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A Pro-Russo Column

Dead Crow

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Looking around at the NWATNA websites, I found this at VinceRusso.net. It's a pro-Russo column which basically shows no respect for pro wrestling. Interesting read. See what you think.




Martytude Wrasslin' Rant

by Marty2Hotty Version 1.0 - February 2003

Well, Well, Well. Marty2Hotty's first wrasslin' column, and it happens to be on a fansite of the savior and most successful writer in the history of professional wrestling: Vince Russo. Let me introduce myself for those who don't know who I am. My name is Marty2Hotty, and I am (one of) the anti-christ(s) of Professional Wrestling Internet message boards. Over the course of the last six months or so, I have posted fanatically on message boards defending Vince Russo's style of entertainment. Why? Because I truly believe in my views, as well as Russo's, and it just sickens me to read all the negativity that exists on Vince Russo.


I've read enough bull from 'reporters' and Internet 'fans' for the life of me. After over three long years of crap the World Wrestling Excrement put out, I, everybody I know, and millions of viewers around the world have boycotted the entertainment known as "Wrasslin'". But, in about July of 2002, I basically started really getting back into wrestling again. Because the best wrestling writer, Vince Russo was back, and with his friend's (Jeff Jarrett's) start-up promotion: NWA TNA: Total Nonstop Action. I was absolutely shocked when I read that Internet fans wanted a product that was light years behind today's society. I didn't know politics was going to get in the way of Vince Russo saving the business. It did, and it annoyed me to death.


Without further ado welcome to the era known as Martytude. (Yes, I got the idea from Mattitude when Smackdown was watchable a few months back). By the way, this column is not meant to be some intellectual drivel. I'm not writing a university essay here. I'm talking about Professional Wrasslin'. It's casual talk, it's casual discussion, it's how normal people speak, and it's not some literary analysis on Shakespeare's Macbeth. I'm talking to the 7.1 million people that watched wrestling. I find it absolutely hilarious that there are "intellectual" debates on "Professional Wrasslin'", especially when all the "Internet wrestling fans" talk about Wrestler A's grapple or rest hold. Do you people realize that the masses treat this business like a complete joke? They were proud to be fans in 1997-99 (The Vince Russo WWF Era) when wrestling was at its peak. I saw people wearing DX and Austin shirts at the malls. Old men, Girls (Yup, Girls watching wrestling), every demographic was enjoying the WWF product back then. Hell, walking down the street, I heard people yelling Rock catchphrases. In 2003, wrestling has almost completely faded. "They" don't watch anymore. "They" don't talk about it anymore. Why? Because the stuff on Monday and Thursday nights is poorly written and it insults the viewers' intelligence. As far as I'm concerned, the WWE can do 100% entertainment or 100% mat wrestling and it'll still suck. WWE's product has been going a downward spiral for the last 3 years and it is all because one writer decided to leave the company.


Vince Russo was writing in the WWF from 97-99: a.k.a the most popular brand of entertainment over the last decade, as it took the ratings to new heights. Only then, Vince Russo was given consistent time to turn a company completely around. WCW screwed Vince Russo on many occasions. When a company screws Vince Russo, the company screws themselves. WWF 2002 screwed Vince Russo, well... look at their product now. The WWE's current product speaks for itself: The drizzling shit. NWA TNA screwed Russo back in late 2002, but once again, much like WCW, they went crawling back to the savior. I just hope they give him time to turn the company around; if NWA TNA screws Russo, TNA will once again be screwed. I hope they do not make the same mistake as the last two major wrestling promotions did. Under Vince Russo, I have confidence that this start-up promotion will really take off. It's all up to Panda to get the word out.


Why do I like wrestling? Why do I still believe that this business can still flourish? It's very simple. I watch because it is different. I like the glamour, the live theatre aspect, the crowd interaction, the pyro, the themes, the characters, the entrances, the Russo-style storylines, the entertainment, EVERYTHING, and obviously millions of viewers (at one time) thought that too. When Russo wrote wrasslin' in 97-00, It was a must-see show. 2 hour wild ride on a weekly basis. I mean, where else can you get that? Hell, the crowd in the stadium goes nuts over badass characters, T&A, etc. They fall asleep or become very quiet during 'bell2bell' matches. I enjoy watching the 'brawls' in wrestling, but on mainstream television, matches have to be kept short and to a minimum, basically just enough to tell it's story (See WWF 97-99, WCW 99-00 Russo). Russo made it so that the viewer had to stay on the channel. 7 million viewers had their asses glued to their seats not knowing what was going to happen next. In mat wrestling matches, if I know they are just going to wrestle for 20 minutes, I'm going to change the channel to something else and come back in the 19th minute to see the finish. It's nobody's fault that society has become like that. It's just that (like Russo said) there are too many options. There have been many instances with my friends where we tuned into wrestling, a normal (WWE) match was on: The channel is changed immediately to a basketball game and was never turned back to the match. It's simple. You have to attract the viewers that are NOT watching and get them hooked, like Attitude did in 97-99. The "core" audience is always going to be there no matter what they say, that's why you see a 3.3 rating every Monday night. Wrasslin' alone will not and will NEVER accomplish that kind of popularity, hell, if you aren't blind, you'd notice that it was never about the wrestling that got a company over during the last decade. Everything has to evolve. You need compelling storylines (Russo) to back up the wrestling, you have to give the masses something to think about before putting out a match (I.e.: Stone Cold starting a Raw by driving a zamboni to the ring and attacking Mr. McMahon), you have to keep them thinking about the product. Wrestling has evolved, and there's no reason to go back in time. The fans want something different. Major Gunns vs. Midajah in a mud match is entertaining. Vince Russo vs. Ric Flair is different (Major heel non-wrestler vs. Traditional Veteran). Vampiro vs. Dr Death while Oklahoma does commentary in the cage is different. A show needs VARIETY! That is the only way to succeed. D-Generation X, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Sable... Did they get over on their 'wrasslin'? I don't even have to answer that.


