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***Official Raw Report (3/2/02)***


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We start with Eric Bischoff in the back on the phone in Washington D.C., talking to Chief Morley at the arena. Unfortunately, I'm getting the Spanish dubbing instead of the English, so I can't quite figure out what is going on, other than that they are having phone troubles. Que mala suerte.


The Raw music video plays, the pyros explode, and we are LIVE from Washington DC! Tonight, Scott Steiner will face Chris Jericho, with the winner facing Triple H at No Way Out. By the way, the audio problems seem to have been fixed.


Test and Stacy come out, Stacy looking just fine and dandy after Jericho's chairshot two weeks ago. She thanks everyone for their support, but she is just trying to put the incident behind her. Being hit was an accident, but she needs to be more careful at ringside. She's trying to be better, but she would have liked if Jericho had just appologized.


Test takes the mic and says that, while Stacy is very forgiving, he is not. So either Jericho comes out and appologizes, or he will go to the back and beat the appology out of Jericho.


The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes the Ayatollah, the Living Legend, the King of the World, Chris Jericho. Jericho stands on the ramp and says that enough is enough. He already said he feels terrible about what happened, but he has more important issues at hand. He has a #1 Contender's Match with Steiner. After he wins that, he'll win the Title at No Way Out, and fufill his destiny by going to WrestleMania as the World Champion. So he drilled Stacy in the head with a chair. He's gotten over it, and he suggests Test do so as well.


Test gives Jericho five seconds to appologize. He fast counts to five, only to be taken out from behind by Christian. Christian beats Test down and then sees Stacy. He stares at her, then turns to Test, who explodes up with a clothesline. Test grabs Christian by the throat and slams him into the mat repeatedly. He rams Christian shoulder-first into the ringpost. Test goes back to Stacy and helps her up.


In the back, Kane enters what is now Chief Morley's office, only to find Rob Van Dam. They find out that Morley wanted to see them both. RVD asks why Kane left him last week. Kane says he had to leave because they took his mask. Van Dam asks if he's like Spiderman and needs his mask to fight. Kane says Van Dam doesn't know him, and that he can't always be cool like RVD.


Morley comes in and breaks them up. He says that, since he's in charge, he wants the best television he can have. And as such, he wants to see Kane vs. RVD tonight.


JR talks about the technical difficulties earlier when the audio was in Spanish. Here is what happened: Bischoff is in Texas, on his way to Stone Cold's house where he guarantees he will sign, seal, and deliver Austin to Raw tonight!


As we return, Test and Stacy go to their car to leave, so Stacy can be out of harm's way.


-The Dudley Boyz vs. Three Minute Warning

In the arena, the D-Bombs drop and BuhBuh and D-Von come out. Then Three Minute Warning.


Chief Morley comes out and says that there isn't a referee in the ring for a reason. Since he is in charge, he has decided to appoint a special referee: Rico!


Three Minute Warning take the interlude as opportunity to attack the Dudleys from behind. Rosie kicks BuhBuh down and goes to the top rope, where he goes for a split-legged moonsault, but BuhBuh rolls away in time. Jamal pounds D-Von into the corner, but BuhBuh comes over and lifts him up, allowing D-Von to hit the Dudley Device. BuhBuh pins, but Rico slow counts to two.


The Dudleys set Rosie for a 3D, but Jamal sneaks behind and rolls BuhBuh up, using the ropes while Rico fast counts 1-2-3!


BuhBuh and D-Von complain about the ruling, then attack Rico. They go back to attacking Rosie and Jamal, as Spike runs down. Spike gets a table while BuhBuh clotheslines Jamal. Acid Drop to Jamal, then D-Von clotheslines Rosie out of the ring. D-Von sets up the table as BuhBuh tosses Spike onto Three Minute Warning outside. D-Von picks up Rico and gives him to BuhBuh, who BuhBuh Bombs him through the table.


Out in Texas, Bischoff talks to Morley as his driver is trying to find Austin's house on a map. Bischoff says he'll take care of Austin, so Morley just has to take care of Raw.


