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TWO Prediction League The Champions League?


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Heres a question for all those playing in the Prediction League, next season I was wondering if anyone would like to see a Champions League Prediction League which I would like to run.


Heres how I'd see it working.


The top 4 in the current Prediction League, plus 1 from a special FA Cup Prediction League which I would set up by using all the FA Cup Predictions, plus another 1 from a qualifying round which I would run using the qualifying rounds from next years Champions League, everyone will be able to enter the Qualifying Round.


That would leave 6 people who would be split into groups of 3, one group for Tuesdays and one for Wednesdays and at the end of the group stages the two at the top of the leagues will go head to head through the knockout stages.


I'm asking now because i'd need to start going back and getting the FA Cup fixtures.


Sound good to anyone?

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Guest Jerichoholic
Originally posted by draVen

I'm not in this seasons league (wanted to save whooping all your asses til next season :devil ), but sounds like a great idea to me. Just don't overload on prediction leagues. Might get a bit TOO much, y'know?


I aint in this seasons league either but I will be entering next season!

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It's not at all complicated to me, and it will be easier to run than the normal Prediction League, because there will only be 6 players predicting only a handfull of games.


Hopefully Sabba will run the normal league again next season, with some help I think, if so the Champions League will run alongside it.


There will be a spot for the likes of Jerky and Draven to sneak into the Champions League "Inter-toto style" with the qualifying round.


So it looks like i'll run with it, unless Sabba objects.

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Guest Sabba Simba

Sounds like a great idea KJ. You've obviously put a lot of thought into it, so I hope it works. I'll enter - if I qualify!


And Dra, I agree about all the prediction leagues - but we did it first! :D

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Heres how the FA Cup table is looking, the person who tops this league gets into the Champions League.


Note that because not everyone predicted the same amount of FA Cup games each time, I only allowed the amount of games to be the same as whoever predicted the least games.


So for example if Crippler predicted 6 FA Cup games one week and everyone else predicted between 6 & 10, you only got your highest possible score with 6 games. Hope that makes sense, but it hardly affected the scoring anyway.


Anyway, heres the table.


1. KJ 24

2. HSM 22

3. Golduster 21

4. Tajiri 20

5. Bookerman 19

6. Pabster 15

7. Crippler 14

8. Chris2K 13

9. Hardcore Holly13

10. Sabba Simba 5


And no I havent fixed it. :D

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