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Guest MillionLiraMan

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Guest MillionLiraMan

If you could have your own situation with the WWE (i.e. if you were in charge), and you could have anyone main eventing, mid-carding etc, how would you have it? Give main eventers, mid-carders and if you feel like it, jobbers.


My choices would be:


Main event: Randy Savage (Oh Yeah!)

Curt Hennig

Chris Benoit

Ted DiBiase

Bret Hart

Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho

Ric Flair

Rick Martel

Triple H (yup)

Roddy Piper


Mid-carders: Arn Anderson

Jimmy Snuka


Mick Foley

Ricky Steamboat

Greg Valentine

Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio Jr

Undertaker (Phenom only)

Brock Lesnar (not as the monster role he has now)

Rick Rude

Jake Roberts


Jobbers: Hogan


Funaki (he's so good at it!)

Marty Janetty

Jacques Rougeau (as The Mountie)



Tag Team main eventers: Demolition

Legion Of Doom

Rockers (totally different Michaels we

had back then)

Power And Glory (short gimmick but I

liked it)

Los Guerreros

Hart Foundation

New Hart Foundation


As you can tell I think today's tag situation is pretty poor right now with no real out and out tag teams as such other than the Dudleys who aren't personal favourites of mine. Notice the absence of Austin and The Rock since I generally prefer in-ring ability over other image and promo stuff with the exception of marking out for Savage, DiBiase and Mr Perfect interviews and promos. I'd also have Bobby Heenan heavily involved as a heel manager.


What about you?

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Guest joejericho

Main Event:

Eddy Guerrero

Mick Foley

Chris Jericho

Chris Benoit

Kurt Angle






Matt Hardy

Nathan Jones

Disco Inferno

Low Ki

Stone Cold

Rey Mysterio

Little Guido

Jody Fleish

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Guest Rudi El Fire

(assuming all are snatched through a time warp when at their prime);


Upper card;

Kurt Angle

Harley Race

Big Van Vader ('92 WCW monster version)

Ric Flair

Ravishing Rick Rude

Kendo Nagasaki

Chris Benoit - could feud with;

Dynamite Kid - in a master vs. pupil programme

Adrian Street



Bret Hart



Mr. Perfect

Steve Williams (early nineties version)

Bobby Eaton

Strike Force (Tito Santana and Rick Martel)

Bam Bam Bigelow

Razor Ramon

Matt Hardy v.1

Robbie Brookside

Owen Hart

2 Cold Scorpio (NOT Flash Funk!)

Lance Storm (who would, in my WWE, be allowed to speak)

Steve Regal

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Guest MillionLiraMan

In their prime, obviously, and from whatever fed you like. I did say if you were in charge of WWE but I meant that in the sense that in an ideal situation you'd be in a position to get whoever you want (unless it's the tenth anniversary of one of your flagship shows!).


ps Matt Hardy Version 1.0 excellent choice how could I not have put that down myself and of course Owen Hart would be decent in the mid-card. Dynamite Kid against Benoit I think if they were both in their prime we would nearly all be through the roof at the prospect of that one! :xyx

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Guest The Crippler

Nice topic this one. My choices will be based mainly around former WWE guys. It'll also be on guys who I have actually seen so there won't be some of the older legends as I couldn't comment on how good they were.


Main Event

Ric Flair

Steve Austin

Chris Benoit

Mick Foley

Bret Hart

Dynamite Kid

Kurt Angle

Ted DiBiase



Randy Savage

Ricky Steamboat

The Rock

Shawn Michaels

Rick Rude

Eddie Guerrero

Jake Roberts


Owen Hart

Chris Jericho

The Undertaker


Main Tag Teams

Dudley Boyz

Edge & Christian

Hart Foundation


Legion of Doom

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I know people haven't seen them but I would put Thesz, Hackenshmidt, Ed "Strangler" Lewis et al in my roster somewhere, just to see the Fathers of Pro Wrestling wrestle!
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Here are my choices,

Main Eventers,

Mick Foley.

Dynamite Kid.

Kurt Angle.

Shawn Micheals.

Bret Hart.

Kendo Nagasaki.

The Rock-as i need to make money from merchandise etc!

Stone cold.

Ric Flair.

Chris Benoit.

Doug Williams:)





Mid carders,

The British Bulldog-Davy Boy Smith.

Rey Mysterio

Eddie Guerrerer.

Jake Roberts.

Jimmy Snuka.

Rick Rude.

Curt Henning.

Owen Hart.

Shane Mcmahon.


Fleisch/Storm :)


just a few that immediatly spring to mind!

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Guest fujiwara

Good Topic!


