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BOOK ONLINE NOW: El Generico UK Training Seminar & Show

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Tickets are now on sale online for Ring of Honor Television Champion and global sensation El Generico's UK Training Seminar and debut for Britannia Wrestling Promotions.


El Generico will face off against the PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion in a Catchweight Rules match - 5x5minute rounds - best out of 3 - 1 KO - to declare the winner. The current PWI:BWP World Catchweight Champion The Babyface Pitbull defends his title on Saturday 24th September 2011 at Denbigh Town Hall, North Wales against 'The Grappler' Jack Gallagher ... the winner of this match will then face off with El Generico in yet another grueling title match just 13 days later!


To book tickets to El Generico's Training Seminar - PLEASE CLICK HERE


To book tickets to Britannia Wrestling Promotions El Generico Debut Show - PLEASE CLICK HERE

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BWP presents the debut of El Generico - October 7th, Ffrith Beach Arena in Prestatyn

Ffrith Beach Arena


North Wales

LL19 7AR


Britannia Wrestling Promotions are proud to announce the debut of former Ring of Honor Television Champion El Generico and would like you to join us as we welcome him to BWP's spectacular roster of international wrestling talent.




PWI:BWP World Catchweight Championship Match


The Babyface Pitbull © (Manchester, England)


El Generico (Tijuana, Mexico)


The Babyface Pitbull has been on a tear in BWP since his arrival and when he won the vacated title by defeating the monstrous Cyanide - all 6'3" and 370lbs of him - in a victory that included a powerbomb to the monster from a corner mount (Pitbull actually had Cyanide on his shoulders and walked to the middle of the ring before slamming him down), before garnering the submission, he put the rest of the promotion on notice.


However, at Ffrith Beach Arena, he faces possibly his toughest and definitely his most high-profile opponent to date as he takes on the 'Pride of Tijuana' known around the world as El Generico. A former Ring of Honor Television Champion and Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion alongside Kevin Steen, El Generico has faced all sorts and won't be fazed by Pitbull's reputation like some of his opponents have been. In fact, the brutal war he had with Steen has shown he can take a beating.


In the end, it's going to come down to who wants it the most; so will the Canine Clutch (double-armbar submission) or a Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! decide the fate of BWP's prestigious championship?



*Jim 'The Metal' King (Abergele, North Wales)

*'The Juice' CJ Banks (Southport, England)

*'Rapid Fire' Tommy Gunn (Shrewsbury, England)

*Zack 'Diamond' Gibson (Liverpool, England)


Four wrestlers will compete in a single-elimination tournament to decide which of them is the better man. Not titles at stake, no huge cash prize for the victor, just the sense of pride that, on this night, it was you walking away with your hand raised.


The first-round pairings will be selected at random on the night by the fans themselves. Picking two numbers from 1-4, the fans will choose who competes in the opening match. The other two wrestlers will return to the back and the first match will begin; the winner of which moves on. The remaining two men will then fight it out for the second spot in the final and battle the victor of match #1.


Exhausted from having already had an earlier match, the wrestlers who make it to the final will have to dig deep and hope they have enough left to emerge triumphant. Strategy will play a part as you don't want to expend everything you have in the first round, leaving you too tired to mount a successful offence, but by the same token, you don't want to hold anything back in case you get caught napping.


May the best man win...



Lord Graham Thomas III (West Midlands, England)


Shaun 'The Hammer' Davis (Preston, England)


'The Hammer' was brought in by Lord Graham Thomas to act as a ringside enforcer and bodyguard during his heated rivalry with Jim King. Eventually, as history has shown to be almost an inevitability, Davis ended up between the ropes himself... and has never looked back.


Mowing through everyone put in his path, literally, 'The Hammer' has caught the imagination of the BWP fanbase, with the public being unwilling to boo a man who is so set in his convictions. It doesn't matter who you are or how much/little sportsmanship you may have; you've been placed in front of 'The Hammer', so you will be dealt with.


So dominant was Shaun Davis, he had to relinquish the BWP Rookie Championship because he had ran through the competition. Stepping up in class, he continued his destructive ways and fate decreed he would eventually face the man who brought him into the promotion.


Lord Graham Thomas may expect his former protector to show some gratitude and provide him with an easy night, but if things don't go that way, we can't count out the West Midlands aristocrat just yet. A wily veteran of the UK scene, LGT has faced many men who are bigger and stronger than he is... and left them laying on the canvas, humiliated and soundly beaten. Also, with their previous association, you have to imagine that if 'The Hammer' has any weaknesses Lord Thomas will be the one to know of them.


On October 7th, we find out if his Lordship is about to be royally whipped or if 'The Hammer' is about to fall.


'Wild Boy' Danny Valentine (Buckley, North Wales)


'Showstopper' Joey Starr (California, USA)


Danny Valentine had a great night the last time BWP presented a wrestling show; going through both his opponent tonight and Jim 'The Metal' King to win the previous Four-Man Parade in Denbigh. That he had "assistance" from his Wild Boyz tag-team partner, Dylan Roberts in both encounters appears to have been overlooked by the talented, but supremely talented Valentine.


On the flip-side, Joey Starr was robbed of his spot in the final and asked for a shot at revenge the first chance he could. BWP owner Steve Saxon agreed to the request and so we find ourselves at the cusp of what should be a fantastically heated grudge match between two very talented wrestlers. For my money, Joey Starr is one of the best talents working in the UK today and if he can take down Danny Valentine, put this issue behind him and move on, who knows how far he can go?


However, that's going to be much easier said that done... Danny Valentine will make sure of that.





*card subject to change


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