Do you know what I hate? When people speak of Russo-WCW, they say "Oh, he put the title on himself and David Arquette, he made Fat chick thriller, etc." or some shit like that. Do the Internet columnists and 'traditional' fans honestly think the viewers give a damn what happens to a PROP? To a title that represents a circus entertainment known as Professional Wrestling? Everybody else treats this business like a joke, and there are actually people on the Internet that are mad that a "wrasslin'" title is on someone else other than a Wrassler? You have got to be kidding me. As long as it is entertaining, the fans don't care, I don't care and I have been a fan since the late 80s. When I read the anger about Arquette, I honestly could not believe my eyes, I thought it was a joke but eventually I realized that the Internet fans are seriously angered by it. You've got to be kidding me. As for Russo's shows as a whole, why won't the 'traditionalists' actually watch how the story unfolds? You have to actually watch the little, but important things that Russo brings to the table: such as the flow, the entertaining segments, characters, dialogue, shock value that make us go "holy shit", well-written promos, short and compelling matches that won't result in the casual viewer checking out what's happening on the other side. NOBODY mentions that about Russo. Either they don't understand entertainment or they are just plain ignorant. Only the purists hate what he has done to the business because he doesn't put 100% focus on "old school wrasslin." The stuff "they" want will push the masses away because it has been done a billion of times in the last 40 years and surprise, it's blatantly fake. I agreed with almost everything Russo has done when writing WWF and WCW (INCLUDING Arquette, even the way the title went on Vince Russo could have happened in that particular situation). Put some damn reality back on the shows. Russo made a tremendous point: Look at your TV Guide and see what every major network is doing. The current trend is Reality-Television, we do not know when it will end or how long it will last, but it's the current big thing, and the wrestling product should be there with them. It's 2003, it's entertaining to the masses, and it's what gets people talking the next morning. Look at your calendar, it's 2003, not 1963, a lot has changed.


I like the occasional X-Division 'match'. But if it dominates the show, again, it gets VERY tiring. There are moves that make me go "Holy Shit". But to be honest, a lot of the time, I get bored during the matches, and when I have a tape, I fast forward through it. I'm sorry, but that stuff won't appeal to my friends, my brother, his friends, friends that are girls, their parents, their cousins, kids, old men, etc. You know why? We have seen an overload of matches over our years of being fans. There will be one or two moves that make them go "holy shit", but people prefer to be offended or see something DIFFERENT. It has always been about seeing something different. There needs to be VARIETY: some comedy, some suspense, some sex appeal, some good wrestling, risqué storylines or segments that lead to matches, etc, some that has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling that leads to no matches, anything humanly possible to get the people interested in the product. The trick is to have as many people as possible watching your show. Maybe have Vince Russo face The Road Warriors, and have a lot of entertaining stuff go in the match. X-Division, like any other match, is live-theatre; we all know it's staged. It's just how creative you can get. The matches itself, if dominating an entire show, can get very tiring. "I pretty much want to know the end of the mat wrasslin' match as soon as it starts" I hold by that quote for most kinds of matches (except different types of matches like Ms Hancock vs. Major Gunns or something, then I want to see it in FULL). I rarely can sit back and say I enjoyed a mat wrasslin match based on the 'in-ring' technicalities. I just feel that during the matches, I have to TRY to enjoy the matches. That won't cut it on mainstream television. You're not supposed to TRY to enjoy it; it's supposed to spontaneously entertain you. If it entertains, the viewer stays, the second it gets boring, the viewer is not going to stay on the channel, they're going to change it to "The Bachelorette" or something else more appealing to them. You can't let them do that. It's either entertaining to them or it's not, and quite frankly I don't find a straight mat wrestling match entertaining anymore, no matter how creative they can get, especially when I have grown up and watched it over and over again for over a decade. It's just boring and fake to me. When tons of interesting things happen during a match (Any Russo-written show from WCW or WWF on television), or when there's a great story behind it (Any Russo Monday night show), it's entertaining.


Anyways, The main storyline on NWA TNA right now is NWA's traditional wrasslin' VS Vince Russo's S.E.X - Sports Entertainment Xtreme. It's a real life story on-screen, as Vince Russo strongly believes in what he says on-screen and the debate happens everyday on the Internet. The storyline is progressing nicely. Russo knows what the people want, and this storyline on TNA is showing it, and hopefully S.E.X will dominate. There's now reason for old-school talent and new-school talent to be brought in. There's actually a story to tell now.


