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TWO's Top Games Of All Time: Nominations


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Guys, we're all pretty much in agreement that the G4 list of the Top 100 games was a joke. To counteract this, we'll be doing our own.


In this thread, you can each nominate any game you want. Even if someone else nominates, please submit it again with why it is one of your favourite games.

Rule: The game in question MUST have been released on console or PC. Facebook games etc are not allowed and will not be counted.


Each person can nominate 10 games, no specific order needed.

Try to write at least a line on why it's one of your top games.


Once we're all confident everyone's finished, the nomination period will end and the list compiled :)


Let's go.


Ok mine:


Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (SEGA Mega Drive)

Whilst not the longest, first or most revolutionary of the Sonic games, perhaps the most enjoyable by a mile. The new powerups were a refreshing change to the Sonic formula, the levels were memorable and the story by and large was actually told more through cut-scenes.


Perfect Dark (Nintendo64)

Whilst I imagine there may be some votes for Goldeneye in this, another N64 game I played to death with my friends, when PD came out, it took up all of our time playing multiplayer. It took everything about Goldeneye and made it better without relying on a license. Fantastic game.


WWF No Mercy (Nintendo64)

Widely considered one of the best 2 WWE games ever made (Here Comes The Pain seems to be incredibly popular too), I have to admit still losing hours to this game. WrestleMania 2000 was a good game, but the branching story mode, editable roster and more modes made a greater game on a great engine.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (PS3/Xbox 360)

Granted I can be considered a Ghostbusters fan boy, I grew up with the films and Real Ghostbusters toys and cartoons. The game in 2009 was well worth the wait. The controls and handling of the proton packs and traps was pretty much spot on, the graphics were great (the proper CGI cutscenes made the engine run ones look weak) was fantastic and it was amazing to finally get a new GB story with all the original actors.


Streets of Rage (SEGA Mega Drive)

Of a similar vein to the heralded Golden Axe, but in a modern day. What a fantastic side-scrolling beat em up this game was. Time consuming and still great to this day. Whilst I played it many many many many times, I actually only beat Mr X last year when playing Co-Op.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3/Xbob 360)

Whilst a fan of PD/Goldeneye, those were the only real FPS' I ever played. The reason for this is simple. I'm crap at them, utterly horrendous and I have no problems admitting this, I camp a lot of the time. MW2 was the first FPS I really REALLY got into. I played the single player to death, the special ops took up hours of my time and shock/horror, I actually played the multiplayer to death, even with being crap, I got averagely decent on some maps. I prefer MW3 single player to any other FPS', but MW2 for me was the all-round package.


Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Who didn't play and love Mario Kart. It set the absolute standard for character karting games that I don't think any have ever matches up to, although Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing came close. It's always seemed to be the easy thing to do was put any license on a karting game, but Super Mario Kart still holds up today as a great, enjoyable fun racing game.


Killer Instinct (Nintendo64)

Some may be saying, what is this game? Well it was a fantastic fighting game on the N64. While 2D, the graphics were rendered to look more 3D, it had fun little ends to fights, and it had gore without being excessive. The gameplay and controls were great, and I found it much more accessible and playable than other fighters like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

Gran Turismo 3 (PlayStation 2)

Gran Turismo used to be much more popular, and fantastically better. I havent played GT5 if I'm honest, but it didn't sell well. Everyone with a PS2 used to want to play Gran Turismo, and a PS1 too. I remember when my Mom got my PS2, she got me GT3 instead of GTA3 like I asked, and while the disappointment lingered for a while, I loved the hell out of GT3, the first game on PS3, the graphics were phenomenal, and the gameplay was just spot on. It had everything of the first 2 games but so much more being on PS2.


Alex The Kidd In Miracle World (SEGA Master System)

One of the simplest, yet hardest games of all time. I still haven't ever finished it, though usually I use all my lives getting over the spikes in the Jungle level and turn it off. You run, you jump, you punch. Easy as that, but then you also swim, collect coins, fight in Yanken matches, fight racing bulls, use powerup rings, ride a motorbike and helicopter, can fly. Such a great great title, none of the other Alex Kidds came close to this one.

