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Torrie in Playboy

Dead Crow

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Torrie in Playboy (WHOO)


From Wrestlezone>>>


- The rumors are true, Torrie Wilson will be doing a photo shoot for Playboy magazine. WWE ran into problems with the last two divas they sent to the Playboy Mansion, Rena Mero and Joanie Laurer, but shouldn't encounter the same problem with Torrie Wilson as she's considered one of the nicest people in the company.




Well I'm certainly a happy camper. After seeing the pictures of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer in the mag (and I still have the nightmares), this should make it better.


But will she be fully naked or just topless or just bikini? Who cares? The only thing I see happening is it being used to further the ever so ratings-drawing Torrie/Dawn feud. Still... could be interesting (the pics, not the feud) :D

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Guest MillionLiraMan

What, you mean that maybe Dawn Marie will do Penthouse to fashion some sort of soft porn feud?! Maybe Al Wilson could be revived to do Playgirl or something. Well I'm glad you're happy dra, however I still won't be persuaded to part with my cash there for the sake of a tug, as they say.


Incidentally, I'm intrigued by what 'problems' they apparently had before. Could it have been that Chyna wasn't actually nice enough to put in Playboy? :P


As for Torrie, I'd be slightly concerned about her if I was any close friend or relative. If she is indeed as nice and easy going as she is made out to be, and we have no reason to doubt that from what little we know of her, then the idea of going over to Hefner's mansion and being drooled over should be scary to her. The last thing she needs is to be at the mercy of an old prick trying to be hard by putting themself about getting all the young talent to lie down for them (oh wait, Hogan came back didn't he...)! :devil :D

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Whoopee, now we can once again look forward to Michael Cole endorsing looking at soft porn.


After that, we'll have to make do with Torrie on every single show, urging all the 13 year old kids to buy an adult magazine.


Then of course, a day after the magazine is released, the photos will be all over the net.


Yes, it's a win-win situation to see a moderatly attractive, yet a terrible actress/wrestler waste more TV time.


I'm sure this will do wonders for WWE's "we're not so bad" image.

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Guest Seabass

Oh come on Russ, don't be so mean :P

Torrie being in playboy would bring good publicty (not higher ratings though). Then again this copuld lead to another Dawn Marie vs Torrie in a First ever playboy match... and your right... it would be a waste of time, and young kids will be corrupted.

My aplogise, carry on.

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Guest Peter K

Simple yet predictable result:

Torrie does photo shoot > Torrie's ego grows > Torrie becomes the third Sable and Chyna in WWE and no one want that happen to Torrie because she's rather nice.

And cue more of the awful Jerry Lawler's "Ooo" chants and drooling over the posters.


Goes to show WWE and Playboy doesn't mix....

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