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Penn State and Child Rape


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I'm not sure how many of you are paying attention to this story, so I thought I would bring this to your attention.


Let's start with a timeline of events.


A chronological look at the case against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, based on a grand jury report in Pennsylvania state court. Some key dates in Penn State football history are included. Sandusky has been charged with 40 criminal counts, accusing him of serial sex abuse of minors.




1969 – Jerry Sandusky starts his coaching career at Penn State University as a defensive line coach.


1977 – Jerry Sandusky founds The Second Mile. It begins as a group foster home dedicated to helping troubled boys and grows into a charity dedicated to helping children with absent or dysfunctional families.


January 1983 – Associated Press voters select Penn State as college football's national champion for the 1982 season.


January 1987 – Associated Press voters select Penn State as college football's national champion for the 1986 season.


1994 – Boy known as Victim 7 in the report meets Sandusky through The Second Mile program at about the age of 10.


1994-95 – Boy known as Victim 6 meets Sandusky at a Second Mile picnic at Spring Creek Park when he is 7 or 8 years old.


1995-96 – Boy known as Victim 5, meets Sandusky through The Second Mile when he is 7 or 8, in second or third grade.


1996-97 – Boy known as Victim 4, at the age of 12 or 13, meets Sandusky while he is in his second year participating in The Second Mile program.


1996-98 – Victim 5 is taken to the locker rooms and showers at Penn State by Sandusky when he is 8 to 10 years old.


Jan. 1, 1998 – Victim 4 is listed, along with Sandusky's wife, as a member of Sandusky's family party for the 1998 Outback Bowl.


1998 – Victim 6 is taken into the locker rooms and showers when he is 11 years old. When Victim 6 is dropped off at home, his hair is wet from showering with Sandusky. His mother reports the incident to the university police, who investigate.


Detective Ronald Schreffler testifies that he and State College Police Department Detective Ralph Ralston, with the consent of the mother of Victim 6, eavesdrop on two conversations the mother of Victim 6 has with Sandusky. Sandusky says he has showered with other boys and Victim 6's mother tries to make Sandusky promise never to shower with a boy again but he will not. At the end of the second conversation, after Sandusky is told he cannot see Victim 6 anymore, Schreffler testifies Sandusky says, "I understand. I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won't get it from you. I wish I were dead."


Jerry Lauro, an investigator with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, testifies he and Schreffler interviewed Sandusky, and that Sandusky admits showering naked with Victim 6, admits to hugging Victim 6 while in the shower and admits that it was wrong.


The case is closed after then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar decides there will be no criminal charge.


June 1999 – Sandusky retires from Penn State but still holds emeritus status.


Dec. 28, 1999 – Victim 4 is listed, along with Sandusky's wife, as a member of Sandusky's family party for the 1999 Alamo Bowl.


Summer 2000 – Boy known as Victim 3 meets Sandusky through The Second Mile when he is between seventh and eighth grade.


Fall 2000 – A janitor named James Calhoun observes Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Football Building with a young boy, known as Victim 8, pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy. He tells other janitorial staff immediately. Fellow Office of Physical Plant employee Ronald Petrosky cleans the showers at Lasch and sees Sandusky and the boy, who he describes as being between the ages of 11 and 13.


Calhoun tells other physical plant employees what he saw, including Jay Witherite, his immediate supervisor. Witherite tells him to whom he should report the incident. Calhoun was a temporary employee and never makes a report. Victim 8's identity is unknown.


March 1, 2002 – A Penn State graduate assistant enters the locker room at the Lasch Football Building. In the showers, he sees a naked boy, known as Victim 2, whose age he estimates to be 10 years old, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky. The graduate assistant tells his father immediately.


March 2, 2002 – In the morning, the graduate assistant calls Coach Joe Paterno and goes to Paterno's home, where he reports what he has seen.


March 3, 2002 – Paterno calls Tim Curley, Penn State Athletic Director to his home the next day and reports a version of what the grad assistant had said.


March 2002 – Later in the month the graduate assistant is called to a meeting with Curley and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Gary Schultz. The grad assistant reports what he has seen and Curley and Schultz say they will look into it.


March 27, 2002 (approximate) – The graduate assistant hears from Curley. He is told that Sandusky's locker room keys are taken away and that the incident has been reported to The Second Mile. The graduate assistant is never questioned by university police and no other entity conducts an investigation until the graduate assistant testifies in Grand Jury in December 2010.


2005-2006 – Boy known as Victim 1 says that meets Sandusky through The Second Mile at age 11 or 12.


Spring 2007 – During the 2007 track season, Sandusky begins spending time with Victim 1 weekly, having him stay overnight at his residence in College Township, Pa.


Spring 2008 – Termination of contact with Victim 1 occurs when he is a freshman in a Clinton County high school. After the boy's mother calls the school to report sexual assault, Sandusky is barred from the school district attended by Victim 1 from that day forward and the matter is reported to authorities as mandated by law.


Early 2009 – An investigation by the Pennsylvania attorney general begins when a Clinton County, Pa. teen boy tells authorities that Sandusky has inappropriately touched him several times over a four-year period.


September 2010 – Sandusky retires from day-to-day involvement with The Second Mile, saying he wants to spend more time with family and handle personal matters.


Nov. 5, 2011 – Sandusky is arrested and released on $100,000 bail after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts.


