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***Official Smackdown Thread (19/02/03)***


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The following report was written by Matt Boone with help from Calvin Martin of LordsofPain.net:




This is the first match on your Velocity tapings.


Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore (Non-Title)


Said to be a good Cruiserweight match. Went about 5 minutes with the finish seeing Kidman nailing the "Shooting Star-Press" to get the pinfall victory.


Winner via pinfall - Billy Kidman



Chuck Palumbo & Nunzio w/ Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli vs. Nova & Johnny Jeter


Pretty good back and forth tag-team action that lasted around 6 or 7 minutes. Finish saw Chuck Palumbo nail Nova with a superkick to get the pinfall. Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli was in Nunzio and Chuck Palumbo's corner for this match. This bout was taped to air on Velocity this coming Saturday night.


Winners via pinfall - Chuck Palumbo & Nunzio w/ Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli



Bill DeMott vs. Funaki


3 minute squash with Bill DeMott getting the better of it. DeMott nails Funaki with a clothesline that nearly knocked him out of his shoes before folding him in half with a devestating powerbomb to secure the victory.


Winner via pinfall - Bill DeMott



Team Angle vs. Los Guerrero's (Non-Title)


Solid 8 minute match with Los Guerrero's getting the nod via countout. Chavo Guerrero Jr. hit Charlie Haas with a tornado DDT off the top-rope. Eddie Guerrero was on the other corner about to come off the top-rope when Team Angle slid out the backdoor and took the 10 count.


Winners via countout - Los Guerrero's



Tony Chimmel plugs the merchandise stand featuring the new WWE bobble-head dolls. The first, Kurt Angle (crowd boo's). The second, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan (crowd pops). Finally, The Rock (mixture of boo's and cheers).


T-shirts are shot out into the crowd as the WWE crew changes sets from Velocity to SmackDown!



2 Boxed Surprises For The Undertaker?


As Tazz's music hits, Michael Cole and Tazz make their way to the announcing table.


As the two are headed to the commentator's booth, we notice two large boxes on the entrance ramp of the SmackDown! set. Likely another two surprises for The Undertaker tonight on SmackDown!




Show opens with "If ya smell......." as The Rock comes out on stage. Rock walks back and forth a few times before getting in the ring. After a debated crowd mixed with boo's and cheers, The Rock grabs a microphone. "Finally...." crowd boo's. (Deeper voice) "FINALLY...." crowd boo's. "Finally, The Rock has come back To Indianaaaaaaaaaa.......who gives a crap." The Rock wants the crowd to make a decision. Oh wait, Rock has a call on his cell-phone. It's his personal assistant. The Rock will be back with you in just one minute. Hell yeah The Rock is going to fly out of here tonight. What did you think, The Rock was going to spend another night with all these hicks? Whoa whoa whoa, not you guys, hickory tree's. There's a lot of hickory tree's in Indianapolis. Rock hangs up, back to the crowd. Rock wants the crowd to make a decision. The Rock hears "Rocky" chants, The Rock hears "Hogan" chants, The Rock hears boo's, The Rock hears cheers. The Rock wants the people to make a decision. Do they really want to boo The Rock? Let The Rock check again, do they really want to boo The Rock? Alright, you made your decision. At No Way Out, you are going to get the jabroni beating, pie eating, climb a tree, scratch an itch, make Hulk Hogan The Rock's little bitch, people's champ...The Rock! "If ya smell...." whoa whoa whoa. You made your decision. You don't chant "Rocky sucks" for 10 minutes and then sing along with The Rock. Only The Rock can say it now, "what The Rock, is cooking!"



Chris Benoit vs. A-Train


Missed most of the match due to technical problems. When I came back, Chris Benoit's music was playing as he was celebrating. One would assume he got the nod.


Winner via pinfall? - Chris Benoit



Hulk Hogan is shown backstage arriving to the arena. No promo's or nothing, just walking down the hallway with his gear.



Funaki is shown backstage outside The Rock's dressing room. Funaki, SmackDown! number one announcer is attempting to get a word with the returning Rock. Two security guards outside the Rock's dressing room refuse to let Funaki in. Funaki says he has a pass, they still refuse. Funaki tries to bribe them with a $100 bill, to no avail. The security tells Funaki that The Rock will only speak with Hulk Hogan.