Tommy Dreamer comes out with his cane, but as Lillian starts to announce his opponent, Triple H, Flair, Batista, and Orton come out. Triple H is using a crutch to walk, because of his bruise. Dreamer tries to fend them off with the cane, but Batista clothesliens him down and Orton starts stomping away. He whips Dreamer into a Batista spinebuster. They hold Dreamer as Flair punches away on him. They toss Dreamer from the ring.


Today marks the beginning of a new era. In this business, everything evolves, and this is the greatest example ever created. Ric Flair, 16-time World Champion, the greatest wrestler of all time, a living legend. Flair has beaten them all, and done it with a class and style like no one else.


All of the things Flair represents, Triple H is today. He has put all those attributes into a body that every man wishes he had, and every woman wishes she was with. Top it off with a mind made for this business and you get the World Heavyweight Champion. He is the diamond of this business.


But evolution always continues, and you have to look at the future. Dave Batista, 325 pounds of unbridled destruction. In a war, when all seems lost, you take out your biggest gun and blow them all away.


Randy Orton, the business in his blood. He has every gift a man can be given. Raw genetic talent. Orton is the coal that will be sqeezed into the next diamond.


In life, everything happens for a reason. That's the natural process of evolution. If you don't have what it takes, you will be left behind. If you wake up in a hospital bed wondering what the hell happened, there is one answer: evolution has passed you by.


In the back, Terri asks if Steiner is physically ready for his match against Christ Jericho after two straight weeks of being beaten by Triple H's group. Steiner merely flexes and says he'll take care of business the way he always does. We cut to Triple H and company in a skybox, looking out at the TitanTron and the ring, having a party.


Out in Texas, Bischoff gets out of the limo with a smile on his face and starts walks up to Stone Cold's house. He knocks on the door, but some guy opens the door. Bischoff says he's here to see Austin, but the man says Austin isn't here. He's at the Longhorn Saloon, where he is looking forward to meeting with Bischoff.


-Victoria vs. Molly Holly

Victoria blocks a kick, but Molly takes her down with an armdrag and an armbar for a two count. Victoria locks in a Full Nelson, but Molly hits a shoulder block, then a hiptoss and an armdrag, then another. Back elbow by Victoria, then a twisting sidewalk slam 1-2-shoulder up. Two clotheslines by Victoria 1-2-shoulder up.


Hairtoss by Victoria, then a stalled vertical suplex 1-2-kickout. Victoria lifts Molly up, but Molly goes over her back and starts chopping away. Molly goes for a handspring elbow, but Victoria clotheslines her down. She locks Molly on her back and drops for her finisher 1-2-3!


Just like last week, Jazz runs down and starts beating up on Molly. She hits a DDT, then shoves Victoria down. Jazz pushes Victoria out of the way, then DDTs Molly again. Victoria backs out of the ring.


In the back, Booker is pumped for his Tag Title shot. Goldust mellowly asks Booker why he is going to spend the rest of his career chasing the tag titles. He can do better. Tonight, if they win, great. But if they lose, they need to part ways and Booker needs to go onto bigger things. Booker consents, but says that won't matter because they're going to win their Titles.


As we return, Triple H and company are still in their press box, with Flair and Triple H toasting each other.


WWE World Tag Team Championship

-William Regal and Lance Storm © vs. Booker T and Goldust

In the arena, Booker T and Goldust come out to try, apparently for the last time, to get Tag Gold once more. Regal and Storm come out, with their respective flags. Nick Patrick comes downto check them for brass knuckles, but they pass clean.


Goldust and Storm start off, with Goldust locking in an armbar, then punching away. He uppercuts Storm, then tags in Booker. Booker chops away on Storm, but Lance catches him with a Russian legsweep. Clothesline by Booker 1-2-kickout. Jawbreaker by Storm, who tags in Regal.


Regal with uppercuts and a snapmare. Shoulder block by Regal, but Booker hits a flying forearm. Reverse thrust kick by Booker 1-2-kickout. Tag to Goldust, who goes second rope for a leaping club. Elbow drop by Goldust 1-2-shoulder up.


