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BATracer: TWO F1 Championship: Season 2 (Sign-Up Included)


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We're a couple days away from finishing Season 1. Chris2k is the man to beat this season, having won the championship with an incredibly strong second half to the season. Fletch, Magic and Omega all staked viable claims to the championship too before Chris ran away at the end of the season.


Rules for this season:


-GP 2012 carset to be used.

-No Second Drivers. While they were used last season to make up numbers, they are against BATracer rules and are only to ever be used as a last resort.

-Inter-Team Data Sharing and Team Chat is encouraged


And the main new rule.


-Initially, only 5 teams will be able to be chosen from. Due to the greater data from having a full team over a single driver team, 2 driver teams are vitally important. As such, when you sign up in here, please state the team you wish to drive for. Once all 5 teams are full, new cars will be available to further sign ups. What this essentially means is that the first 10 drivers are guaranteed to have a team mate.

This is being done to even the playing field after 'Team Banana2k' dominated the second half of Season 1. It also creates a better Constructors Championship to encourage team working.


The 5 teams available for the first ten drives are Red Bell, Team Wales, Mernandez, McLewis and Sotul


Please state which team when signing up, you will then have to join this team when you are given the link and password to the new game.


5 teams are full. This is enough to race with, however, Fierce Indians team has 2 drives available for any further signups.



Red Bell (Red Bull)


-The Bisch


Team Wales (Ferrari)




Mernandez (Mercedes)


-The Fury


McLewis (McLaren)




Sotul (Lotus)




Fierce Indians:





Non-selectable teams yet: Bauber, Wallace, Rotherham, Moldovan, IRT, Roro Torso.

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Guest Magic

Can myself and Megs go Lotus, instead of Rotherham, seen as Chris and Hannah are moving to the Macca's?


Edit; Just seen Omega's post above :lol


Rotherhams are fine too, I don't mind.

Edited by Magic
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Guest Hanahbananabob
Well, it looks like I have no say in whether I want to be in this and who my team mate is :P haha, just kidding chris, let me win this time though, yeah? ;)
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Due to unanimous decision, Omega and Magic are indeed in Lotus/Sotul. Yeah the logic was that I was sure Chris2k had said he wanted Rotherham again and given they were defending champions and all, but that's fine. We have a few days before I can set the game up anyway :)
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