A lot of thought went into this so……


Main eventers:

Austin (draw power)

Rock (draw power)

Ric flair

Ricky steamboat



Eddie Gurrero


Dory Funk Jr (technical)

Jack Briscoe ( technical, I would put Dory and Jack in a feud)






Kenta Kobashi

Keiji Muto ( not Muta cos his gimmick annoys me)

Vader (as monster heel)




Bret Hart

Cactus Jack (only wrestles big matches)



Mid Card:

Steve Williams

Terry Gordy

Lo Ki

AJ Styles

Christoper Daniels

American Dragon

Doug Williams




Matt Hardy V 1.0

Edge (would push him up the ranks at some stage)

Owen Hart (see Edge)


Shane McMahon

Chavo Gurrero

Bristish Bulldog

Brian Pillman (as loose cannon)

Masato Tanaka

Lance storm

Dymamite Kid



Jr. Weight:

Rey Rey


Ultimo Dragon

Jushin Lyger

Great Sasuke

Milano Connection AT




The amazing Red

Minoru Tanaka


El Samurai

Dick Togo

Tiger Mask 4

Mark Briscoe

Jay Briscoe

(Mark and Jay to feud with each other)

Jason Cross (shooting Star Leg Drop!!!!!)



4 horsemen (original)

N.W.O (at the beginning)

DX (the non HBK one)

B.W.O (just for laughs)


Tag teams:

The Briscoe’s (Gerry and Jack)

The Funks (Terry and Dory Jr.)

Tenzen and Kojima (TenKoji)

Miracle Violence Connection (Williams and Gordy)

Nakanishi and Nishimura

The New Age Owtlaws (As much as I hate both of them in the ring, as a team they were good)

The British Bulldogs

Matt Hardy and RVD (man, how cocky would that combo be)



Jim Hellwig

Jim Hellwig

Ultimat oh no sorry HHH




Mick Foley

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I have only been watching wrestling since 1999, so this won't include a lot of the older wrestlers.


Main Eventers:


Kurt Angle

Stone Cold

The Rock

Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero

Ric Flair

Mick Foley

Shawn Michaels

Eddie Guerrero

Rob Van Dam




Mid Card:


Chavo Guerrero

Matt Hardy



Rey Mysterio

Lance Storm

Brock Lesnar

Chris Jericho

Team Angle

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Guys who have worked in WWF or WCW/NWA.


Main Event


Ric Flair (mid 80s to mid 90s)

Bret Hart (early 90s)

Vader (early 90s)

Ricky Steamboat (late 80s)

Kurt Angle (present day)

Chris Benoit (present day)

The Rock (present day)

Shawn Michaels (mid 90s)




Curt Hennig (early 90s)

Great Muta (early 90s)

Cactus Jack (mid 90s)

Steve Austin (mid 90s)

Roddy Piper (early 80s)

Jake Roberts (mid 80s)

Randy Savage (late 80s)

Ted DiBiase (late 80s)


Tag Teams:


Road Warriors (late 80s)

Los Gringos Locos (mid 90s)

Stiener Brothers (early 90s)

The Midnight Express (late 80s)

The Rock n Roll Express (late 80s)

Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody (late 70s)

Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson (late 80s)

The British Bulldogs (early 80s)




Rey Mysterio Jnr (mid 90s)

Dynamite Kid (early 80s)

Tiger Mask I (early 80s)

Ultimo Dragon (mid 90s)

Great Sasuke (mid 90s)

Owen Hart (mid 90s)

Bryan Pillman (mid 90s)

Jushin Liger (mid 90s)

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How can you all forget The Quebecers, (Managed by Johnny Polo). Now if that wasn't pure chemistry I don't know what is?


I'm also hurt at the lack of Jarrett.


What's that? Shut up Colin?

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Dunno about positions in the company but my ultimate roster I'd have


Great Sasuke(96-97)

Ultimo Dragon(96)

Rob Van Dam(now)

Eddy Guerrero(now)

Chris Benoit(now)

Rick Steamboat(late 80's)



Chris Jericho(98)

Sting (early 90's)

Cactus Jack(92-96)

Steve Austin(97/97/98)

The Rock(98/99/2000)

British Bulldogs(86)

Hart Foundation(86)

Edge and Christian(2000)

The Rockers(90)

Bret Hart(92)

Owen Hart (94)

Road Warriors (in their prime)

Ric Flair (80's prime)

Arn Anderson (early 90's)

Vader (early 90's)

Taka Michinoku(97)

Rey Misterio Jr (96)

Psicosis (from about 95/86)

Kurt Angle (now)

Sabu (around 95)

Juventud Guerrera (98/99)

Billy Kidman (98/99)

DDP (97 era)

Steven Regal (94)

The Eliminators (96/97)

Bam Bam Bigelow (from about 98/99)

Taz (from say 97/98)

Steiner Brothers (early 90's)

Mr Perfect (from around 90/91)

Jake Roberts (from around 90)

Ted Dibiase (late 80's)

"Loose Cannon" Brian Pillman

Jushin Liger (from around 92)

Shawn Michaels(95/96)

Dean Malenko(95-96)

Terry Funk(late 80's, early90's)

Impact Players(99)

A.J Styles(now)

Jerry Lynn(now)


Randy Savage(late 80's)

Great Muta (late 80's, early 90's)

Williams and Gordy (early to mid 90's)

Mike Awesome (99)

Rick Rude(early 90's)


Big roster, but full of depth

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