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Official SmackDown Thread/Best Bit Of Smackdown! (25/1/03)


Best Bit Of Smackdown?  

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  1. 1. Best Bit Of Smackdown?

    • Hogan Returning
    • Mattitude Segments
    • Taker's Return
    • Team Angle's Matches
    • Sean O'Haire Promo
    • Other (Please Specify By Replying)

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***Official SmackDown Thread 21/1/03***


Before we get to the show, Stephanie reminds us of her bombshell (and trust me, it WAS a bombshell) and says we’ll see the return of the Undertaker, TONIGHT.


#1: Chris Benoit def. Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin with a roll up. Good matt techniques. Team Angle used a new song for the only time this night. They also came out in jumpsuits that were pretty cool.


We get a Nathan Jones promo. Yippee.


John Cena & The Notorious D.O.G. (Mad Dog) come out and Cena wraps about B2, making fun of all of his former gimmicks.


#2: The Notorious D.O.G. def. B2 via submission with an armbar. Afterwards, Eddie & Chavo came out and made fun of Cena, making fun of his rapping. They made some funny remarks, like Chavo saying “Watch out, because Cena will bust a cap in your big butt.” Cena makes some racist remarks about the Guerreros mowing his lawn, so Eddie says they’ll get back at D.O.G. & Cena. Los Guerreros take out chains and hit the ring, as Cena & D.O.G. get out, and Cena sits on the announce table. Eventually, they get chased up the ramp, and the Guerreros proclaim that they are part of the Guerreros Lawn Mowing service, and Cena’s ass is grass. B2 leaves after all this (what the…?) and the Guerreros leave to a good pop.


We get clips of the RAW Tenth Anniversary Show, with Austin being named Superstar of the Decade, and the greatest RAW Moment in History, when Austin drove the beer truck out to the ring. It got a HUGE pop from the crowd, as most everyone remembered that that moment happened in Albany.


We see a RAW Live Calander promo, and Josh Matthews tries to interview Big Sahow. Big Show grabs him by the face, pats him, and walks of.


Matt Hardy Version 1 talks to Shannon Moore about how Shannon showed a bit of Mattitude when he helped Matt at the Rumble, but made one mistake: not being there to catch Matt when Brock F-5ed him out. He said he wanted Shannon to show some Mattitude to Nunzio tonight, as Shannon went to “get ready”, but actually went into the freakin’ ladies room. (Most everyone noticed this) Matt then encountered Nunzio about teaching Shannon a lesson in Mattitude, and Nunzio told a story about what he used to do to his cousin who kept shop lifting.


Chimmel reminds us of Steph’s announcement later tonight, and announces Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio.


The Extreme Blast of the Night is from last week, with Bill DeMott beating Rikishi.


#3: Rikishi def. Bill DeMott with a Bonzai Drop onto Bill’s chest/left arm. DeMott’s left arm was bandaged from the previous injury at the Rumble, and Rikishi wasn’t his usual self.


‘Taker was shown in the back and getting on his bike, and then they showed Ace ventura: When Nature Calls promos for UPN.


They showed outside the arena, and ‘Taker comes out. He cuts a promo and calls out Big Show to fight, and says one of them won’t walk out of the ring. Big Show comes out and says he’ld like to come out and kick Undertaker’s ass in Albany, New York, but he’s got another opponent for ‘Taker’s challenge.


#4: Undertaker def. A-Train with the Taking Care of Business (Dragon Sleeper). Two guys got into a fight over ‘Taker’s shirt when the match began, and were both ejected. A-Train kicked out of the Chokeslam, and ‘Taker kicked out of the A-Train Bomb/


#5: Edge def. Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Hass with the spear. Now that Team Angle used their original theme, they got made “You suck!” chants.


Chimmel plugged the merchandise, and t-shirts were fired into the crowd, and we got a Torrie/WWE Divas Undressed promo. What did we learn from this?: Torrie likes thong bikinis.


Angle yells at Team Angle backstage, and tells them to stay in the locker room and watch Angle beat Rey.


#6: Nunzio def. Shannon Moore with the Springboard Armbar takedown. Shannon had it won with a Moonstault, but went for the Twist of Fate and lost. After, Matt chased Shannon up the ramp, then went and shook hands with Nunzio.


We get a brief recap of Brock winning the Rumble, via pictures.


Cole introduces Lesnar, who comes out and talks about all his goals in life, and how he came to the WWE with a bag of goals, and his next one is to become WWE Champion once again by beating Kurt Angle at WrestleMania.


#7: Kurt Angle def. Rey Mysterio after Angle bounced Rey’s head off the corner when Rey was on his shoulder’s and rolled him up. Afterwards, Edge & Benoit came out, and Angle got hit with German Suplexes, a spear, and a 619, before the trio posed on the ramp and left.


