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WWE RAW SuperShow Discussion Thread - July 9, 2012 from Denver, CO (#998)


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United States: Live, Monday Night, July 9, at 9/8c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 10, at 2AM on SkySportsHD3



Pepsi Center in Denver, CO


Confirmed Matches/Events


Past RAW Superstar to Appear


Final Build to Money-in-the-Bank


Build to the 1,000th Episode of RAW

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Guest HH-Evolution



...WWE Creative have certainly had the last laugh with the anon GM, lol

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Guest Frank Botch

Just voted no. Not voting is a vote for the establishment.


Or something.


Kids are the worst.

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The thing I liked about the opening segment was when AJ said "Nobody has ever loved me" or something along those lines. I thought that was a pretty good development, rather than her just be crazy. The rest of it was absolutely awful though.


And Broadus is still a terrible act. What exactly are they doing with him? Is his sole role going to be a squash match every week? His music is stale, those women can't dance, he can't wrestle and the kids being in the ring is the corniest sh*t I've seen in a long time.




RAW has been awful tonight.

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Guest Fatherof10minis
The opener was the first time i found this angle boring way too long and so much dead airtime where everyone is just staring at each other like they forgot their lines.
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