Nov. 7, 2011 – Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly says Paterno is not a target of the investigation into how the school handled the accusations. But she refuses to say the same for university President Graham Spanier. Curley and Schultz, who have stepped down from their positions, surrender on charges that they failed to alert police to complaints against Sandusky.


Nov. 8, 2011 – Possible ninth victim of Sandusky contacts state police as calls for ouster of Paterno and Spanier grow in state and beyond. Penn State abruptly cancels Paterno's regular weekly press conference.


Nov. 9, 2011 – Paterno and Spanier, one of the nation's longest-serving college presidents, are ousted, effective immediately. Earlier in the day, Paterno announced he'd retire at the end of the season. In the end, he didn't have that choice.


~ Huff. Post



Yeah, so then Paterno gets fired...





...then this happens...





Now is it just me, or does it look like these college kids are protesting the firing of a child rape enabler?



Well, now I've seen it all...Never thought I'd see a PRO CHILD-RAPE PROTEST at an American university.


They're not protesting over whether or not Sandusky raped some kid, they're protesting over the fact that Paterno got sacked -- even though he reported an off-campus incident to his superiors, which was the legal thing for him to do.


Drunk college kids putting a football program OVER child rape. Doesn't say much for the future does it?



Regardless of who is at fault(Sandusky), the abuse went on for 15 years! Paterno's lucky that he only got fired.

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I hope you didn't think I was gonna leave this without a bit of conspiracy?


Just when you thought the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal couldn't possibly get any worse, we may have just scratched the surface. Joe Paterno being fired could be just the start of arguably the biggest downfall in the history of college athletics.


Pittsburgh radio personality Mark Madden, who penned a column for the Beaver County Times back in April of this year named "Sandusky a State secret," a column which foreshadowed the recent scandal which has absolutely gutted those of us in the Penn State family, was a guest on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on WEEI sports talk radio out of Boston on Thursday morning. During his appearance, Madden, who has been mostly right regarding this issue from the very start, dropped what can only be called a bombshell, an announcement which could mean far more than the end of Joe Paterno's career.


Madden stated that two "prominent columnists" are currently investigating a rumor that Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed to serve underprivileged youths, was "pimping out young boys to rich (Penn State) donors." Madden went on to say that Jerry Sandusky was told by those running the show at Penn State football that Sandusky had to retire after allegations made in 1998 that the defensive coordinator was guilty of "improper conduct with an underage male." Sandusky, thought by some to be Joe Paterno's successor at the time, abruptly and somewhat shockingly retired from coaching in 1999.


It actually gets worse. Madden went on to say "When Sandusky quit, everybody knew; not just at Penn State. It was a very poorly kept secret around college football, in general. That is why he never coached in college football again and retired at the relatively young age of 55, young for a coach." Madden also called the Second Mile Foundation "the perfect cover" for Sandusky's scheme.


I want to be absolutely clear about a few things. These reports, as of the writing of this piece, are coming only from Mark Madden, and they are currently only rumors and speculation. With that said, Mark Madden has been mostly correct about a grand jury investigation which was sealed until very recently. I'm not suggesting that I 100 percent believe Madden to be correct. I'm certainly not ignoring a word he's saying regarding the Sandusky case at this point.


Late Wednesday evening after Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State, an "in the know" individual told me that this story was going to get uglier, and that there were, at the very least, "dozens of more victims." My absolute worst fear regarding the issue is what Mark Madden spoke on Thursday morning. It's been widely reported that the US Department of Education is currently investigating Penn State. Are they going to find that Jerry Sandusky was running a multimillion-dollar criminal organization, one which resulted in dozens, possibly hundreds (or even more), of youths being sexually abused? Will they find that higher-ups at Penn State, including now former football coach Joe Paterno, covered-up Sandusky's heinous crimes? All I know this morning is that, after the worst week of my Penn State life, I don't know if anything would shock me


~ Yahoo


I smell Illuminatus behind this.





I dunno, Johnny, but it just ain't right. Even by my standards.

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Ok, when I read the first one, I was trying to see what Paterno had done wrong, he reported the incident to his superiors, but the second one makes it a bit clearer, that he knew this was going on and he did nothing to stop it, you know, like report it to the police and it smells like Penn State's a child porn/grooming ring.



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It just keeps getting worse, there's rumours of a big story being investigated that there was a child peddling ring invloved in all this as well... yeeesh :/


And Paterno seems to be a bit... senile? He spoke to reporters on his lawn after he got fired by voicemail and he told them to go study???

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Guest Anime Otaku

I know this thread was dead for a while but didn't think a new thread was really needed.


The NCAA has announced it's penalties for Penn State over this scandal, and they are really harsh even though they aren't shutting down the program. The penalies are:

Vacating all victories from 1998 to 2011 meaning that Paterno goes from NCAA's most successful coach to ranking 8th.

$60 million fine, equivilent to a years revenue from the football program.

No post season for 4 years

No more than 15 instead of 25 scholarships a year for 4 years.

Player that wish to leave Penn State can do so without having to sit out a year.


Also Penn State tore down the statue of Paterno that was outside the stadium.


Going by what they were saying on ESPN this penalty isn't just going to be felt for four years, it might be closer to a decade with Penn State losing players that want to have a shot at bowl games, or just generally don't want to associate themselves with the school, deciding to go elsewhere even in the last year of the penalties.

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