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Contra Because up up down down left right left right B A start.


Legend of Zelda(nes) Innovated adventure style gaming.


Mortal Kombat Trilogy Amazing and almost unlimited re-playability.


Street Fighter Alpha 2 Best fighting game of all time.


WWF No Mercy Arguably the GOAT wrestling game.


Final Fantasy VII Re-invented the RPG


Resident Evil 2 The first game to make my drop my controller and say holy shit!


Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head and nightmares to this very day.


Castlevania :Symphony of the Night RPG/Horror/Adventure side scroller of epicosity and easily one of my favorite games of all time. I can play this thing over and over and never get tired of it.


Minecraft(PC) I don't know how else to say it. It's just a neat little game where your imagination and creativity is the main objective. You can chose to create monolithic objects or to just simply survive in an infinite number of worlds and endless maps or even discover two different dimensions that can lead you epic combat with a dragon.


The multiplayer is awesome and a lot of fun. Split into teams for capture the flag or compete in a hunger games style map where it's every player for themselves to the death and you all start with nothing. or just building really cool stuff together while you chat on skype.


It's prefect for all ages and even girls that aren't big into gaming will have fun punching trees or running away from or getting blown up by Creepers. Parents can play with their kids. It's just a cool game I think everyone of all ages should at least try.


Also, there are tons of mods and custom maps to make things more interesting as well as custom skins so your player can look like Batman, Snoop Dog, The 10th and 11th Doctor and pretty much everything you can think of. There are also texture packs you can install to give your game a unique look. Instead of carrying around a cute little pixelated sword, you're welding a Rune Broadsword. Turn your generic looking default armor into detailed battle suits and the.


Even the default maps are endless. If you have room on your HDD you could keep walking forever through different environments called biomes. Plains, Jungle, Desert, Tundra etc. and the landscape will be unique every time. Seriously, it's an awesome game with a retro look that I really enjoy and I think others who haven't tried it may like it. I'm sure it's not for everyone. Although even hardcore MLG Pro gamers take time out to play a little Minecraft.


Wow, that really threw me off and now I'm off to play some Mindcrack so I'll stop my list here for now.

There's more that I can't think of at the moment anyway. So many really great games over the last thirty years it's hard to think of them all in one go.


I'm sure I'll come up with more as people contribute to the thread.

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Guest Edgehead

In no particular order


Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive)

This is the game I most fondly remember as a kid, I never had a Nintendo I was always a Sega/Sonic guy


Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)

Again this was one of the big games for me growing up


Resident Evil (PSOne)

I played this for the first time at a mates house & it is the main reason I ditched my Mega Drive for a PSOne


Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)

For years & years I avoided RPGs after playing a Final Fantasy game & thinking it sucked but I played Fallout 3 & absolutely loved it


Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

There had never been anything quite like this. Absolutely loved it


Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Just a fantastic game


Shinobi 3 (Mega Drive)

Was never too keen on Revenge of Shinobi but I thought this was awesome



GoGo The Ghost (Commodore 64)

This may seem an odd choice but I'm pretty sure this is the first video game I ever played & I have fond memories of it from when I was really young


Silent Hill (PSOne)

One of the creepiest & atmospheric games ever



Possibly the most iconic FPS of them all

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Probably the greatest piece of story telling in any game ever




Started the whole FFS genre still a classic to this day.


Sonic the Hedgehog


Sega's answer to Mario, some thought it would flop, they were wrong.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


I think this game made Xbox Live the giant it is, awesome online game.


Street Fighter II


Launched on the SNES and probably the greatest fighting game ever!!




Just the feel of the whole game, a true classic


Douible Dragon


Might not have been everyones cup of tea but I spent a fortune on this as a kid.

Streets Of Rage


Great fun and the megadrives awsner to Street Figher II


Mortal Kombat


First time playing this as a kid it blew me away, nothing was like that back then.


