a shite.

"Not only am I better looking, I am just plain better!"


For me it would be wanting to see anything with Orton, really though even he has faced every ME a million times. At least this thing with Wade is some original matches, but of course Cena has to be in the middle of it.

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I am beyond good and evil, a portal to the infinite!

Muh it's not a bad gimmick as it's just part of overall posts. Not just a post made up of quotes.


I was wondering in 8 years who will be the top star of the WWE: I got to say John Morrison or Miz will be but there are so many people that could fill that role when John Cena, HHH, Taker, HBK, and Mysterio leave the company and retire. Maybe Jack Swagger, Punk who knows really.

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In 8 years wrestling will be just like it is now, puffing along.


New fans will replace the older ones that have left and Vince will still be raking in the cash.


Cena will be holding the title for the 29th, time and the fans will still be booing him, all the while scared to death that he'll leave.


Instead of decreasing the number of PPV's, we'll be seeing bi-weekly ones.


The Undertaker will only appear once a year at Mania to keep the streak alive and the debate will continue as to who will end it.


Matt and Jeff Hardy will both have left TNA and come back to the WWE. Fans will cheer Jeff and not give a crap about Matt.


TNA will be the same as it is now, hiring ex WWE Superstars and still not be able to get above a 2.0 share in the ratings.


Ric Flair will still be bat shit crazy.


Ken Anderson will be in the hospital with another injury.


And Russo will still have a job.


So yea things will pretty much stay the same, just a new group watching. And they'll be doing the same thing we are now, bitching and complaining. As for most of us, we'll find out that there life away from our computers and we'll start living it.

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In eight years everything will be the same as it is today. WWE will still be PG unless Vince dies and Trips and Steff take over in which case things may be worse than ever. TNA may fold and be replaced by RoH. CHIKARA will take over Roh's old spot and SHIMMER will still suck.


On the bright side though, US television may pick up DDT and give it the weekly episodic spot on cable that it deserves.


Just a guess though. Who knows, the Triple H/Steff regime may be better than most people expect. I guess only time and the death of Vince will tell.


The main fault of my idea is that Vince may never die, but I suspect that an assassination attempt may be in his future. Especially if Linda wins Senate and goes on to be Vice President or something. /speculation

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Guest Jimmy Redman

To buck the trend, I'd say things will be different.


I dont know how exactly, I dont know whether for better or worse, but they'll certainly be different. Look at pretty much any point in modern wrestling, and compare it to 8 years before or after that point, and its never the same. Things change.


I wonder if PG will last another 8 years, and I mean both the rating itself and the booking style. You'd think by then the next cosmic shift in WWE would have taken place. Another 8 years of the kids product seems too much.


On another note, I'm bored so I looked at the WWE roster from 2002 (8 years ago), compared it to today's roster and busted out some STATS~


- Out of the 80 active wrestlers in WWE in 2002;

- Only 12 are still active in WWE (2 more are now agents)

- 9 are active wrestlers in TNA (plus 4 non-active wrestlers)

- 7 are dead

- 46 are out of mainstream wrestling (including Matt Hardy, who is in limbo)


Which means only about 25% or one quarter are still in wrestling, and only 14% are still wrestling for WWE. The vast majority of the roster is gone entirely.


(Keep in mind for ease I'm comparing it to the WWE and TNA rosters of, literally, today. Which means guys like Jericho, Batista, Shawn, Matt, Nash, Hall, Waltman, while they have worked this year, are in the 'out of wrestling' category.)


EXTRA FUN FACT: NONE of the WWE women from 2002 are still with the company. Only one (Victoria) is still active.


- There were 13 guys who had WWE/World title matches on PPV in 2002 (so basically this represents the top of the card for that year);

- 4 are still active in WWE (HHH, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show)

- 3 are in TNA (Angle, Hogan, RVD)

- 6 are out of wrestling (Rock, Austin, Lesnar, Michaels, Booker, Jericho)


FUN FACT: All 4 of the WWE guys have had title matches on PPV in 2010.


- Following that track, so far there have been 18 guys who have had title matches on PPV in 2010. Of those guys, in 2002;

- 10 were in WWE (4 main eventing, as above. At least one was being wasted and buried and doomed to never, ever recover ever. Apparently he did.)

- 1 was in TNA (Truth)

- 1 was on the indies (Punk)

- 1 was on Tough Enough (Morrison)

- 5 hadnt even started in wrestling


I guess what I'm trying to say is that a) I am so unbelievably bored, and b) so much changes in wrestling over a period as long as 8 years.

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Guest Jimmy Redman



I do spoil you all so.


In 8 years' time...


Undertaker will be 53 years old.

Kane will be 51.

HHH will be 49.

Chris Jericho will be almost 48.

Kurt Angle will be almost 50.

Rey Mysterio will be almost 44.

Edge will be 45.

Jeff Hardy will be 41 (and Matt 44).

Jeff Jarrett will be 51.

John Cena will be 41.

Sheamus will be 40.

CM Punk will be 40.

Most frightening of all, LAYLA will be 40 years old.


The only current main event level guys who will still be under 40 in 2018 are Orton and Barrett.

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