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Official RAW Spoilers Thread / Best Bit Of Raw (24/1/03)

Dead Crow

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Official RAW Spoilers Thread


January 20, 2003

Report by: rajahwwf.com



We start with a video recap of Vince McMahon's public chewing-out of Eric Bischoff for his lack of innovation on Raw, and his subsequent ultimatum: make Raw great in 30 days, or Shane McMahon will take over. Then, last night, Bischoff made the announcement that he will have a shocking bombshell tonight. The Raw music video plays, but the pyros don't explode, and we are LIVE in Rhode Island, the day after the Royal Rumble, the first day on the Road to WrestleMania, and T-Minus 23 days for Eric Bischoff!


Triple H Interview

-Triple H's music hits, and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out, bandaged forehead, bruised eyesocket, hurt ribs and all. Last night, we went 30 minutes with Scott Steiner, and at the end, Steiner was embarrassed so badly that he had to hit Triple H with a sledgehammer to end his misery. Triple H says that Steiner is a disgrace, and that there won't be a rematch. The sirens blare and Big Poppa Pump runs into the ring and grabs the microphone. He didn't come out here to talk trash; he's here to finish what he started. That is his Title, and all the freaks know it. He wants his rematch, and he wants it tonight. Trips says that he would like nothing better than to embarass Steiner again tonight, but he has a note from his doctor. It says that he hasn't been cleared to wrestle tonight, after Steiner hit him with the sledgehammer. Flair takes the mic and says that if Steiner really wants to fight, his man Batista will tear Steiner apart. With that, Batista marches down the ramp. As Steiner turns to yell at Batista, Triple H starts attacking Steiner. Steiner comes back with a clothesline, and another that sends Triple H over the top and to the outside. Batista gets on the apron to yell at Steiner, but Flair pulls him off and the three of them back up the ramp, yelling at Steiner. Fade Out.


Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

-Apparently Jeff Hardy requested to fight RVD tonight, after being eliminated by Van Dam in the Rumble last night. ...but Justin Credible and Raven get cut... RVD starts with a trip, but Jeff rolls away from an elbow drop follow. Jeff hits a kick in the gut and a jawbreaker. Headscissors by Jeff, then a front dropkick that eventually sends RVD out of the ring. Jeff tries to run the rail, but RVD trips him and hits a legdrop. Back in the ring, RVD tries to slingshot in, but Jeff dropkicks him out of the air. Jeff hits a diving forearm and gets a two count. Legdrop pin by Jeff 1-2-shoulder up. Jeff hits the Whisper in the WInd 1-2-shoulder up. RVD hits a rolling front slam and follows it with a quick moonsault. Van Dam goes up top for the Five Star, but Jeff rolls away in time. Now it is Jeff who goes up top, and he hits the Swanton 1-2-kickout! Jeff looks for the Twist of Fate, but RVD drops it into a backslide 1-2-3! Jeff is visibly frustrated with not being able to get a victory, so RVD extends a hand. Jeff slaps his hand away, so Van Dam does the thumb-point, causing Jeff to attack him and knock him out of the ring. Jeff grabs a chair, but can't bring himself to hit Van Dam.


In the back, Christian and Nowinski talk about their experiences in the Rumble. Christian says he never should have trusted Edge. Bischoff comes by, and they beg to know what his surprise is. Bischoff says he's happy to be working under pressure because it brings out the best in him, and this bombshell shows it. But he's not going to tell them. Fade Out.


We come back to find Scott Steiner storming through the halls. Randy Orton grabs him and asks if he heard Steiner right when he said he would be the next World Heavyweight Champion. He says that Steiner is wrong, just like his doctor was wrong when he said Randy would be out a whole year. Steiner grabs Orton and shoves him against the wall, threatening to send Orton back to the doctor. Orton says that he's only 95% back and can't risk a setback. Steiner says that his shoulder may be 95%, but Orton is 100% asshole.


In the back, Chief Morley says the Bischoff Administration wants to have a better relationship with the referees. With that in mind, he wants Nick Patrick to review his own job at the Rumble last night when the Dudleys won the Tag Titles. He plays a tape of the match's ending, when D-Von knocked out Lance Storm with the brass knuckles and got the 1-2-3. Patrick says he didn't see the shot, but if he had he would have DQed the Dudleys immediately. Morley says Patrick has to go and appologize. Fade Out.


