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RAW PC Game Problems

Guest emag

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Chums,chummettes,help me,I'm having problems in playing my WWE RAW game for the PC,I downloaded the full game,installed it and everything,it works perfectly,you can play matches and everything but the thing is,you cant see anything,the screen is just plain black so i have to play without watching and just hear the kicking and stuff :D its not good lol, help me
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I also tried running it in 256 colours but an error comes up saying:


"could not find any display mode.Please install video-card driver,otherwise check your video card"



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Guest Seabass

*turn the brightness up

*reduce the graphics level on the options screen

*get a new monitor

*get a better PC

*take the game back as it's not that good anyway so your not missing much

*get a better video card

*quit whining and get the answer yourself :D (j/k)

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It's all about the graphics card. I have a pretty fancy graphics card on my PC (Don't ask me the name, I get confused with the GFX3424B carry-on) and the game runs fine, but I do know of many people who don't have a good graphics card, and they're left with no picture.


I would always suggest carrying your PC's specs on a bit of paper, and keeping it in your wallet, so that when it comes to buying software you can check the little Specifications spiel on the side of the box.


This, however, won't apply to Long John Emag, the Software Pirate.

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As Russ said it's probably a result of your Graphics Card. NVIDIA graphics cards have a habbit of showing everything as white. (which let to a lot of people not being able to play Half-Life) But your screen is showing up as black. If you knew what graphics card you have you would be able to go to that company's website and download the latest drivers. So I suggest you find out somehow.
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Guest Peter K

Emag, you are one of many WWE Raw PC owners who have the exact same problem.

It would appear to be the graphics card AND the PC monitor, I can give you an advice, pop over to where you downloaded it and ask for technical contact.

They should give you the correct specs needed to get the game to work.

The real problem is that the game requires a specific type and maker of graphic card but what type is beyond me.

Thats why I stick to console gaming....:)

But I do have Championship Manager Season 01/02 with a Holly Valance menu bar....:D


I apologise for going off the subject there!, just contact THQ or your local games store.

Hope I've helped you there.

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