Hogan’s music hit, and we all figured it was just a promo for his book, but popped anyways. Then, HULK HOGAN CAME OUT and the crowd went BALLISTIC. He came down to the ring and got a 10-15 minute ovation, no exaggeration. It beat out the ovation from the night after WrestleMania X-8. He was brought to tears after a while. He announced he signed a new contract, and that this may be his last WWE run, but he would make sure he did everything right. Vince McMahon came out and said that this bombshell was pathetic, and him and Hogan exchanged words, with Hogan saying Vince was the first WWE Superstar he wanted to face. Vince said he only answers to himself, not Hogan or the fans, and Hogan asked if Vince would answer to this, and Hogan punched out Vince. Hogan left and posed at the top of the ramp to a huge pop, and Vince asked us all if we liked seeing that after Hogan left. He said we liked watching Hogan crap on hin, so he was gonna crap on all of us. His last words were “This is the last World Wrestling Entertainment live event for this shitty city!” before leaving to huge heat. Chimmel then thanked us, and everyone basically left.


And that is it for the tapings. I’m pretty sure I got all the important stuff in there. If I left out anything, I’ll send it in tomorrow. The biggest pop had to go to Hogan, and heat to Team Angle. If you see a kid dressed as Hurricane on Thursday or Saturday, that’s me. A bunch of people were noticing, and some weird drunk dude even picked me up and said something like “I just took out Hurricane!”


Biggest Pops:

1. Hulk Hogan by far

2.Chris Benoit

3.Brock Lesnar


Biggest Heat:

1.Vince McMahon

2.Kurt Angle


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Seems like a fairly blah show, and tis very obvious the writers hav absolutely no idea what to do with 3/4 of the roster. Hogan v Vince will be amusing at Mania, and I'd imagine if they stay around for the duration we'll get Hogan v Austin, so again will be interesting. Whether it's any good who knows.
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Guest Jerichoholic
Oh god, Hulk Has-been is back. And The Undertaker is back too, looks like the younger stars are gonna be held down again. There goes any chance of Edge becoming champion this year.
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Well wrestling wise Benoit/Hass, Benjami/Edge and Rey/Angle all look very good, but the rest of the show looks pretty average.


If Hogan is kept working comedy angles with Vince McMahon in the undercard he'll be of use to the company as he tends to get a great reaction from the live crowds, but Hogan doesn't draw on PPV, TV or attendances as last year and the final 2 years of WCW showed, giving Hogan another singles push main eventing is a big mistake that WWE will probaly make.

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Hmmn. I'm a bit dissapointed that the bombshell was the return of Hogan (I would of prefered Rhyno/Kanyon) but the show doesn't look too bad really. Wrestling wise it looks good, and there was no more Dawn/Al/Torrie stuff, thank god.
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I get more worried seeing no Dawn/Al stuff in the spoilers because it means we see Torrie, Dawn and Al trying to do something that could be acting in 30 minutes of taped segments.
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Guest The Crippler
Looks like it could be Hogan v Vince at WrestleMania which will be rubbish. Other than that it seems an alright show. Don't like the thoughts of a Taker - Show feud.
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Sounds like an enjoyable show, right up until the end...


Why the hell does Hogan deserve yet another shot at being the main focus of WWE? His last shot in WWE bombed badly, and surely it kills the nostalgia factor when even the newest of new WWE will remember his last run.


The "Brock killing Hulkamania" angle is a lot more satisfying to me than "Hulk beats Vince, retires happily". If WWE wanted to use Hogan correctly, they could have at least done something simple, like Hogan coming out and giving Brock his dues, because no one has man-handled Hogan than way for 20 years yadda yadda.


But nooooo, we need a McMahon somewhere on TV, incase, God fobid, people start tuning in to see wrestling. So Vince will feed young superstar after young superstar to Hogan until WM, do the job and Hogan goes home with a fat, ill deserved pay cheque, or even worse, decides to stay on in WWE.


If Linda McMahon was hiring someone to run WWE, he'd have been fired last year. But because it's Hubby that's destroying the industry, and boring fans to death, everything's A-OK.


Bringing Hogan back last year did NOTHING to PPV buyrates and ratings over the course of a few months, so what makes McMahon think that the old, selfish piece of crap (This particular piece of crap is Hogan, although you're forgiven for losing track, due to the high volume of selfish pieces of crap involved in WWE right now) can still draw? How does Vince think fans act?


Fan 1- "Hey, did you see Hogan's back?"

