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[VideoGame] PRIDE FC


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Pride FC combines real fighters and multiple fighting styles int the most realistic "Mixed Martial Arts" fighting experience ever created. Pride FC features more than 20 international fighters including Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Wanderlei Silva. There are multiple fighting styles, including Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Karate, and wrestling. Players can experience various fighting positions and hundreds of moves including counters, reversals, one-hit knock-outs, and submissions. There are 5 game modes: exhibition, grand prix, training, survival, and create-a-fighter. Players may challenge up to 16 players in Grand Prix mode or go against the best of the best for ultimate glory. A Robust create-a-fighter comes complete with appearance, individual move sets, entrance music, characteristics, and style. There are detailed fighter bios plus video footage highlighting fighter's greatest moments and fighting style. A TV -style presentation includes fighter ring entrances, multiple camera angles and detailed arena elements. Non-gameplay animation sequences include pre-fight stare downs, corner shots between rounds and victory celebrations.


UK: £34.99 (Amazon.co.uk)


USA: $49.99 (Amazon.com)

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Guest Peter K

I played it on a 2 night rental at Blockbuster, and throughly played it in the 2 night I had.


The game started quite promising with a excellent opening featuring the best smashes and knockdowns from PRIDE shows then the Create-A-Fighter is very well done - a polished effort from the chaps at Anchor Inc.

I enjoyed creating myself and incorporating myself in the game :)


Then, the main game play is the Pride Grand Prix, a knockout Round Robin tournament - you (obviously) must beat the opponents to go to the final and try to be the Pride Grand Prix Champion.


The gameplay are surprisingly simple and the control method are not the same as Tekken and Virtua Fighter which if you wanted to throw a punch or a move, you had to press a ridicilous amount of buttons to do that.

Basically, if you want to do a submission hold, you have to press just 2 direction buttons and a button from Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross.

So far the control are very good quite.


But the bad side comes - the game is too short - you could polish it off within up to halfhour with "Easy" option - after finishing the Pride Grand Prix, there is a "Survival" method in which you must face all the fighters and points are awarded on how quick you beat and how you finished the match and damage recieved/given out.


After that - you've efficently finished the game, but there is another thing which could be a bad point for you all, the difficulty settings are totally unrealistic.

If you are on "Easy" - you can beat opponents within seconds or up to 2 minutes whilst on "Normal" - you will surely struggle against opponents, it feels like it is on "Hard" which though it is not!


If you purchase the game from stores, you can get a free DVD which features the highlights of PRIDE Grand Prix from 1-8 - it is worth watching for the moment when a HUGE man faces a man twice smaller his size and the blob man submitted within minutes!

It also have Britian's Combat Fighting thrown in as well a profile of a Japanese fighter (forgot his name).

Be warned - the DVD is not for queasy people - it contains nasty punches + kicks as well unreal injuries.


The Good Points:


Fighting system

The Free DVD!

Ken Shamrock is the game!


The Bad Points:

Too short :(

Unrealistic difficulties level.


Overall, I would give the game 8/10 and a recommended rental before you try because it won't suit everyone.

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