Nick Patrick/Chief Morley

-Chief Morley leads Nick Patrick into the ring and gets a microphone. They are here so that Nick Patrick can make a public appology for the mistake he made in last night's World Tag Team Title Match. Nick takes the mic and says that he made a mistake. He did not see the punch with the brass knuckles, and so he appologizes to everyone. Morley says that, now that Patrick has admitted his mistake, he asks him to reverse his decision and award the match to Lance Storm and WIlliam Regal. Patrick says that it is company policy that all referee decisions are final. Morley says that if that is the case, he needs to see the Dudleys in the ring right now. The D-Bombs go off and the Tag Team Champions come out and go to the ring. Now that Nick Patrick has admitted his mistake, Chief Morley asks the Dudleys to, in the interest of fairness, forfeit their Titles back to Regal and Storm immediately. D-Von asks if Morley is out of his mind. He is getting nothing, and moreover, can go to hell. BuhBuh says that they are not going to just give up their Titles. After all, it was Regal who brought the brass knuckles into the ring. Morley says that is why he interfered in their match in the first place. BuhBuh says that is a load of crap, and the fans agree. Morley demands to have the Titles, before they regret it. BuhBuh says that he's nothing more than a kiss-ass, washed-up, ex-pornstar. Morley again demands the Titles. BuhBuh doesn't regret punching Morley last night, nor does D-Von regret hitting Storm with the brass knuckles. But there is one thing they do regret, and that is not taking Vince's advice. Morley grabs the belts, but D-Von punches Morley down. BuhBuh reminds Morley what Vince's words were: "D-Von, get the tables!" D-Von does just that, and sets a table up in the ring. They set for a 3D, but Lance Storm and William Regal burst into the ring from the crowd! They knock D-Von out of the ring and flapjack BuhBuh through a table. Morley gets up and says that tonight, there will be a Tag Title match between the Dudleys and Regal & Storm. In fact, why not have it begin right now? Morley tells Nick Patrick to have the bell rung. Morley says that Patrick's decision stood, because the referee's make the rulings, but he makes the matches, so Patrick had better ring the bell. Patrick reluctantly calls for the bell, and William Regal pins BuhBuh. Morley demands that Patrick count, and he again reluctantly does 1-2-3! Regal and Storm are the new Tag Team Champions! Fade Out.


Trish Stratus & Hurricane vs. Victoria & Steven Richards

-This match will be in the rarely used Mixed-Tag format, as opposed to Intergender. The men start, with Hurricane getting a hiptoss. Stevie comes back with an elbow and a scoop slam. Victoria tags herself in, meaning that Hurricane has to tag out. Victoria however, pushes Hurricane repeatedly and then slaps him. Helms grabs Victoria, causing Stevie to run in, but Helms lets go of Victoria and takes Stevie down. Tag to Trish. Trish takes Victoria down with a Lou Thesz Press. They battle into the corner where Trish hits a headscissors. Trish beats on Victoria in the corner, but Stevie guillotines him. Victoria kicks her down 1-2-kickout. Victoria tosses Trish by her hair, then scoop slams her. Victoria goes for a sommersault legdrop slingshot, but Trish rolls away. Tag to Stevie. Hurricane tries to come in since Stevie tagged in, but the ref keeps him out as he has not been tagged in. Stevie grabs Trish for a suplex, but Helms runs in and hits Stevie with a karatekick. Trish picks up Victoria and hits the Stratusfaction 1-2-3!


In the back, Eric Bischoff is on his cell phone. He asks to speak with Vince. He says that since he is speaking to Vince's personal secretary, she should be able to get a hold of him, and when she does, to tell Vince to be watching Raw because his bombshell is coming up next. Fade Out.