Fan 2- "No, wow! Hey, I never watched his return last year when I had the opportunity, so I'll obviously do it this time! Now, to go on my website and appologise for criticising WWE before, because Vince has turned the company around!"


The whole thing is a slap in every WWE wrestler's face. Vince is saying "I don't think that anyone on my roster is capable of entertaining fans as much as Hulk Hogan".


Posing doesn't sell PPVs. Ripping shirts doesn't increase ratings. People tune into a wrestling show to see wrestling, not a wreck of a man, going on 60, thinking that he's in great physical shape.


Benoit, Angle, I hope you've enjoyed main eventing Smackdown! shows, because now you're back to regular shmucks, fighting in matches that Michael Cole won't be calling, because he's wondering what the repurcussions will be of Hogan's 20 minute interview before the match.

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Guest MillionLiraMan

I think Russ pretty much summed it all up there as well as anyone possibly could.


Hogan had his glory comeback last year, so what the Hell is he doing coming back again? So he's going to fight Vince now, and maybe retire after WM XIX. That, in principle, doesn't sound too horrific if they keep it as more of a comedy side-track thing and don't give it too much air time, or main event status over the Team Angle/ Brock/ Benoit/ Edge situation on SmackDown! at the moment...


However, we all know that won't be the case. Vince, for one thing, will want air time himself, and if there's one thing we can take for granted about Hogan it's that he'll want massive promos and as much TV time as he can get. The other thing we should assume is that no matter what his intentions may be of retiring at WM XIX (and no official word I've heard mentions anything of that nature), once he's had a few matches he'll want to keep going, and personally I don't think he'd agree to come back in any capacity without a title run. Vince is more than likely to give it to him as well, probably cutting short and ruining a number of storylines and pushes in order to accommodate the Sulkster's demands. After all, he deserves another go with the belt a lot more than some younger, harder working competitor who might have put in some serious effort for the company later than the 80s and who maybe isn't eligible for a free buspass.


For a long time many of us have wanted to see some fresh talent in there, a fresher title picture and some decent storylines with some continuity AND punch to them. Now, just when it looks like things are getting better with Team Angle, Brock's struggle, the possible elevation of Benoit, and the dwindling of the Dawn/ Torrie/ Al Wilson thing (an angle with too much continuity and no point to make), suddenly Hogan comes back and it's all gone wrong again. We don't need has-beens coming back, that's just going to make WWE look ridiculous having 60-year-old Hogan coming back and having the mainstay of the current crop of younger stars job to him so that he can satisfy his over-inflated ego with another undeserved title run.

Edited by MillionLiraMan
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Guest Rudi El Fire

Team Angle hands down; three fantasic >wrestling< matches, complete with clean non-standard finisher endings for all three (loved the finish to the Angle/Mysterio match particularly). Two of the other three matches on the show were enjoyable too.. Undertaker vs. A-Train was better than expected, the story around Nunzio vs. Shannon Moore and the match itself were great fun, only Rikishi vs. DeMott prevented a perfect six.


When the wrestling on a show is this good, fifteen minutes of Hogan standing in the ring doing his "wow you guys" expression can be overlooked.

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Bar the last segment, which was so boring its hard to put into words, it was an excellent show, with the main event highlighting it. Kurt vs. Rey was superb, welll timed spots, fast paced reversals, and the crowd was well into it. I'd go as far as saying this match was even better than their SummerSlam outing. The opener was also very good, with some excellent psycology. Shame the crowd was fairly quiet for it. Edge vs. Benjamin was another great, hot match, as pointed out above, I did like all the clean finishes to the matches on this episode.


The Matt/Shannon segments were funny, and Shannon vs. Nunzio was enjoyable enough. Taker vs. A-Train was far better than I had expected, although it still wasn't great. Rikishi vs. Demott was poor, but it was never going to be good in the first place.


The show was going great until the last segment. I for one am not happy to see Hogan back, along with his sluggish slow paced wrestling skills and holding down talent. The interview was incredibly boring, watching Hogan stand there, looking into the crowd for a good 10-15 minutes, and whereas it may be good to watch if you are at the arena, it sure as hell ain't if you are sitting at home watching on TV. Hogan vs. Vince is obviosuly being built up for Wrestlemania, and that will be abysmal most likely, unless they add some sort of stipulation, eg. Street Fight etc.


So overall bar the last 30 mins the first 90 mins of this show were packed with some fantasic wrestling and entertaining promos. Just a shame the last segment left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

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Guest Cactus Jack

I don't have Sky, but voted for Hogan's return.


BTW, during a segment on SD! did Shannon Moore accidently/on purpose walk into the female changing rooms/toilets after Matt had spoken to him? I'm sure I heard that somewhere.

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