Currently, NWA TNA still lacks a lot of elements in order to completely satisfy me, but I understand their situation. They are still growing, and they are only on pay per view. It really sucks that we can't see a full 100% Russo-style weekly show, because that is what "I" want to see. Anything other than that, in my opinion, slows down the show, and slows down the storytelling and character development. I'd pay $10/week to see a Russo-WCW 2000 type show on a TNA 2003 Pay Per View. I strongly believe it will work, we will hear a lot of negativity from the Internet, but the fans will be there anyway. However, I doubt we'll be seeing that soon, I blame the traditional wrestling fans for that (TNA has to try and keep 'everybody' happy; extremely hard to do). I really think the fans on the Internet are holding back the company, as well as this business. They are preventing this business from evolving. "They" do not like anything that strays away from the "70s professional wrasslin' handbook." Don't get me wrong, Russo and Jarrett (Even though they don't work together) are doing a great job putting out a show for "pay per view", I really like the shows and believe it's the best weekly wrestling show out there, but I think it can be better, but on pay per view, they cannot satisfy everybody. I just wish the "core" fans supported Russo's views from day one; before I went on the Internet for wrasslin' news, I thought the Internet fans worshipped him like a god. In WCW 2000 (Russo-Era), I did not go on the Internet during the entire run and I understood and absolutely loved everything, it was easy to follow. It doesn't take a genius to understand a wrestling storyline. TNA has evolved the in-ring product of professional wrestling. However, TNA still has a ways to go in terms of defining their product and getting the word out. I like the shows, I'm excited for this promotion, and I am also intrigued as to seeing this company continue to grow. If/When TNA gets a weekly television Monday night show that goes head to head with Raw, I am extremely confident TNA will give Russo 110% control, because he will do "Whatever it takes" to bring the masses back; and I strongly believe Russo writing is the only way to do so. TNA on Monday Nights to hype their Wednesday weekly pay per views should be something.


Now onto the Vince Russo character. I think he is entertaining as hell on-screen. He is a true heel and it's great to see him back on television (NWA TNA) after being gone for over two years. He knows what to say and do to entertain (or piss off) the fans. He is the catalyst and a major tool in making faces faces and heels heels. Many of the 'traditionalists' fail to understand Russo's on-screen role, but Vince Russo's character is crucial onto getting the storyline going, as the NWA vs. S.E.X story strongly revolves around him a.k.a the "Anti-Christ of professional wrestling". The show needs Vince Russo's character and presence, as well as his creative input. My opinion is: NWA TNA is made to work. If Jeff Jarrett didn't start the company, Vince Russo will be forever gone from this business (and trust me, Russo gone will probably put an end to Professional Wrestling being popular on a mainstream level). Jeff started this and Russo is going to do all he can to make Jeff successful. My dream in this business is to see Vince Russo work with his friend and wind up beating Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Excrement at their very own game. That is what I want to see, and with Russo there, it is destined to happen.


The Current NWA TNA shows. I'm not fully satisfied with the shows. To be honest, I will pay up to $20 every week to see Russo turn TNA into a WCW 2000-like show. That's how desperate I am for a really good wrestling show. Very little emphasis on Wrestling, maybe one long X-Division match and the rest is crazy ass shit. The stuff the Internet hates, but the stuff that I absolutely love. I strongly believe this business and the masses want that type of show more than ever. I want Russo to write the show top to bottom the way HE wants it. It REALLY sucks that there are Internet fans that watch wrestling just for in-ring. I honestly think that is the main reason this business is held down. However, I'm a patient man, I think Russo is doing a fantastic job of satisfying the Internet fans right now with his creative style of writing on TNA, but if and when TNA gets a TV deal, I can guarantee that we are going to see the true Russo-esque stuff that will bring back those viewers that aren't watching. That's when things will be interesting, and that's when I'll be really proud to be a wrestling fan and show the product to everybody I know. We'll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for NWA TNA and Vince Russo.


Until next time,



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WWE's product has been going a downward spiral for the last 3 years and it is all because one writer decided to leave the company.


I thought that quote was the funniest, March 2001, 2 years after Russo left the company WWE did the biggest money making show in there history for WrestleMania 17 at a time when the Russo booked WCW was out of business.

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Everyone is entertained in a different way. If the unfortunatly named Marty2Hotty is entertained by C-List actors winning wrestling titles, paper thin angles acted by non-actors and the lack of continuety that would be considered the death of any half decent TV show, then so be it.


I for one would rather watch a "boring" X Division Low Ki Vs Styles Vs Lynn match than see some average looking girls in bikinis teasing nudity, when everyone knows that there's no chance in hell of them getting naked.

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Without further ado welcome to the era known as Martytude. (Yes, I got the idea from Mattitude when Smackdown was watchable a few months back).


Now I seem to remember the SmackDown! a few months back being wrestling based shows with 3, 30 Minute + matches around that time, so this guy goes on a rant about how he finds wrestling boring but then says he enjoys a wrestling based show.

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