Back elbow by Regal, who tags in Storm. Goldust catches Storm with an armdrag, but Regal catches him with a knee to the back. Storm clotheslines him down and tags in Regal. Knee drop by Regal 1-2-kickout.


Snapmare by Regal and a quick two count. Tag back to Storm, who hits a leg drop for another two count. Goldust punches up, but Storm clubs him. Goldust stops short of Storm's dropkick and slams him down. Goldust crawls to the corner, but Regal goes around and pulls Booker off the apron.


Storm dropkicks Booker off the apron again, but it allows Goldust to take him down. Slam to Storm. Thump to Regal. Powerslam to Storm 1-2-broken by Regal. Booker comes in and takes out Regal. Goldust goes for Storm, who ducks, causing Goldust to accidentally knock Booker out of the ring. Storm catches Goldust with a Superkick 1-2-3!


After the match, Booker gets a mic and calls Goldust back into the ring. They have nothing to be ashamed about. This isn't his fault. It's neither of their faults. They had one hell of a run, and if Goldust still wants him to go, he will. But he enjoyed each and every second they have been together. They embrace and stand for their applause.


Over at the Longhorn Saloon, Eric Bischoff looks for Stone Cold Steve Austin. He orders a martini, causing him to be laughed at. He gets a beer and asks for Austin. They say he was there earlier looking for Bischoff. They say he went down to the Silver Dollar Arkie Blue. Bischoff pays with a hundred and tells them to keep the change as he walks out.


-Kane vs. Rob Van Dam

In the arena, Kane comes out, followed by his usual tag team partner Rob Van Dam, but now they are facing each other. Van Dam comes out and does his thumb-point, but Kane clotheslines him down and looks for an early pin, but only gets a two count. Van Dam comes back and hits the split-legged moonsault, but only gets two.


Kane catches Van Dam and slams him down for another two count. Kane goes for a press slam, but Van Dam floats over and dropkicks Kane in the knees. Van Dam hits a flying side kick, but Kane rolls out before he can hit Rolling Thunder. Van Dam baseball slides Kane, then leaps over the ropes and onto Kane.


On the outside, Kane clotheslines Van Dam down. Back inside, Kane hits a sidewalk slam 1-2-shoulder up. Van Dam fights back, but Kane catches him in a choke. Van Dam boots out of the hold, then hits a mule kick. Rolling Thunder by Van Dam 1-2-shoulder up.


Kane sits up and boots Van Dam down. Kane goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. Kane goes to pin, but the ref pushes him back as Van Dam is complaining of pain. Van Dam suddenly kicks up at Kane and knocks him down. He goes up top, but Jeff Hardy runs down and knocks RVD off the ringpost. Hardy comes inside and punches Kane, causing Kane to chokeslam him as the DQ bell is rung. Van Dam comes back and hits Jeff with the Five Star.


In the back, Booker is looking for Goldust, when he is told that Goldust has gone back to the hotel.


As we come back, Jeff Hardy is still down in the ring after having been chokeslammed and Five Starred. Moans fill the arena as Shawn Michaels comes out and into the ring.


His original plan was to address Chris Jericho, but he is busy with his match. So instead, he is going to give Jeff some free advice. He knows where Jeff is coming from. He's conflicted, angry, confused. He's hot at the world. Michaels has been there and done that. But his real problem is wasted potential. Jeff is at a crossroads in his career, and this is decision time. Fifteen years ago, Michaels had to make a decision, and he decided to kick his partner in the face and throw him through a window. No one liked that decision when he made it, but look at him now. Jeff has to make that decision.


Jeff takes the mic and says that there isn't enough time to describe who Jeff Hardy is. But his decision is to start kicking ass around this place, and he's going to start with Michaels. He runs at Michaels, but HBK just nails him with Sweet Chin Music.


-Maven vs. D'Lo Brown

D'Lo starts with a side headlock, then a shoulder block. Maven comes back with an armdrag and his own headlock. Maven trips up D'Lo and applies a headlock. D'Lo gets a headscissors, but Maven goes back to the headlock. D'Lo rolls back and pins Maven 1-2-shoulder up.


