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Guest Jamster26

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Guest Jamster26

Has there been any official word on this? Are the makers planning a second one?


I've been looking for a while but can't seen to find anything.


I thought the style was slightly sega megadrive, in the first one but the story mode was ok. :)

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Guest Clarkey

South Peak Games bought the license and released TNA Impact on the DS and PSP. But as far as I remember they only purchased it for that release so it is not likely. Well unless someone else pops up and buys a new license deal.


Edit: yeah so erm, what Mr Denton said. Be interested to see what they did with an Impact 2, but Southpeak hardly have a big pedigree. Two Worlds in particular was pants.

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Guest Clarkey
Hands on with TNA Impact! for iPhone and iPad

Grappling on the go


Product: TNA Impact! | Developer: Namco Bandai Games | Publisher: Namco Bandai Games | Genre: Action


Wrestling is one of those guilty pleasures that everybody denies enjoying, like daytime soap operas or Britain's Got Talent.


Few openly admit it, but the numbers of enthusiastic fans clearly show that wrestling is adored for its bone-headed action and cheesy out-of-the-ring drama.


It's exactly the stuff that TNA Impact! delivers, and precisely why it'll carry an audience hungry for such guilty pleasures on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Fan base


Eager to tap into the franchise's 3 million-strong following, TNA Impact! brings the league's brawlers into one game packing a single-player Career mode, one-off Exhibition, and full multiplayer handled via Game Center. When it comes to features, Namco Bandai Games is thankfully not skimping.


Modes are only one part of the gameplay equation. Controls and the range of possible moves will determine whether TNA Impact! is a blast, and on this front there are clear signs that much work needs to be done. While the basics are intact, the controls need to be tightened up.


A virtual analogue stick controls your wrestler's movement, while three action buttons - kick, punch, and grab - are tapped to engage your opponent. It's a simple setup, though one that could use fine-tuning.


Time for improvement


Pulling off signature moves like Ric Flair's crotch grab was difficult given the clunky controls. While it's important to recognise that a few minutes isn't enough time for mastery over the controls, but they felt slow and unresponsive.


By keeping the controls simple, the action feels awkward - it didn't feel like my wrestler responded quickly enough to my input.


Of course, there's plenty of time left for Namco to improve the game. The feature set is spot on and the visual style nicely meets expectations when it comes to the franchise. Graphical quality isn't outstanding, but given the range of devices on which the game is to be released it's understandable.


Hopefully these improvements are underway and will defy my initial impression when TNA Impact! hits iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad this spring.


Credit to Pocket Gamer.

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When was Flair in a TNA Impact game?


It would be VERY hard to do the testicular claw with Flair to my knowledge seen as, well, he wasn't in the game!


This article just screams ignorance of the sport and disinterest which is shocking journalism.


Aside from that though I do hope they take the base that the first game employed and advance upon it. The controls were a bit ropey, so was the A.I. and collision detection and it seemed a bit like a modern take on Attitude style games.


Hopefully though they get it right this time.

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Guest Jamster26
Huh, given all the of the stars in TNA now (RVD, Hogan, Flair, Hardy, Anderson), TNA should make a new impact game. It can only benefit them...
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Considering how awful the first game was plus the fact that all the assets of Midway's game (IE Engine, Animations) are now in the hands of THQ (They now own what used to be Midway's San Diego studio, which is why WWE All-Stars seems quite familiar to players of the original Impact game), Southpeak are starting behind the 8 ball on this.


It took Midway 3 years to make TNA Impact. True story.

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