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ECW DVD - which one to choose

Guest Popsi

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ive put this in here cos i dont know where else to put it



ok on play.com they've got a dvd sale on and they're selling off ECW dvds cheaper as well as the regular ones they have


the question is which one should i choose

here are the ones available

i dont know the quality of any so some help please ppl


ECW - Living Dangerously: Hard Hits

ECW - Heatwave: Hard Hits

ECW - Hardcore Heaven: Hard Hits

ECW - Houseparty '99

ECW - A Matter Of Respect 96

ECW - A Matter Of Respect 98

ECW - Anarchy Rulz '99

ECW - Anarchy Rulz 2000

ECW - Barely Legal '97

ECW - As Good As It Gets - this isnt out till march

ECW - Big Ass Extreme Bash

ECW - Born To Be Wired

ECW - Crossing The Line '99

ECW - Crossing The Line Again

ECW - Cyberslam '96

ECW - Cyberslam '98

ECW - Cyberslam '99 - again not out till march

ECW - Extreme Evolution

ECW - Extreme Warfare

ECW - Gangsta's Paradise

ECW - Guilty As Charged 2000

ECW - Guilty As Charged 2001

ECW - Guilty As Charged '99

ECW - Guilty As Charged: Hard Hits

ECW - Hardcore Heaven '95, 96, 97, 99, 2000 (5 seperate DVDs but couldnt be arsed to put all titles)

ECW - Heatwave '96, 98, 99 (as Above)

ECW - Holiday Hell 95,

ECW - Hostile City Showdown

ECW - Houseparty '96 , 98, 99

ECW - It Ain't Seinfeld

ECW - Living Dangerously '00,98,99

ECW - Massacre Of 34th Street

ECW - Massacre On Queens Boulevard

ECW - Natural Born Killaz

ECW - November To Remember, 95,96,97,98,99, 2000,

ECW - November To Remember: Hard Hits

ECW - Path Of Destruction

ECW - Terry Funks Wrestlefest

ECW - The Buffalo Invasion

ECW - The Doctor Is In

ECW - Wrestlepalooza '98


and also for everyones info they have many WWE and WWF dvds which have been reduced in price - the WWF ones in particular might be a good buy if you missed the silvervision sale


so what do ppl think can anyone even help me

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Guest Seabass
ECW - Massacre On Queens Boulevard just for the fact that not only does Shane Douglas burn bridges, he blows them up to the point their not rebuildible
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Path Of Destruction has a bit of everything.


However, for that "actual show" feel, Living Dangerously 99, Anarchy Rulz 99, Barely Legal and Cyberslam 96 all get the proverbial thumbs up.

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Guest Rudi El Fire

Ignore the Hard Hits titles, they're just small (hour long) sampler compilations. While they have some classic matches on, you're better off getting the actual PPV to get it in context.


So, out of the ones I've seen, I recommend;


Extreme Warfare - compilation of ECW TV from ECW's 1995(ish) peak. Originally presented as two videos, both volumes compiled here. Amongst other things, contains some fantastic matches, including a tag match between Terry Funk/Sandman and Shane Douglas/Cactus Jack , two matches between TPE and The Gangstas (including the one where the ring collapses during the post-match celebration), a fantastic barb wire match between Cactus Jack and The Sandman, a fancam of Sabu vs. Chris Jericho (great fun watching the lone cameraman sprinting around the ring trying to keep up with the combatants), a Scaffold match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee, a hot striptease Kimona Wannalaya (to make up for a long, boring, dreary catfight earlier on.. in general, I'm not into soft porn clogging up wrestling shows, but in this case you just have to respect the quality! :D )


Hardcore Heaven 2000 - I love this show, not a bum match on the card; a classic RVD/Lynn encounter, a truly brutal match as Tajiri goes mediaeval on Steve Corino, New Jack balcony dive#234b, a storming opener between Balls Mahoney and Masato Tanaka, the battle of the Impact Players, the... oh, just buy the damn thing! Go on!


Anarchy Rulz 99 - Truly incredible 3-way between Taz, Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka (though mostly Awesome and Tanaka), a scary match between Sabu and Justin Credible, a technical opener between Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn which I'm personally not a fan of, though everyone else raves about it, and overall a well booked, solid example of what ECW is.


Cyberslam '96 - One of the best angles ever as Brian F'n Pillman debuts at the ECW arena and fantastic matches between Sabu and Scorpio and Cactus Jack and Shane Douglas. Hurt by poor video quality and lighting, and some clumsy edits (I'm actually quietly pleased that one such edit spared us most of the Buh Buh Ray/Mr. Hughes match, though annoyed Catus' "just attended a wedding" speech has also been cut.


Heatwave 98 - Sabu and RVD vs. Hayabusa and Jinsei Shinzaki! Tanaka vs. Awesome! Candido vs. Storm! Yeah, baby!


One warning.. on DVDs that were released after about October 2000 (when ECW's bouncing cheques started really coming home to roost), they found they could no longer afford the licences for a lot of the entrance music, so horrible generic copyright-free music and the "This Is Extreme" theme music is dubbed on instead. On some shows, it's a minor irritation; on others (eg. November To Remember 2000) an utter pain. Of those mentioned above, only Extreme Warfare is affected (but DEFINITELY don't let that put you off that one, it's still a belter!)

Edited by Rudi El Fire
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I actueally think most ECW dvd's are worth the 11.99 on Play.com but my recommendation is heatwave '98 also then WrestlePlzooa 97


If you watch closely at the Taz Vs Bam Bam Match, Bam is actueally try to graps the ropes not tap when on the outside


And the bonus is at the end let it play on a bit and there is a extra match from November to Rember I cant rember which year but its on there


Any thing from 1997 is the best in my opinon the ECW invasion of the WWF is featured on many from 1997 2 or 3 dvds I think


On wrestleplooza 97 (Not availble on region 2) Jerry Lawler invades and on Hardcore Heaven 97 Dreamer Vs Jerry Lawler

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