Eric Bischoff Interview

-Raw's GM and marked man Eric Bischoff comes down the ramp and into the ring to announce his big surprise. He can tell by our faces that we're dying to find out what his bombshell is. We're not alone, because right now, Vince McMahon himself is watching, just as excited as everyone else. Last week, Vince told Bischoff to grab Raw by the throat, turn it inside out, and shake it to its foundations. He wasn't sure what to do, until he went to the Raw Tenth Anniversary show. A replay is shown of the show, when Stone Cold Steve Austin was announced as Raw Superstar of the Decade, and Vince's subsequent announcement that Austin was not invited. Bischoff says that that begs the question, "Why wasn't the biggest Superstar in Raw history even invited to the show?" Because Austin walked out on Vince McMahon. Why would Austin walk out on Vince? Well we know Vince's side of the story. We know JR's side of the story. We have heard all of the Superstars' opinions. But we have not heard Stone Cold's side of the story. So this morning, he stopped the presses at Raw magazine so that Steve Austin can tell everyone his side of the story. But that's not his bombshell. And it's not the only idea he got from the Anniversary show. Video is rolled of the Austin Beer Truck incident, when Austin showered Vince, Shane and Rock with beer. There is only one man in the world today who can grab Raw by the throat, turn it inside out, and shake it to its core. And so he publically invites Stone Cold Steve Austin to come back at No Way Out and take his rightful place at Monday Night Raw!


Goldust & Booker T vs. Three Minute Warning

-Goldust and Jamal start off, but Goldust cannot shoulder block the big man. He goes for a Sunset Flip, but Jamal blocks, but Goldust rolls away from the sit down. Tag to Booker as they double elbow Jamal 1-2-shoulder up. Chops by Booker, but Jamal kicks him in the face and clotheslines him down. Booker drags Jamal, but the big man knocks Booker into the corner and beats him down. Big boot by Booker, then a superkick. Tag to Goldust. Goldust goes second rope and hits a flying fist, then an armdrag and an armbar. Tag to Booker, who wrenches Jamal's arm. Jamal knees himself out of the hold and tags in Rosie. Clubs by Rosie, then headbutts him down. Elbow by Rosie, but Booker catches him with a spinning heel kick 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Jamal. Booker hits another spinning heel kick. Tag to Goldust. Goldust comes in with lots of punches and a back bodydrop to Jamal. He sets Rosie for the Shattered Dreams while the ref is distracted by Booker and Rico outside. Jamal hits Goldust with a superkick before he can hit the finisher, and Rosie follows with a splash. Choke on the ropes by Rosie, allowing Rico to hit Goldust from ringside. Eye rake by Rosie, then a chinlock. Low knee by Rosie, who tags in Jamal 1-2-kickout. Sleeper by Jamal, but Goldust elbows out, only for Jamal to hit a powerslam 1-2-shoulder up. Big boot by Goldust, who then ducks a corner splash and tags in Booker. Booker attacks Rosie, then clotheslines Jamal. Spinning heel kick to Rosie and a forearm to Jamal. He tries to hit Rico with a jumping calf kick, but Rico gets out of the way and Booker lands on the ropes. Rosie and Jamal look for a doubleteam on Booker, but he counters into a Double DDT. Booker hits the Spinaroonie and a spinebuster on Jamal 1-2-broken by Rosie. Booker attacks Rosie in the corner, but Jamal does the same to Goldust. Jamal comes over and catches Booker with a Superkick to the face. Jamal goes up top for a flying splash, but Booker rolls out of the way! Rico gets on the apron and holds Booker, but sidesteps Rosie, who nails Rico. Booker knocks him out of the ring and hits the scissors kick on Jamal 1-2-3! Fade Out.


Chris Jericho vs. Test

-Just like Martin Luther King, Chris Jericho had a dream. That dream was stolen from him unfairly, and he bets the assclowns love it. But retribution will be paid by Shawn Michaels, and by Test. So tonight, he will teach Test a lesson. Jericho runs in the ring and Test immediately clotheslines him down. Back bodydrop by Test. Test throws Jericho over the ropes, but he flips back in, as one does at the Rumble. Jericho hits Test with a missile dropkick, then goes to mounted punches. Jericho knees Test down, then hits him with a back suplex. Jericho locks in a sleeper, but Test fights out and starts hitting back elbows. Punches in the corner by Test, but Jericho hits a big boot. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Test 1-2-shoulder up. Test hits a powerbomb 1-2-shoulder up. Test calls for the end and runs for the Big Boot, but Jericho ducks, only for Test to send Jericho over the top rope. On the outside, Test looks for the pump handleslam, but Jericho floats over and shoves him into the ringpost. Jericho gets a chair and goes to hit Test, but Test ducks and the chairshot inadvertantly hits Stacy. Test immediately goes to Stacy's aide as Jericho stands there in shock. Trainers and ref come down to help her, but she remains unconcious. The EMTs come down with a stretcher, as Jericho, now in the ring, continues to look shocked, screaming that it wasn't his fault. Eventually the refs force him to the back, as he screams that it wasn't his fault. Back at ringside, a neckbrace is put on Stacy as Test begins crying. Fade Out.


