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Dead Crow

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Guest MillionLiraMan

Favourite band: AC/DC

Best song: Tough one there are so many good ones... Thunderstruck

Worst song: House Of Jazz (even if it sounds like he's saying 'House Of Jis'!), or large chunks of the 'Flick Of The Switch' album.

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Favourite Band : New Found Glory

Favourite Song : All of em are great but I love Sucker or Eyesore or Boy Crazy

Worst Song : Hmm....very hard to choose from,I'd say Broken Sound

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Guest PeteR Richards

Favourite Band #1: Pantera

Favourite Song: F*cking Hostile

Least Favourite Song: Suicide Note Pt. 1.


Favourite Band #2: Metallica

Favourite Song: One

Least Favourite Song: Battery (decided yesterday after my friends who're getting scarily obsessed with the Master Of Puppets album played it over and over again for at least 3 hours :mad )

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Originally posted by draVen

OMG Goldie, thats the worst cop out I've ever heard in my life. :P Theres gotta be one song you don't like as much as the rest. I personally detest Anarchy in the UK but thats not the point. Theres gotta be at least ONE you like least (even if it still rocks).


Ok,the one i like least is Stepping Stone, but it still beats all the 'slit your wrist' stuff you get today.Anarchy in the UK is very good, and 'Never mind the b******s is my favourite album ever, although i don't have much time to listen to it anymore.:) and if i'd of known u were a KoRn fan, they would of been on my worst list!!! :D

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