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Guest Will O the Wisp

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Guest Will O the Wisp

I think I saw one of these threads on here before, but lets be honest. Many of the threads on here are repeats.


Sometimes we can get caught up in the technicalities of wrestling when deciding what is "good." This is the place to let that go. What are some of the things you enjoy in wrestling that perhaps you shouldn't. For instance:


Old Skool, roid ridden, VKM is one of my favorite characters of all time in wrestling.

I think William Regal was SEVERELY underrated his entire WWE career.

When I was a child I used to mark out like crazy for Buff Bagwell.

Bam Bam Bigelow was the biggest bad a$$ of all time to me simply because his scalp was tattooed.

Kozlov entertained me for the longest time. (Longer then most it seems.) His redundant headbutts are just now starting to get stale.

I watch NXT, Superstars, and Smackdown religiously. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw Raw.

I think Cena is a great on the mic and really admire him as an individual.

I regularly fantasize about what my entrance music would be and how I would enter the ring. (I have never had wrestling class in my life.)


So there is a start. Let's here what you got.

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Guest Jimmy Redman
Women in general, probably is the main one, now they're out of fashion again. I just love Divas, I love Divas matches.
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Guest Jimmy Redman

Raw comedy.


Now, dont get it twisted, I dont mean the bad stuff. And when its bad, its terrible. But its not all bad. People like to lump it all into one as one of those things that we're supposed to all hate about WWE, "Argh stupid Raw comedy skits~~!", but its not all bad. And I would hate a world without comedy and light entertainment on Raw. Its one of the things that Raw is supposed to be about, that sets it apart from Smackdown and every other show, and its just not always a bad thing.


Santino? SANTINO?


Charlie Haas as Beth Phoenix?

The Rock?

"I've been to Hell and I didnt see your Chokeslam anywhere"?

Mickie James and her cardboard belt?

The MNF skit? ("You may not realise this Shelton, but you're an African American.")

Eugene and Hunter in the bouncing castle office?

Musical Chairs?

Bob Barker and Chris Jericho?

R-Truth and Little Jimmy?


And whatever the hell else I've forgotten about in 8 years. There has been so much awesome, and I wouldnt trade all that away for any amount of Serious Wrestling Business. That aint Raw.

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Guest Beefhead


Regal and his servant Tajiri

Tank Abbot

Evan Karagious


3 Count


Too Cool w/Rikishi

3 Minute Warning

Mighty Molly

Crash Holly


Scott Norton


The Blacktop Bully


Hugh Morris

Misfits In Action

The Mexicools


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Guest BratSan


3 Count

Too Cool w/Rikishi (For their dance moves :lol)

Team Extreme

Brothers of Destruction

DX (Full Stable)


The Brood

The People's Eyebrow :devil



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"I've been to Hell and I didnt see your Chokeslam anywhere"?
Wasn't it "... and I haven't seen your clothesline anywhere" said by Kane to JBL?


My guilty pleasures include(d) -:



The Wall

Van Hammer

The Oddities

The Dead Pool (Vampiro, Raven and ICP)

Disco Inferno

Sgt. Craig Pitman

The New Midnight Express (Bart Gunn & Bob Holly)

The Smoking Gunns

Bastian Booger

Adam Bomb

Men on a Mission


Jack Swagger


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Guest Keegan

R-Truth's current stuff is hilarious. Away from the WWE, I can't get enough of Human Tornado and Chuck Taylor. They're both brilliant.


Dr D Schultz's San Francisco/Hulk Hogan become a favourite of mine and my best friend's and he's not even a wrestling fan. Same goes for Booker T calling Hogan a you-know-what. Going back to Dr. D, the unflappable Mean Gene, er, flapping also rounds the segment off superbly.


Booker T and Goldust. Plus, Booker singing 'I'm just a Booker T' to Shawn's entrance theme and cracking X-Pac and Nash up, not to mention himself, in the process.


Demolition were my favourite tag team as a kid and they still are. And their theme song officially owns in my book.


The nWo tie-dye t-shirt.


There's a segment from 1999 that I cannot find on YouTube: Just before the Helmsley/McMahon Era started, Triple H had a backstage segment literally dripping with sexual innuendo, all directed at Stephanie after the fantastic wedding video, which is also one of my favourite moments from the Attitude Era. It was mainly hilarious because X-Pac could not keep a straight face throughout the whole thing and was in kinks.


Paul London along with Danielson in a glorious PWG segment that can be found on YouTube in which London's stories about dolphins, pods and swarms has Mr. Danielson - and myself - creasing with laughter.


I like Psycho Sid and see nothing wrong with him being handed 2 WWF title reigns less than 3 months apart. Sure, he had a poor attitude and couldn't work but so what?


Recently, I've realised how good Doink The Clown was as a heel and have been watching his matches online. I reckon they could've done a lot more with him.


Randy and Liz reuniting at WM7 is my all-time single, favourite moment in Wrestlemania history. The only thing that comes close is the finish to Shawn/Flair and Eddie with Benoit at WM20. Then, Flair had to come out of retirement and we know what Chris did so it has to go Randy and Liz, even if they were to get divorced not that long after...


I must confess I wish WCW had done more Spring Breaks. The set they had for the annual show is the greatest I've ever seenand I've searched for more clips there. Glad WCW went out in Panama City because that little arena was nothing short of amazing.




E-Wrestling. Done it on and off for a decade and was too busy looking for a fed to join when I should've been studying for my GCSEs. If only I'd done as much through school, college and university as I had, in terms of writing and effort, then I might actually have done well. Instead, I'm still doing it today and in love with the hobby even if the time is nearly night to leave and actually do something productive with my life at long, long last.


Oh, and I spoke about it on radio for a 3-month period on a Saturday night. Not that I was alone. I'd like to thank those from TWOStars who came on to talk with me, Ernie, Chris, Jorden and Jesse. You know who you are.

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