Low knee by D'Lo, then clubs to the back and a backbreaker 1-2-shoulder up. Clubs by D'Lo, but Maven boots him down. Forearms by Maven, then a clothesline. Spinning heel kick by Maven 1-2-kickout. School boy by Maven 1-2-kickout. Backslide by Maven 1-2-kickout. Maven goes second rope and hits a flying bulldog 1-2-kickout.


Maven now goes to the top rope and leaps for a missile dropkick, but D'Lo sidesteps him. Maven stumbles up and D'Lo hits the Fade To Black 1-2-3!


Teddy Long comes in and announces D'Lo as victorious once again. For as long as D'Lo and Teddy have teamed up, they are undefeated, and it is going to stay that way. Teddy tries to get a "Down with the brown" chant going, but the fans aren't into it.


Over at Triple H's skybox, Trips tells Orton and Batista that Steiner vs. Jericho is up next. Orton and Batista say they know what to do.


Back in Texas, Bischoff pulls up at Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar.


Over at the Silver Dollar, Bischoff asks for Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the bartender says she hasn't seen him, so he must have slipped out. Bischoff goes to walk out, but two kids are laughing at him. Bischoff asks what's so funny. The kid says that Austin isn't here, which means Bischoff won't sign him, which means Vince is going to fire him. Bischoff smashes him with a glass and says that it's a good thing Austin isn't here, because he'd get the same thing. Screw Stone Cold and screw Texas.


In the back, Orton asks a dejected Goldust if he has seen Steiner. Goldust doesn't answer, so Orton starts beating on him. Orton whips him into a wall, then holds him as Batista beats on him. Orton smashes him into an electrical box, which starts sparking and smoking. Goldust drops to the floor as officials spray fire extinguishers and call for EMTs.


#1 Contender's Match

-Scott Steiner vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho and Steiner come out and they have music and fancy videos and all that jazz. When Steiner gets in the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle and points to Triple H and Flair in their skybox.


They lock up, and Steiner tosses Jericho away. They lock up again, and Jericho floats over Steiner and rolls him up for a two count. Steiner rams Jericho into the corner and punches away. Jericho pokes him in the eye and chokes. Steiner takes him into the corner and chops away, then clubs onto his back. Steiner press slams Jericho, then stomps him in the face. Clubs by Steiner, then a clothesline. Elbow drop by Steiner, who decides to do push-ups instead of pinning.


Steiner tries to suplex Jericho, but Jericho grabs Hebner for a block. He knees Steiner in the kidneys, then knocks him out of the ring. On the outside, Jericho whips Steiner into the stairs. Back in the ring, Jericho drives his knee into Steiner's back and wrenches. Steiner reverses the hold, blocks a Lou Thesz Press, and slams Jericho down.


Back bodydrop by Steiner, then a clothesline. Steiner catches Jericho and hits a belly-belly. Jericho flips over Steiner and looks for the Walls, but Steiner twists Jericho around with his legs. Powerbomb by Steiner 1-2-kickout!


Big boot by Jericho. Jericho rolls Steiner up and uses the ropes, but still only gets a two count. Jericho takes Steiner down and flips him over, applying the Walls of Jericho! Steiner crawls to the ropes, forcing Jericho to break the hold. Jericho lunges, but Steiner back bodydrops him over the ropes. Jericho grabs the ropes and lands on the apron, then guillotines Steiner. Jericho goes up top, only for Steiner to 'buckle him. Steiner goes up and hits a Super Samoan Drop 1-2-3! Steiner wins himself a rematch against Triple H at No Way Out.


In the back, Chief Morley is on the phone with Bischoff updating him about Raw. He starts to tell Bischoff about what happened, when Vince McMahon comes in. Vince says he's doing well, but it doesn't look like Morley and Bischoff are. Vince reminds Morley that the most valuable commodity is time, and Morley and Bischoff are running out. Vince says that if he is not pleased, then next week, he will call Morley and Bischoff down to the ring and say those famous words: "You're fired."

