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FWA: New Frontiers

Dead Crow

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In true TWO style, here's the UKFF c&p'ed list of results and news from "Steveweiser"...




Here's yer shiz without having to wade through opinions...



Raj Ghosh b. Chris Justice

JX b. Duke Of Danger, Hade Vansen & James Tighe



Nikita b. Paul Travell

FWA TAG TEAM TITLES MATCH: Alex Shane/Ulf Herman © b. Flash Barker/Mark Sloan

30 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Doug Williams b. Jerry Lynn by 3 falls to 2



Pat Roach was announced as the new Director Of Operations, he unveiled Dino Scarlo and Justin Richards as his assistants

Duke Of Danger's fourth man was Simmons, but Justin Richards said it was his decison and put JX (Jack Xavier) in the match, Paul Birchill ran in and attacked everyone, finally Duke Of Danger who thought Birchill was interfering for him, gave Birchill the £10,000 match fee, but Birchill attacked DOD and ripped the cheque up

Robbie Brookside and Zebra Kid were both shown red cards for attacking the referee during their out of ring brawl which got too out of hand

As a result of the previous match not producing a winner, Jonny Storm is now assured a place in the final of the XPW European Title tournament at Crunch

Justin Richards barred The Family from ringside for Nikita/Travell, but Ian Di Sciple came down during the match, prepared a fireball for Nikita but (supposedly) hit Travell instead

Before the Tag Titles match, an audio promo aired for Ian "The Machine" Freeman, who will make his FWA debut soon

Dino Scarlo ran in during the Tag Titles match and hugged Dean Ayass, but hit both Ayass and Flash Barker with a steel chair to give the champs the win, meaning that Dean Ayass was forced to quit as the manager of the Old Skool, after the match, Greg "The Truth" Lambert interrupted Alex Shane's speech and stated that he wasn't barred from Walthamstow, he then introduced Jon Farrer, who announced a partnership with Lambert, Shane then went after both men, but The Pitbulls came out and attacked both Shane and Herman, The Pitbulls will now be managed by Lambert and Farrer

The New Breed came out and said that Curve has recovered from his "career ending injury" and will return at Crunch to face unannounced opponents

Jerry Lynn led the Ironman Match 2 falls to 0 after getting two pins off the same Cradle Piledriver, but Doug Williams earned his falls off The Chaos Theory, a count-out and a Novacaine (one of Nova's moves at least...) which Lynn seemed to kick out of at 2, Williams will now face Christopher Daniels for the FWA Heavyweight Title at a date yet to be determined (not Crunch)



Well, the matches seem great, but the storylines seem pretty damn shite. Most people probably wouldn't even know Greg Lambert if not for UKFF. And after building up a ban, they overcome it by saying he's not banned. Oh man, how simple do ya get? You coulda worked that so beautifully. Have him come through the crowd, distract Shane, be held back by security, then have Shane attacked by the Pitbulls. Major heat and more interest than just "You said I was banned but I'm not. Look at me I'm a stupid f*ckup ballerina."


Why the hell is The Old School still there? It serves no purpose anymore except as a lower-card, soon-to-be-jobber unit.


Good to see Pat Roach back. Shame Justin Richard's career seems to have gone down the sh*tter. Looks like its the Chief Morley ripoff role for him.


Ian Freeman? As in the UFC guy? Brilliant.


Good to see Doug win (as though it weren't so f*cking predictable :roll ). But in defense, I've heard from many at the show that it was a fantastic match. So I guess as long as the quality is top-notch, you can't ask for much more.




FWA: New Frontiers. The "relaunch". Thing is, FWA think that by having a new director, and some new rules, they have changed. But they are missing the one new thing that's needed most... A New Direction. What's the point of still having the Old School out there? It's run it's course. Let it die. If you need a faction, I have plenty of ideas to interlock with this US/UK business link which in my mind would work a charm, provided Tommy Boyd was interested to participate.