We come back as Stacy has been placed on a stretcher.


Earlier today, over at The World, Al Snow and the five Tough Enough finalists reminded everyone that you can go to ToughEnough.com to make the last cut before the crowning of the two newest WWE Superstars.


Back at ringside, Stacy is finally wheeled away.


In the back, Ric Flair pumps Batista up.


Tommy Dreamer vs. D'Lo Brown

-Tommy comes to the ring. D'Lo comes out, accompanied by none other than referee-turned-personality Teddy Long. Teddy says that, even though today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, do not look for D'Lo to be one of his disciples. Look where Dr. King's ideals got him. In today's society, a black man must take things upon himself. Notice how D'Lo Brown was excluded from the Royal Rumble, and how tonight he has to fight in one of the most destructive matches there is against Tommy Dreamer. Why? Because of The Man. Yet Tommy Dreamer was granted entrance into the Rumble, because of the color of his skin. So from now on, they will show everyone that it is time to get down with the brown. D'Lo takes the mic and says that he is "Free at last, free at last, free to cane a white boy's ass." D'Lo runs into the ring, but Tommy knocks his cane away and cracks him across the back. Outside, Tommy nails D'Lo, but smacks his cane against the ringpost and breaks it. D'Lo elbows Tommy and takes his cane and starts cracking Tommy with it. Back in the ring, D'Lo chokes Tommy with the cane. D'Lo cracks the cane across Tommy's back a few times, then goes back to choking him. Scoop slam onto the can 1-2-kickout. D'Lo smacks Dreamer in the knees a few times, then goes for a headshot, but Tommy blocks it and clotheslines D'Lo down. Tommy cracks it across D'Lo's back and legs, then across his chest. He places the cane over D'Lo's neck and hits a legdrop 1-2-shoulder up. Dreamer DDT. Tommy gets a new cane and goes second rope, but D'Lo hits him with a cane out of the air. D'Lo hits the Sky High 1-2-3! Fade Out.


Scott Steiner vs. Batista

-Steiner starts with a side headlock. Batista goes for a shoulder block, but it doesn't phase Steiner. Steiner goes for a shoulder block, but it doesn't phase Batista. The two men yell at each other, and then Steiner finally does knock Batista back a few steps and hits him into the corner. Overhead belly-belly by Steiner. Randy Orton runs in and hits Steiner from behind. Steiner backs him into the corner, when Flair starts attacking him. As the DQ bell rings, Flair hits a few chops, but Steiner knocks him down. Triple H now runs down and hits mounted punches on Steiner. All four men begin beating on Steiner, including Triple H's repeated punching of the held Steiner, which busts him open. Flair stomps on his groin while Orton stomps on his face. Batista and Orton hold Steiner, as Triple H goes back to punches in the face. Trips picks up Steiner and hits the Pedigree. End Show.

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Looks a bloody awfull Raw, Stiener will no doubt be pushed as the #1 face on the brand despite his abysmal showing at the Rumble and the crowd clearly rejecting him which will probaly be down to the amoubt of money and hype WWE have put into him, if RVD or Booker T had of turned out a preformace like Stiener did at the Rumble they would be burried on HeAt for the next few months and never given another shot.


Austin's return will prboaly pull in a good PPV buy rate and a few weeks good TV ratings but long term I doubt it'll have much of an effect unless the product changes dramtically and Austin isn't exactly willing to put guys over if he's not a friend or a fan of there work. I guess we'll see Steph claim Austin will sign for SD! leading to another contract signing segment, great fresh TV.

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Can anyone else smell a Jericho face turn?


Anyway, I think Stephanies announcement will be that the Rock will be returning to SD at No Way Out, if Austin and Rock were both returning there it would surely get a decent buy rate.