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Sounds like the usual bog standard shit we have been seeing for nearly a year now, No Way Out is shaping up to be a dreadful event, with Hogan/Rock and HHH/Steiner headling it.
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I'm shocked to see that WWE is rehashing the "Owner Looks For Austin In Texas" angle. Everyone remembers when Vince, Brisco and Patterson went looking for him. Anyway, it was a horrible way to build up interest in Austin. The people who knew Austin wasn't going to show on TV would hate the segment, and those who did believe he would show would not be happy when he didn't appear.


I had to laugh at the 5 Minutes Of Spanish. I wonder if it'll make the UK edition of Raw, or will we have an ammended version? Knowing WWE, we'll probably have 5 minutes of silence with no explaination.


If Jericho got a watchable match out of Steiner, I'll be shocked. Well, at least we get to "enjoy" HHH Vs Steiner, part 2.


Is the Jericho/HBK feud dead already? Jericho Vs Test and HBK Vs Jeff look likely for NWO, and it's a shame WWE couldn't make more of the feud.


Talking of ruining feuds, Booker T and Goldust's amicable split is just beyond stupid. Goldust should have turned heel and feuded with Booker, with the latter going over. There's far too much chemistry and history between the two to just say "Oh well, let's split, cheerio".


I'm stunned every time I see D-Lo pick up another win. I was so sure that his days in WWE were numbered. He's been kept off TV, jobbed to nearly everyone on HeAt, turned into a colour commentator and we all remember Lo-Down. I think something big must have happened backstage, whether it be Droz having a word with management that D-Lo is forgiven, or something else. But you don't just go from jobbing to Johnny Stamboli on HeAt to picking up wins on the 2nd last match of the night.


Everything else on the show sounds pretty rotten. The last thing you at the end of a TV show is someone saying it was awful. Things like that stick in viewers minds, and makes them think the same. This whole Bischoff Will Be Fired angle will most likely end up with Bischoff still owning Raw, because Shane's not expected back on WWE TV full time, and Bischoff's whole gimmick is that he plays an owner. He's not the kind of guy that could adapt to a manager role, methinks.


Just a side note: Evolution is (kinda) the opposite of Degeneration. Funny that, seeing as how people cared about DX, and HHH's new stable is the opposite...

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Guest Jerichoholic
Originally posted by Peter

Sounds like the usual bog standard shit we have been seeing for nearly a year now, No Way Out is shaping up to be a dreadful event, with Hogan/Rock and HHH/Steiner headling it.


Jeez, how positive! Ok, so Raw doesn't look as good as last week. But consistency is one of WWE's weak points, especially when they are struggling. I still think NWO could be a decent event. But I must admit the thought of another HHH/Steiner match makes me shudder. Thats a major problem, Steiner is being pushed as the top face on Raw but he cant wrestle a decent match anymore and people are starting to boo him. Perhaps Booker T's split with Goldust could see a singles push for him, which is something people want to see.

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Guest Seabass
Originally posted by Russ

Is the Jericho/HBK feud dead already? Jericho Vs Test and HBK Vs Jeff look likely for NWO, and it's a shame WWE couldn't make more of the feud.



(Rajah) has a theroy that they are saving the HBK/Jericho feud till wrestlemania and by doing that they giving HBK and Jericho mini feuds till that time (Jericho Vs Test and HBK Vs Jeff)

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I really do hope they don't make the mistake of doing a Jeff/HBK NWO match, at least with Test/Jericho Jericho could probably carry Test to something decent, but HBK vs. Jeff Hardy would be abysmal, Jeff is getting sloppier and more careless by the week and HBK isn't exactly a great worker these days.
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Well Raw's ratings dropped to 3.4 way down from the last two weeks 4.1 and that was with no strong competition since Football has finished, so its look like the casual fans who switched back due to the Austin Return interest have switched back off again seeing nothing has changed from when they last watched.
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Guest The Crippler
I thought it was pretty obvious they are going to save Jericho and HBK for WrestleMania. Nice to see Booker is going to be back in the singles hunt. Seems like an average show to me.
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Guest Seabass
next week- the glass shatters... oh man! i really do hope it happens (stone cold retuning that is not an actual window sattering...though that would be more intresting then most of thepromos on raw)
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