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Night Of Champions! Who's Going???

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Alright well its 3 days away and I'm getting pumped the F' up!

I'll be heading down to Niagara Saturday to party, Sunday morning crossin the border, most likely shop for clothes, and girls, then head to the PPV, and party again Sunday night, headin back to Toronto in the Monday AM.

Who else is going to the show? and where are your seats?

I'm looking to make a TWO sign just to promote this place, as well as a PWB sign for my blog, cheap plug but hey anything helps!

Anyone else excited? or is it just me?

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Franchise you think Hunters gonna lose his COO spot that fast? I dont think so.


I see Nash comin in, Jackknifing Hunter, Punk will attack Nash and have a little brawl, with eventually Nash getting the upperhand and dropping a jackknife on Punk. By that time Hunter will be up, and will either pedigree Punk for the win, or just pin Punk for the win.


But I dont see Hunter losing the COO spot this fast.

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