Fact is, while I weren't there and can't personally say "This match was shite, this one was 5 star", just by reading the results, while bringing in UK legends and rule changes set us apart, the storylines and so on is still seemingly so "american". A poor man's NWA:TNA if you will. I agree that we have to be american in someway seeing how mostly every wrestling fan in this country is only exposed to WWE. But FWA still have to try and seperate things. You seemingly have it down all the way to politics backstage (a few wrestlers have stated that politics do exist in UK wrestling - but then where doesn't it exist, I suppose). I'm not saying go traditional or make RAPID changes. But just set a path, and follow it. If you're bringing americans over here and seending brits there, make a storyline out of it. Make it the biggest thing in the Indy world. take advantage of it. Put FWA on the map. Why not have an FWA v RoH or XPW war? Why not have some guys form a faction, because they are upset that FWA have sent Fleisch and Storm and co over to America and not them. Have a big feud, which inevitably sends the heel troop over to america. Get a new crop of guys over. As long as FWA has a SOLID direction and gets the most out of it, instead of just bringing over a US guy, saying "You'll have a good match with him" and yanking them together. Put some face/heel emotion behind it. And don't keep sticking Lynn with Williams and so on. Alternate it. I'm sure you'd all pay to see Storm v Lynn or Williams v AJ. It's so simple.




Sorry, had to say all that. Not the most knowledgable UK guy in the world and most of you will probably just spit on what I say. But thats just how I see it. And if you think I'm just being cynical, put me on record to say I'm damn happy and damn proud of FWA. It's gone further than any other UK promotion out there and is putting us on the map. All we need is a direction to follow... a BIG one. And we are sorted. I think we're ready to go big time. So why not try it? If we fail, at least we tried. If we succeed, it's one giant leap for UK wrestling. But we'll never know til we try.

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Guest RazorRoss

I was at New Frontiers last night so I may as well give a quick run down of events....for those who dont mind wading through opinions ;)


The show began with the whole FWA roster entering the ring, with Ulf, Shane, Williams and Simmons getting the biggest pops. Jane Childs revealed Pat Roach as the new commissioner, before he came out and proceeded to cut the most long-winded, unemotional promo ever, explaining that his new assistants were Scarlo and Richards, and explaining the new rules of the FWA.


By the end of Bomber's ramblings, we were all itching for some intense wrestling action..........sadly, card openers Raj Ghosh and Chris Justice didn't provide. The two had a slooooow match, with Raj spending the majority of the match up locked in various arm locks. As Justice focused on Ghosh's arm, he ultimately lost focus of his overall strategy, allowing Raj to hit a nice looking DDT for the 3.


Next up came the fatal four way, as DOD took on Vansen, Tighe, and Simmons in a fatal four way.......Simmons getting pyro, glitter, the whole works for his entrance. However Richards came out and said JX was to be the fourth man (JX being Xavier in a mask). A slow starter, this match got good toward the end as Tighe hit a double german suplex and backdrop, and a standing SSP, and as Vansen hit a diving headbutt. All 4 men involved also became recipients of triple teams as they all struggled to take the match. Eventually Paul Birchill ran out (to a cry of "you fat f**k" from one less than enchanted fan), hitting a devastating Samoan drop on Vansen, a Kryptonite Krunch on Tighe, and a killer moonsault on "JX", before finally hitting a moonroll on the DOD, allowing JX to get the fall.


Next came a match that was eagerly anticipated by myself, as Robbie Brookside took on one of my personal faves, the Zebra Kid in an XPW Euro title quarter final..........however, the match was a dud. It started nicely, but the double disqualification, as well as being crap, came too early, meaning the match was a mere few minutes long. Disappointing.


However, the next quarter final was not, as Juvi met Storm in what can only (cheesily) be described as a stormer........some great moves were hit, including Storm's Rewind Huracanrana, and a fantastic torture rack into a sit out powerbomb by Guerrera. A ton of near falls and high flying moves made this a classic, Storm pulling out the win following a sneaky inside cradle.


