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Annoying Bands

Guest emag

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Hello,anybody have any bands that you absolutley cant stand? I have loads,I hate,


The Hives

Blazing Squad and bands like that

Boy Bands

Tenacious D

and loads of other bands which i cant think of right now :D

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I hated The Hives when they first came out, but think they're great now, just so catchy are their tunes. As for the D, Tribute's been overplayed, but they were very cool live, and they are pretty cool.


My pet hates, I find Oasis very boring. Their songs are quite good, but its like they are releasing the same songs, as they were 6 years ago. Find it a bit nauseating.


Blink, do get on my nerves, as do most punk bands, just for lack of creativity.

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Avril springclean


Cradle of filth (ever since the hidden messages thing)


Blazing squad/so solid crew/pop crap





Theres probably a load more that I can't think of

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Guest Vampiro

Any crappy boy/girl bands like Blazin Squad, Blue. Girls Aloud etc..


Puddle Of Mudd

The Strokes

Tenacious D


Reel Big Fish

Mighty Mighty Bosstones...Most Ska punk come to think of it!

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Guest The Crippler

How dare some of you list Oasis! Scum thats what you lot are! :D


Umm let me see


Blazin Squad


So Solid Crew

One True Voice

The Streets

Puddle of Mudd

Linkin Park

S Club

S Club Juniors


The Hives (some good songs but I'm just irritated by Almqvist)


The Calling


Sum 41

Blink 182


Green Day


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To start off with The Hives are ace, i have the album and like nothing more than to pogo round the front room to them! :D


groups i dislike:





So Solid crew, Westlife, Blue-most boy bands.

Tenacious D



S Club jnrs.



Probably loads more.

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Guest Vampiro

you have 'the' album? they have 3 albums.

they are on work now writin a new album, so all u lucky people get to hear pure brilliance at least one more time :)

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Sorry, i should of put "their" cd, i got the last one with "Hate to say i told you" etc on it, i had it for xmas and it"s excellent, i will definatly get the new one, and also try and get the other two! glad we agree! :)
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