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WWE WrestleMania 27 Discussion Thread - April 3, 2011 from Atlanta, GA


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World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: WrestleMania XXVII, LIVE on pay-per-view, on April 3 (special start time of 7/6c) from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.


The official theme song for WrestleMania XXVII is "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah (featuring Eric Turner) off of the album, "Disc-Overy".




Confirmed Matches/Events


The Rock To Serve As WrestleMania Host


No Holds Barred:

Triple H Vs. The Undertaker


WWE Championship:

The Miz © (with Alex Riley) Vs. John Cena


World Heavyweight Championship:

Edge © (with Christian) Vs. Alberto Del Rio (with Brodus Clay)


CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton


Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes


Special Referee- Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Jerry "The King" Lawler Vs. Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger)


6-Person Mixed Tag Match:

Snooki, Trish Stratus, & John Morrison Vs. LayCool & Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero)


8-Man Tag Match:

The Corre Vs. Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella, & Vladimir Kozlov


United States Championship:

Sheamus © Vs. Daniel Bryan


Keri Hilson To Perform "America The Beautiful" To Kick Off WrestleMania

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Guest Dogfingers

So then here we are. Thoughts:


You know I liked the Miz as champ, I really did. I don't mind that he wins through constant interference. I don't mind that he plays the vulnerable heel. I do mind that he just doesn't have that rapier wit that a lot of sucessfull heels have. His delivery is great and his mannerisms are good, but he just fails to be entertaining. He's pretty dull. He says his lines acts like a dick then pisses off. I don't see anything in him.


I was hoping for CM Punk v Cena, which would have been an absolute riot. Punk has assembled this evil genius persona and he's been nothing short of spectacular and it's a shame to waste him on Orton, who's offense can't manage to rally the crowd. A maniacle Punk vs kiddie friendly Cena would have been fantastic.


I would like to see the Edge vs Del Rio match become a triple threat with Christian involved. Edge and Christian have a lot of history to play off and it would have been a great payoff for a face Christian to take the title off a heel Edge on a one on one. Still, Christian has beef with Del Rio and this could well emerge into a well built three way.


The undercard has problems. A large part of me would really like to see the MITB nixed to make way for some well built feuds. Morrison needs elevation against someone, Daniel Bryan defending his title against Mysterio is a hell of a propersition and Corre will likely face 4 Smackdown stars in an 8 man tag. Kofi, Show and two other non-entities probably.


Any way, lets see.

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Daniel Bryan defending his title against Mysterio is a hell of a propersition

Looks like it'll be Sheamus judging from Raw.

and Corre will likely face 4 Smackdown stars in an 8 man tag.

More than likely be facing Nexus without Punk.

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Guest Dogfingers

I can't for one second believe they will do heel stable versus heel stable, especially given the lack of quality on both sides.


The Daniel Bryan match sounds good to me.


Im sure we'll get Big show/Mysterio/Kofi versus Barrett and co. Ezekiel and Bigshow has been teased.


Saying that we could end up with Mystero v Rhodes, which I wouldn't mind at all.

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Guest Kasabifan

Christian will probably be added to the Edge/Del Rio match.


Nothing to really be excited about tbh, Cole v Lawler is the only match I want to see.

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Guest Jayfunk
Is there going to be a MITB match, if so, christian to win cash it in to make the world title match a three way dance, after being refused to be in the match in the first place
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Guest Dogfingers

So here's the matches that are pretty much set in stone so far:


Miz v Cena


Taker v HHH


Orton v Punk


Edge v Del Rio


Lawler v Cole


Ok so that leaves us with around 5 more matches (Judging from there being around 10 in previous WM's), the folwoing 2 have been teased and are likely:


Daniel Bryan v Sheamus


Cody Rhoades v Rey Mysterio


Thats three left, one will undoubtedly be a womens scrap, the other two? I really can't see there being MITB this year, it doesn't make any sense considering a MITB PPV is scheduled for a couple of months after 'mania. This so far leaves quite a few superstars off the card.


Im pretty sure we'll see:


Corre vs Big Show, Vladimir Koslov and Santino?


Now one more match...so far, no Christian, no Morrison, no Kane, no Swagger, no Kofi


I love this season for wrestling.

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Guest mg.1993
I would have liked to see HHH vs Sheamus and Undertaker vs Kane seeing as they were the ones responsible for taking out their respective foes out in the first place. Edited by Kam
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Heard that if there's no MITB, there'll be a multi-multi-man match instead to give the wrestlers a match.
Yeah, they'll always try and get as many guys and girls on the card as they can.
They may bump the annual pre-show battle royal to the main card.
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Credit lords of pain.


Somebody has leaked details of the latest WWE creative meeting and said this is the current full WM card.


According to one source, here's what WWE has planned for WrestleMania 27 as of this week's creative meetings. Keep in mind things are always changing. Special Guest Host: The Rock WWE Title Match John Cena vs. The Miz World Heavyweight Title Match Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge


The Streak on the Line Triple H vs. The Undertaker


CM Punk vs. Randy Orton


John Morrison, Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus vs. Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool


Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Christian


Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes


Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole, Special Referee: Steve Austin Cole's trainer Jack Swagger will be in his corner.


WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus Gail Kim will be in Bryan's corner while The Bellas will be with Sheamus.


* Another undetermined Divas match will also take place. There will be no Money in the Bank this year.

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Guest Jamster26
Cheers Icon. Would be good to see Christian involved :) I was hoping that he might be added the Edge, Del Rio match but putting him against the Core, is fine by me.
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Guest Dante Spears
I can live with that but I'd really rather see Corre vs New Nexus in some sort of Free bird for the Tag Team titles.
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Guest The GS

Bella's in Sheamus' corner and Kane teaming with the good guys?


And is it just Vince on a laptop leaking these things out to the dirt sheets because you'd think they'd be able to keep that info private.

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