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Guest Anime Otaku
I hope the austin angle is a tease, although it is unlikely, if u wanna know why look at my other posts on the subject of his return
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Guest Jerichoholic

Positive thoughts


It looked like an average show. None of the matches looked too bad. Looks like a Jeff Hardy heel turn and a possible feud with RVD. And someone mentioned a Jericho face turn. That would be good, but I doubt it cos of his feud with HBK. The Austin annoucement was a bit of a bombshell cos I had my money on Austin never coming back. As for Steiner, i read on another report that he performed better on Raw than he did at the Rumble, hiding his weaknesses better. And it looks like the 4 horseman are going to be formed, which has been rumoured for some time yet.

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I"m surprised that Stone Cold was the surprise,i really thought that Bishoff was going to introduce Nathen Jones as his surprise and Steph would introduce Ryhno as her surprise,(or viceversa!)thats what i was expecting!Will Steph"s surprise be the Rock?it does look likely now!:)
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Guest The Crippler
What is the point in the Dudleyz winning the tag titles at the Rumble then dropping them the next night? The tag titles on Raw have changed far too often recently and it is doing nothing to help their value.
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Guest MillionLiraMan

I'm very sorry but I'm going to have to say Victoria's outfit! The jury has been out on whether she has appeal or whether she should be bracketed in the Chyna she-male category, but I think any negativity about her should now be blown out of the water because she looked damn hot! :) :D Even Stacy had a hard time eclipsing that one (but she still got my attention)!


How sad though that this was the best bit of the show and not the actual wrestling. I wonder where Jericho will go because his match with Test was, quite frankly, baffling. Probably there'll be a rematch at No Way Out before HBK at WM XIX, but I'm not sure why Stacy's getting hit with the chair led to Jericho being all apologetic, could he be about to turn face perhaps? Interesting.


Best match, shockingly, was probably RVD against Jeff Hardy (I never thought I'd say that!). Bischoff's announcement doesn't tell us anything concrete yet, for that to be a best moment on Raw they'll have to produce Austin I think.


*Thinks 'It's never too late for a cold shower'!*

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Guest Jerichoholic
The best match of the night was RVD vs Jeff, I quite enjoyed it. The Stacey getting knocked out with a chair angle was a bit daft but if something involves Jericho, I have to like it! The Austin annoucement got the crowd making noise, until Bischoff said he wont be back till No Way Out. The 4 horsemen being formed at the end was interesting, I hope WWE make something decent out of it.
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Guest Seabass

will Jeff Hardy turn Heel and will Jericho become a face... tune in next week!


the tag team match between The Dudley Boyz and Ragal + Storm (if it can be called that) p***ed me off- if your gonna switch belts at least have a full length match over it and what was the point of giving the dudleyz (a highly established tag team) the belts for one day if they are gonna lose it the next?


hey Teddy Long is back...well i mean in a non-referee role. remember when he was manager for what was the team name...Doom! (it had ron simmions and some other guy) in WCW. glad to see he's Black...I mean back :D


Stacy getting hit by the chair was a neat touch but dragged on for too long and Test, next time just don't bother doing fake tears... it's just so not...Kevin Nash! (for lack of better term)


Ultimate Warrior had a good match with RVD...oh whoops! i meant Jeff Hardy had a good match with RVD..okay so just because it was MOTN on raw dosen't make it a good match...but hey to be honest it wasn't crap


self note- download Metallica tomorrow and decide if you should get Jay-Z's album, the 8 mile Soundtrack and maybe T-A-T-U's one (okay enough plugging- Kazza and Virgin Megastore you know where to send the usual cash)


hate to admit it- but right now i'd see HHH as the perfect leader for the "New Age" Four Horseman (if it happens)... but that's only because he's the biggest heel on Raw. anyway i can't wait to see it happen. also i like Randy Orton as a heel, at first all those promos of his got on my nerves and i felt they wearn't that effective but now i'm gald i'm wrong as Randy looks (and sounds) like a effective heel.


you Guys can warn me about Nathan Jones's ringwork but personally i can't wait for his debut- his promos are getting me hyped up about it and also the "10 years in prison" thing is a neat touch. So is the place where he was transferred to/ moved away from (it begins with a B)

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is it me, or is D-lo getting whiter every time he steps through the curtain, when he was wrestling Dreamer there was hardly any difference in colour between the two.


Perhaps his next catchprase will be "Time to fight the white"

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