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What do you carry with you at all times?

Guest ScottyB

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Guest ScottyB

Basically, I always have my phone, my wallet, my keys and my iPod, which I think is enough to survive for a few hours away from home, but my girlfriend seems to take everything but the kitchen sink, and I'm talking tissues, sunglasses, spare cardigan, make up, a mirror, pens/notepad, an umbrella....I could probably go on.


So what do you carry with you?

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Guest John Hancock
Wallet, phone, keys. Occasional addictions to that threesome are a watch, my iPod and my glasses, but they're only about 70%-80% of the time.
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At all times its my wallet, its in my pocket now when i go to bed its on my bedside table, it just never leaves my side.


My phone and keys not so much for instance I know my phone is in the next room to what I'm in now and that my keys are downstairs on the sideboard.

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The checklist before I leave the house goes:









Then in my backpack is all the stuff that I may need, but generally don't:


Spare Lighter

Notepad & Pencil

Marker Pens

Craft Knife


Emergency Painkillers

Mini First Aid Kit (I'ma first aider, so I carry one around pretty much constantly just in case)

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Guest Maximinn

I've trained myself to the point where I find it almost impossible to leave the house without patting my pockets and going "phone, wallet, keys". Strangely enough I always pat my wallet when I say "phone" and vice versa.


I suppose I also don't ever leave without my watch or glasses either but that doesn't really count. That would be like saying I never leave the house without my shoes.

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Guest Laffy
Wallet, phone, keys, pen knife, work keys, lady's crap, deodorant, pain killers, jumper which normally gets left at work for the week and brought home on the Friday. Diabetic testing kit, Glucose tablets, sweets to boost blood sugars, tablets and as DSRChris says First aid kit as am a trained first aider for work and two work places in the same block. i think that's everything oh a book to read and break down emergency pack for the car for some reason it stays in my rucksack rather than the car.
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Guest Gemsi

  • 3 different types of painkillers,
  • Piriton,
  • enzymes,
  • inhalor,
  • phone,
  • purse,
  • usually keys,
  • pen,
  • notepad,
  • lip balm,
  • bus/student/technician badge,
  • mp3 player,
  • USB stick,
  • some sort of sweets (currently fruit pastilles),
  • chewing gum,
  • something to squeeze the crap out of when stressed (currently my toy beany chameleon),
  • If I'm going anywhere by bus, I usually have a bottle of pop aswell.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Always, always, its phone, tissues, chapstick. Honestly, in my "refusing to let go of childhood" way I can go some places without a wallet.


But on a normal day its the above, plus wallet, ipod, sunnies, plus moisturiser and bottle of water if I'm carrying a bag.

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iPhone. That's it. Sometimes I'll have my keys, sometimes my cards and ID and mints and such, but my iPhone comes everywhere with me, no matter where I am. If I'm in bed and my phone's on the PC table, I can't sleep until I've brought it to the bed. I'll weep many tears when I replace it with the new iPhone at Christmas.
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Guest Jimmy Redman

Yeah, I have to put things in the same pockets.


If we're talking sitting at home, then its mainly just tissues I need. I dont need my phone with me at home as long as its somewhere in my house.

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