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FWA announcement #2

Guest Pabster

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Guest Pabster



According to the FWA official site, the second announcement will be announced sometime after 6PM on their newsboard.


Keep all discussion about it in this thread. :)



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Guest ......cjr......

I so hope its going to be the ROH they join with, please please please god make it ROH.


Only another 26 mintes by my clock to find out, i cant wait

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Guest ......cjr......

o my god yes indeed it was the ROH seems intresting though read what it said if u already havent.



News from http://www.frontierwrestling.com


London, England.

The UK's Frontier Wrestling Alliance confirmed today

that their next show at London's prestigious York

Hall in Bethnal Green will be a joint show with US

indy promotion Ring of Honor.


The show takes place on Sunday 17th May and will

feature the cream of the FWA in matches with the cream of RoH.


Ring of Honor began a year ago and instantly their

shows have become some of the most sought after

videos in wrestling fandom today. FWA Heavyweight

Champion Christopher Daniels, and FWA stars Jody

Fleisch, Doug Williams, Jonny Storm and AJ Styles

have all competed there. Also making Ring of Honor

one of their homes are such independent stars as Low

Ki, Steve Corino, American Dragon and The Amazing Red.


The new FWA Director of Operations said: “With such

talent moving frequently back and forth across the

Atlantic it seemed an obvious move to one day promote

a joint show where UK fans would not only get to see

their favourite Ring of Honor stars live for the

first time but they could see them on the same bill

as their favourite British wrestling stars.”


Details of the card will be revealed over the coming

weeks. Stay tuned to http://www.frontierwrestling.com for

more news as it breaks but for now mark down Sunday

May 17th in your diary as no true wrestling fan will

want to be doing anything else that night



Sounds brilliant to me, i will be at that event for certain.

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Thats fabtastic news!wow,i didn"t dare hope it was going to be ROH and it is!!,i will definatly try and be there,only problem is with the Bethnal Green location,as i worry about walking round that area alone at night,but hey it really is great news and opens up loads of potentially excellent matches!:)
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WOnderful. Please watch as I contain my excitement at another bunch of americans coming over to steal the UK spotlight and job again to try and make the UK guys look good even though all focus is on the US guys. Wonderful. I see all the UK guys getting over now :roll


First they align themselves with Xtremelyshite Pro Wrestling and now this. Wonderful. Just move FWA over to the states for gods sake. Thats all it is. AN american fed with SOME UK guys. Brilliant. I'd rather go see the K-star show coming to Walsall.

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Guest ......cjr......

K Star, LOL ive seen backyard feds get bigger crowds than they do, lol.


How is this a bad move, we are going to see some of the best talent in the world. All here in the UK not over in the USA the UK. The FWA havent had this much talk eveolving around them in ages. Maybe XPW are abit shite, but the ROH how can u dare critisis the FWA teaming with them a bad deal i dont know.


The thing is the FWA are and will always be an UK wrestling company, no matter what, The fans like to see some USA guys over, e.g. Chris Daniels, Jerry Lynn, A.J Styles. Those 3 are pure amazing. If you have a problem with wretlers coming over at the standareds of those 3 u have a problem. Face it the FWA are on a role, the way its going a TV deal seems to be the next move on. I think this is brilliant news, only my opinion i guess, and ill stick to draven opinion but i dont agree with it. Thanks


Chris CJR

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Guest Adam Sibley

There you guys go spoiling one of my big announcements. I heard that this may be on the cards over the last few days but didn't want to jump the gun as it is the FWA's news.


But don't worry guys in FWA style announcement two of mine will come around the 9th / 10th of February


I wanted to be here to break the news at the same time as FWA but work commitments meant I couldn't get to a computer.


Don't worry guys as there is more big news to come.

Edited by Adam Sibley
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OK I see what you are saying and agree to an extent. And I'll be the first to praise Jerry Lynn, and to a lesser extent CHris Daniels, Low Ki and AJ. The only point I made was that the only UK guys anyone actually cares about are Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm and Doug Williams, and while putting them at the top of the card is smart and obviously the best thing to do, there is more talent there such as Scott Parker, Jack Xavier, James Tighe, who are as good as almost anyone yet won't get noticed if guys like AJ and Lynn are pushed over them in FWA.


Using them to put over the new guys is ok and maybe I should have reworded what I said, but I just don't agree with Williams, Storm and Fleisch always against the US guys, while these other talented guys are left behind.


In my opinion, get a little alternation. Put US guys against each other. I'd pay to see Daniels/AJ/Lynn over here, no questions asked. But as for Williams/Storm etc, why not use them to elevate even more UK talent. Williams v Tighe? Parker v Storm? Fleisch v Barker? Those matches we've seen before (Well, the last one anyway), but at least more guys are being elevated and the focus is more on the UK WRESTLERS as this after all is the UK WRESTLING SCENE. Thats all. And remember, if Williams, Storm and FLeisch make it huge in America or Japan, someone is gonna have to hold the pieces together over here while they are gone, and if you look at WWE, say if HHH, Austin, Booker T, Rock and all the big stars left, you wouldn't want to leave Funaki, Crash, Hardcore Holly and Rikishi to pick up the pieces, because no one would care, and the UK scene has the "Rocks and HHH's" of the UK so to speak, but no "Booker T's or Benoit's" to pick up the pieces, who people care about, only Funaki's and co. Confusing I know, and Im not comparing to ability, but how much they are exposed and how much people care.


I agree my first post was more pessimistic, but after careful reconsideration, this is what I've come up with. Again, I'm not going to be completely "Oh look, we're becoming american, this is fantastic, my dreams are coming true", but yeah, its good, ONLY AS LONG as it's handled right and can get more guys over.

Edited by DraVen
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Guest Rudi El Fire
At least this shows that the concerns of FWA's alliance with XPW alienating their relationship with other US promotions (especially ROH) haven't been realised. In fact, FWA working with both XPW and ROH without being caught foul of their Philly Pheud, is quite a feat of diplomacy, and more power to them.
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From what I heard. Rob Feinstein and Gabe Sapolski (ROH) were very unsure whether to go ahead with the deal due to FWAs relationship with Xtremely Poor Wrestling
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