Pro Evolution Soccer


For a good few years this kicked Fifa's ass and was the best footie game on the market.

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Thing is though, I didn't care for II on snes. I think it was because I was such a fan of the arcade. I sunk so much money into that thing at my local arcade back in the day and I loved Alpha II for console.


Yeah, I'll throw Street Fighter II(snes) on my list. Why not.

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Guest Fatherof10minis

In no paticular order


1. Blood Omen: The Legacy Of Kain (Playstation 1) Probably won't make anyone else's list but i found myslef addicted to this game. I liked the flow of the story and fairly easy gameplay. Had good amounts of blood and gore for any teenagers enjoyment.


2. Grand Theft Auto Vice City (Playstation 2) Ray Liotta doing the voice of the main character was awesome. Great gameplay and for me the best story of the GTA's.


3. Phantasy STar IV (Sega Genesis) For me the greatest RPG in the 16 bit realm and the game that for me signified the end of 16 bit systems in the forefront. great gameplay, fun story, 1st RPG for me that had real interesting characters.


4. Final Fantasy 12 (Playstation 2) Loved the new fight scene style, unbelievable graphics and huge lands to roam.


5. Super Mario Kart (SNES N64 WII) Just stands the test of time and fun at any age.


6. Tecmo super bowl (Sega Genesis) the simplest football game of all time, 8 plays to choose and yet addictive, love to run up stats


7. Zelda II Links Awakening (NES) Don't have a good reason just was addicted to itas a kid.


8. Final Fantasy(NES) Start of my favorite franchise


9. Lunar the silver star (Sega CD) just a good RPG from a short lived system.


10. Doom (any version any system) nuff said

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Guest 3BigDen

My list consists of 10 games that I believe should be the greatest of all times. I decided only by what I enjoy the most.


Mass Effect (xbox360) science fiction at it's best!


Bomberman series (multi) Such an easy game to pick up. You lay bombs to destroy blocks, and pray you get a power up that's useful. Highly addictive, in a party of competition.


Tekken Tag (ps2) Practice makes perfect in this game. I have made at least 1thousand dollars in this game during competitions. While in college people would buy this game, just to practice and eventually challenge me to loose. My martial law and King tag teams moves, will forever be part of me.


Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox) At the pawn shop I stumbled across an Xbox live 12 Month gold membership, for only 2$. Since that day online gaming has been a staple in my life. Battlefront was the first game I got for the online experience. And it delivered with finesse.


Goldeneye (n64) Odd job, may day, the stack, facility, and golden guns.


Mortal kombat series (multi) Fighting games are a dime a dozen, and this one to me is the blood stained diamond. I've never bought all of a series's games just for one character, but scorpion is that unique as well as deadly.


Wcw vs. Nwo revenge (N64) not the best graphically, but the factions in this game, were top notch. You could add people to different factions. For example I put raven in the wolfpack, and put Kevin Nash In ravens flock. Gets no better then that. Also I loved the button scheme.


Red dead redemption (360) Great graphics, great story and great multiplayer.


Zelda series (Nintendo) The hero saves the princess, has never felt so good. In an epic manner, Zelda always delivers. If im fooling with a dungeon mission or sling shotting a deku seed, I'm gonna be having the time of my life.


Halo 2 (Xbox) This game changed the way I viewed every game after. The Multiplayers multi chat function was award winning, bungie I pat you on the back!

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Guest Hanahbananabob

Thought I would contribute to this thread :P


1. Call Of Duty Black Ops: I know most people tend to hate this game, but I've been pretty much addicted to it since it came out and play it practically everyday. Campaign was kinda lame, but I really enjoy the multiplayer and theres only a couple maps I don't like. Plus I'm actually pretty good at it now, compared to the other COD games


2. Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock: I first had this for the Wii and have since got it for the Xbox. I'm choosing this purely because i've spent hours and hours playing this game and was the first guitar hero I got and my favourite!


3. Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain (PS2): Just an awesome awesome wrestling game that I spent way too much time on. Loved the season/career mode and was the last great wrestling game in my opinion, thought it went downhill after the first SD vs Raw game.


4. Streets Of Rage (Sega Megadrive): This game has been mentioned a lot already, but I absolutely loved this game and me and my brother used to spend hours playing the co-op mode and losing on the last level :( My favourite level was always the elevator level!


5. Gunstar Heroes (Sega Megadrive): This is a random one, not many people seem to remember this game, but it was always one of my favourite sega games along with Streets of Rage and Altered Beast!


That's all for now, there's probably more but I would just end up listing loads of Sega games!

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Guest Beefhead

Wcw vs. Nwo revenge (N64) not the best graphically, but the factions in this game, were top notch. You could add people to different factions. For example I put raven in the wolfpack, and put Kevin Nash In ravens flock. Gets no better then that. Also I loved the button scheme


Loved that feature too had Jericho and Konnan as tag champs in NWO Hollywood

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Guest Jamster26

I agree with Omega, although I do think it's perfect. The fact that there is plenty more to come from Arena Net in terms of expansions etc fills me with much joy.


Best online game I've ever played. And I played Age of Empires.

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Dino Dini's GOAL! - Amiga 1200

One of the first football games I played, and an utterly immersive experience. Plus it was one of the first games I can remember where you could actually edit player names, attributes and team names/kits, to make custom teams. It was a top down view, with slightly clunky player control, however if you bought a half decent joystick and mastered "after touch" which is basically not only running onto a ball, but hitting it first time and then holding on to the button and shifting the joystick very slightly to the left or right, you could make the ball dip and swerve in the air. A bit like Cristiano Ronaldo before he ever picked up a hairbrush.


Road Rash - Megadrive

Absolutely bloody love Road Rash, always have, always will, and I haven't even played it for about 15 years. Just a really basic idea for a game; competing in a brutal series of motorcycle races to win bikes. The original Need For Speed.


Steel Batallion - XBox

Admittedly, not many people got to own this because of the scarcity of the game coupled with the prohibative price of the over-size controller (£130). But in 2002 Boyo spent a pretty decent chunk of his student loan on this game (from Merry Hill, Dudley :)) and enjoyed probably the best game of it's type... ever. You were in control of a mech which, if you're not a total geek, is basically you piloting a "you have 10 seconds to comply" thing from Robocop. The game itself was really good, but it was the controller, that amazing controller, that set it apart. You had three desktop joysticks; one for direction, one for looking, one for aiming the weapon (with weapons launch button), and you controlled the speed with pedals. In some cases, you had to change gear to go in to a "sprint". It was excrutiatingly difficult to learn, a total bugger to master, but once you had then it was a completely immersive experience.


Halo - XBox

I had this at launch. I played and completed it as single player and two-player and thought it was streets ahead of anything launched before it. It's been overtaken now, but was groundbreaking then.


Project Gotham Racing - XBox

As you can tell, I had an XBox :lol. Don't really want to bore you to death, but this was a frikkin' amazing racing game. For me, the best part was that the brakes were touch sensitive so you could really control your cornering. Plus you could bash the cars about and race around Buckingham Palace.


Flashback - PC

I had this one and played it religiously. Back in it's time there was no other game like it and I think it still looks beautiful to this day. Not actually sure what it was about :lol but I know you had to control a realistic looking bloke around some beautifully rendered platform levels.


Championship Manager 1999/00 - PC

Boyo was PSV, Sam was Liverpool, Mark was Juventus. Over three years in Uni we played this solid, in some cases having 60 hour "long weekends" dedicated to it. The beauty of our game was that we only played each other once every couple of seasons, and usually in the latter stages of the Champions League. Mark (Juve) bought Pablo Aimar from Valencia for £18m before selling him for £105m to Real Madrid. Sam pilfered Kevin Hofland and Mark Van Bommel from me. Boyo discovered a 17 year old Kaka and brought him to Holland for £3m. I knew he was a bit spesh even then.



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