Rikishi vs. Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli w/ Nunzio & Chuck Palumbo


Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli nails a very impressive military press slam to the big 400 pound Samoan, Rikishi.


Rikishi wins with a Samoan drop. After the match, all three Italians attack Rikishi. Rikishi gets the better of them until going for a Samoan drop on Nunzio, only to be super-kicked in the chops by Chuck Palumbo for his efforts.


Winner via pinfall - Rikishi



Backstage we see Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle doing amateur wrestling to prepare Angle for his match with Brock Lesnar in the main-event tonight. Angle said he was upset about the six-man tag Stephanie McMahon announced for No Way Out last week, but he has accepted it. However, tonight, Angle is going to snap Lesnar's ankle in half so he won't even make it to No Way Out.



Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore


Very good high-flying action packed match that ran just under 10 minutes. Finish saw Matt Hardy get the twist-of-fate on Billy Kidman for the 3-count while Mysterio was battling with Moore on the outside.


Winners via pinfall - Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore



"Earlier this week" Michael Cole is sitting down with Nathan Jones who will be in SmackDown! live next week. Michael Cole brings up Jones history in jail. Nathan Jones said he served 10 years for armed robbery, but he served his time, paid his dues, and wants to put that behind him. Cole asks him what he hopes to accomplish in WWE. Nathan Jones said he wants to win the WWE Championship. He has some unfinished business with someone, but will he settle it on tick or tock? He whispers some devious stuff for a few minutes, and that was that.



Undertaker is shown backstage.


Plug for this coming Saturday's Confidential which will feature a piece on the life of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.


The boxes containing surprises for The Undertaker are headed to the ring as we go to commercial.



Highlight package of the past few surpises and apologies from Big Show to Undertaker airs as the second box is being craned into the ring.


"Dead Man walking...you've done it now" as The Undertaker motorcycles himself to the ring containing two large mystery boxes.


Undertaker eyeballs both boxes, one bigger than the other. Wonder what's going to be in the bigger one? Undertaker goes to the smaller box first, opens it, and it's a little puppy dog.


Undertaker stare-downs the bigger one and begins kicking it in as the Big Show jumps him from behind. Nothing in the big box, but a big set up. Big Show chokeslams Undertaker and leaves Undertaker laid out in the ring as he walks off.



Highlight of the last Undertaker segment with the beatdown from Big Show airs as we return.


Big Show is shown backstage yelling about not being afraid of Undertaker and that he's going to beat him at No Way Out. He gets in a limo and leaves the arena. This was a "during the break" segment.



Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia w/ Jamie Noble (Paddle On A Pole)


Highlights of last week's Valentine's Day bra & panties match is shown as Nidia makes her entrance.


Missed what happened here, but you can bet a paddle was involved somehow. Nidia got the victory.


Winner via pinfall? - Nidia



Now it's time for the showdown between The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.


The Rock does the majority of the talking. Messing with the crowd for boo'ing him like before, while taking stabs at Hulk Hogan here and there.


Rock says he's thought long and hard, and an apology is in order. The Rock has contemplated, and his mind is made up. Hulk Hogan, go ahead and apologize to The Rock. No apology. The Rock gives Hulk Hogan one more chance to apologize, Hulk Hogan says "hell no."


The Rock goes on to talk about how he's the reason Hulk Hogan is popular again. Rock challenging Hogan last year brought Hogan back from the dead and allowed him to do commercials with the "muppet puppets" again. Maybe he don't remember, so allow The Rock to remind him. "The millions" half the crowd finishes, the other half boo's. Rock tries again, same results. He gives up.


The entire time Rock would trash-talk Hogan, Hogan would get ready to attack Rock, but Rock would stop him. Rock finally tries to shake Hogan's hand and be a gentleman. He's just trying to entertain the fans, Hogan knows that. He respects Hogan, and the two greatest icons are going to get it on this Sunday on PPV. Rock sticks his hand out to Hogan for a handshake, Hogan goes to shake, Rock pulls it back, Hogan punches Rock. Rock walks away laughing it off.



No Way Out card is run down. Same exact line-up that was advertised on RAW only this time Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy was announced.


John Cena is backstage with a cast on his leg freestyling about his knee being shattered by Brock Lesnar last week on SmackDown! when he was F-5'd into the steel ring post.




Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle


Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring to his music as usual. Next comes Kurt Angle to his music, with Team Angle by his side.


Angle grabs a mic and asks Lesnar if he really wants to go through with this. He agreed to wrestle Lesnar tonight, but he didn't name the stipulation. If he wants Angle tonight, he's got to be Shelton Benjamin. However, to get to Shelton Benjamin, he has to beat Charlie Haas first. He has to beat them both to get to Angle.


Match with Lesnar and Haas begins. Lesnar gets the quick advantage. Lesnar dominates the match and finally wins after about 4 minutes with the F-5. Next up, Shelton Benjamin.


Brock Lesnar gets through Shelton Benjamin after about 8 minutes. Lesnar blocks Benjamins kick-finisher and nailed him with a weird looking F-5 for the victory.


Now it's time for Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle, as Lesnar got past the two obstacles Angle put before him. However, Paul Heyman is trying to encourage Angle not to go down to the ring for the match. Angle makes his way down to the ring. Angle and Lesnar stare each other down, Heyman grabs Lesnar's attention allowing Angle to jump on Lesnar's back for some sort of choke. Lesnar goes for an F-5 on Paul Heyman, but Angle stops it with a back-leg chop block. From there, Team Angle jumps in to assist Kurt with the beat down of Brock Lesnar until Lesnar's tag-partners for this Sunday, Benoit and Edge, come down to clean house. The six stare each other down as the heel team scurries off.

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Guest Craig Van Dam

Seems like a watchable show i like the way Angle made Lesnar go thourgh Benjiman and Haas .


Rey and Kidman Vs Matt and Shannon should be a good match also and i dont really wanna see this Undertaker/Bigshow crap.

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Guest Peter K

Boxed mysteries again?


This is really wearing thin and has become tedious, but it should be a good show what with Team Angle and Brock Lesnar as well the Nathan Jones interview.


I'm so looking foward to the moment Nathan Jones greets us with his growl and the aussie accent "Mate!".......

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Guest Craig Van Dam

I must say I thought The Rock was fantastic in his heel role a great promo at the start of the show a refreshing change for him.


I was impressed with Stamboli in his match with Rikishi how the hell did he gorillia press slam him?


Rey/Kidman Vs Matt/Shannon was a great tag match I hope Matt goes over at No Way Out


The rest was ok bar the Undertaker/Bigshow box shit

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Good to see someone finally get a win over Torrie Wilson!


And what's with Nathan Jones? His demeanour is just a carbon copy of the "Toecutter" character from Mad Max.

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While it didn't have any of the killer matches we've come to expect from SmackDown! it was still a very enjoyable 2 hours of wrestling with the exception of the womens "match".


Rocks promo was one of the best he ever did especially at the end were he started insulting fans for "boo'ing" him and then trying to do the catchphrases.

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I really enjoyed SD last night, i always liked The Rock best in his heel role!, he played it perfectly last night, complete with new meaner look!. The Rey/Kidman vs Matt and Shannon Moore fight was awesome, with Rey and Kidman working really well together!. The whole show was good, leading nicely into the ppv!
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Guest Jerichoholic
The Rock was superb. His promo was hilarious, I dunno how people can boo him, even if he is being heelish. Nathan Jones wasnt impressive though, his promo sucked.
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Sounded like a pretty poor show when I read the spoilers, but it came off much better on television. The Rock promos were fantasic, truly outstanding. The heel character is much fresher then the face act, and the interviews were the best thing on the entire show.


Saying that, the rest of the show was not too shoddy. The Rey/Kidman vs. Matt/Shannon Tag match was excellent, some really nice high spots and sequences. Its a shame it didn't get more time. Funny segment with Matt weighing himself before the match too. There was nothing of note in the Rikishi/Stamboli match bar the very impressive press slam. Why do all the newcomers have to job to Rikishi though?


The Undertaker box stuff was short and to the point this week thankfully though. Chris Benoit vs. A-Train was too short to be offensive. Usual stuff with Torrie vs. Nidia, highlight of the match being Torries nice pink outfit. :D The Brock vs. Team Angle stuff wasn't bad, it served its purpose well, hyping the No Way Out Six Man.


Overall a much better show than I expected.

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