Post interval, Nikita took on The Family's Paul Travell, with Roach coming out and banishing Travell's stablemates backstage for the match. An Ok match saw Travell dominate his female foe, most memorably hitting a kind of choke slam backbreaker move on her. Eventually Ian Di Siple came down and threw what looked like a lit fag to me that purportedly hit Travell (or I guess so as Travell was annoyed at Ian after the match??) that allowed Nikita to get a roll up for the fall.


Next the tag titles went on the line in a great match as Ulf Herman and Alex Shane met the Old School in a no DQ bout. Barker and Ulf kicked things off, but Flash tagged out to Sloan. Shane and Sloan then went toe to toe, with the bigger man getting the better of Sloan repeatedly: Shane then got on his knees and tied up with his opponent......before still outmuscling him. Eventually Shane beat Sloan out to the back, leaving Flash and Ulf, complete with "F**kla" t-shirt, to slug it out in the crowd. Herman took a fake dartboard off of one fan and smashed it over Barker's head so his head went right through and he was wearing it like a collar. Then Ulf suplexed his opponent on top of the the tables where videos were being sold,leaving an array of tapes everywhere. Barker returned the favout however by then suplexing Ulf onto the videotapes! Soon, Alex and Mark were back in the ring, and Sloan attempted to hit a moonsault to the outside on Shane through a table......but Ulf cut him off, and Shane was able to hit the Whole Affair off the ring apron through the table!!!! Now down to one man, the Old School was beaten when Barker became subject to a Lo Down-esque superplex/frogsplash combo. After the match, the UK Pitbulls (urgh!) destroyed the tag champs.


Finally, came Lynn vs Williams in the Iron man Match........and although it seemed destined to be impossible, the match was actually somewhat disappointing in my eyes. Perhaps it was the fact that the match was an Iron man one that was the fatal flaw in it.........as all that seemed to happen was both men would be down for a 7-8 count in between every single move they landed. There wasn't much fluidity in between spots, meaning the whole thing was very slow paced and fairly unexciting. Don't get me wrong, the action that actually did take place was top notch......it was just diluted by the nothingness that took place between anything of note. Lynn kicked out of a Chaos Theory, before Williams kicked out of a Cradle Piledriver. A second Cradle from Lynn put Williams down for 2 falls however giving the New F'n Show a 2-0 lead. Eventually though Doug got in a double German and Rolling German combo for a 3 count, and a count out after both men fell to the floor but Doug recovered first. Lynn mangaed to kick out of a Revolution DDT by the Anarchist, but apparently could not do so after receiving a Kryptonite Krunch (that was the Nova move).........even though the referee only actually counted a 2, it was still announced as a fall in favour of the Brit???? In the closing 20 seconds (they were a long 20 seconds for sure) Lynn made numerous pin attempts and went for a Tombstone, but Doug managed to reverse the Tombstobne attempt into one of his own....Lynn in turn reversed this and eventually hot an ugly looking Tombstone Piledriver, which was more like a slam then anything else, but it was too late, as the match had ended and Doug declared the winner.


All in all, it was an OK card, but all quite disappointing aside from the tag match and Storm/Juvi.....Seasons Beatings was the better show in my opinion.........heres to Crunch and the FWA/RoH supershow being a bit better.

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A very good report there mate, well done!I agree with alot of what you said,specially about the first match,it was awful.jonny/Juvi was just absolutely fantastic,a wonderful fast paced match with both men really excelling and complimenting each other really well!excellent! 11/10!worth the money alone!(if i"d of paid!:D).

Nikita impressed me with just how much shes improved since the last time i saw her,the fireball thing seemed to catch Nikita i thought.

A mark out moment for me was when Ulf said"i used to be 100% ECW,now i"m 100% FWA"or something like that,the crowd love ULF!

Overall the show was average with one spectacular match,a few good matches,and one not so good,but i had a smashing 2 days in London with nothing going wrong,many thanx to Alex Shane!

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