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Guest Tajiri

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From the Observer site:


-Probably the most talked about news item over the past few days was a story posted by Georgiann Makropolous on 1wrestling.com yesterday regarding the future plans of The Rock. Because the story was written by someone named "Jake T. Icon," who said he had spoken to Rock on the movie set of the movie with no name, where the anonymous writer worked as an extra. Most of the response to the story has been from people thinking it's not true or made up. I have no doubt the story is authentic and that Rock did say much if not all of what is attributed to him.


These were the key points of the story as Rock talked about for his wrestling future:

1) He has purchased the rights to use the name The Rock from WWE (no deal has been consummated, but Rock has talked in other interviews about this same subject and working on such a deal)

2) Goldberg recently showed up on the "Helldorado" set and talked with Rock and was introduced around (true, I'd heard that story a few days ago)

3) Rock will return as a heel (well, that's hardly a secret)

4) Rock will have his first match back at No Way Out against Hulk Hogan (as things stand right now, that is true and I'm expecting it to be announced this week)

4) The finish of the match will be Vince McMahon interfering, costing Hogan the match, and Rock being involved in it, going back to the Corporate Rock heel character (I don't know this, but it makes perfect sense since McMahon vs. Hogan is the plan for Mania)

5) Rock vs. Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania (that has been talked about a lot. As those who have followed the story closely know, it is Rock, more so than either McMahon or Goldberg, who wants that match. As of this morning, Goldberg has not signed with WWE. Until he does, this is more what Rock wants to have happen then what is planned)

6) Rock will leave wrestling after Mania. This is the major point of the story. I've heard those rumors, and given his schedule with so many movie projects being thrown at him, it is believable, but not confirmed. The story said Rock said he would return to wrestling at some point if and when the movie offers slow down and he'd have the time. (many have heard rumors, but Rock has not officially told WWE this, but also hasn't committed to anything past either March or April's PPV)

We'll have a lot more on this in the Observer.

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Call me crazy, but I don't think that's the kind of thing that you would tell to a stranger. I doubt if a guy asking The Rock for an autograph would get that much feedback from him, and if the guy really is an extra in the film, it's unlikely that he got enough time to bond with The Rock.


I'm sorry, I just don't buy this unofficial source. Most of it is either common knowledge (Rock to return as a heel, to fight Goldberg at WM), but stuff like giving away the finish of the No Way Out match and telling him that he's leaving wrestler...Nah, that's just not something that The Rock would give away for nothing.

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Guest The Crippler
Yeah I thought it was very very bizarre that The Rock is said to have went into great detail with regard to the outcome of a possible match at No Way Out.
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Guest Peter K

I agree with you all and personally, I think The Rock's love for the wrestling industry has worn out and would now prefer to be in movies BUT here're the REAL question.

What if Hollywood doesn't want The Rock anymore?

What can The Rock do if he doesn't make movies anymore? will he go down the route of a washed up star making B-grade lame movies?

Thats my thoughts on the issue.

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