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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - September 3, 2012 from Chicago, IL (#1006)


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United States: Live, Monday Night, September 3, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, September 4, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL (CM Punk's Hometown)


Confirmed Matches/Events


Build to Night of Champions

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Random, but Punk looks a lot better wearing jeans. It's annoying whenever he, or any wrestler for that matter, wears their ring gear in non-wrestling segments.


I liked him channeling Omar Little too.

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I figured that was the only was for Punk to get heel heat in Chicago was not to appear/wrestle. I don't know how well that worked though.


Okay Raw so far.




Texas Cloverleaf!? Is that a sixth move of doom I see? Sheamus is getting better. Not because of the cloverleaf(lol). I can just see him trying to improve. He may win me over yet. He needs to berry more people though.


RickyRod is an MVP.


No King or Cena(yet) is an improvement.

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Guest Edgehead
I'm intrigued to see where they're heading with this Punk/Heyman thing & hopefully it means Heyman will be around for more than just Lesnar's limited appearances
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Guest Fatherof10minis

Great way to end raw with heyman, hopefully heyman becomes a main part of what punk is doing. Heyman has always been an anti establishment type like punk portrays.


Again kane and daniel bryan delivered. Im gonna say it again, they will be tag champs one day.


Is vickie guerrero trying to get rid of AJ or perhaps mover herself back into a GM position? Her and AJ is very interesting and cant wait to see where it goes.


Miz on commentary had its moments but overall was pretty damn awesome. He and layla was some good stuff.


Ryback is beginning to become a bore to me. Still big with the crowd but something needs to change


As for change, hopefully this is the moment jack swagger eeinvents himself. The guy is a good worker, just needs a new gimmick.


Orton vs dolph was my fdavorite match of the night and awesome for dolph to get the win. All those years orton was supposed to be too big a bitch to put over somebody is long gone.


Cena vs ADR was better than i thought and more physical than i thought it would be. I mean really its rare to go through announce tables these days on raw and especially for cena to be the one taking the hit.

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Guest John Hancock

I've heard the backstage peeps are absolutely in love with AJ, she's going to be everywhere.


She's a looker, so I've no problem with that. There's always mute buttons.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

Kane and Bryan are a million, billion, trillion, gazillion stars.


Also Cena vs Alberto was a surprisingly good and hurty brawl, really loved it.


As soon as I saw Miz out there I thought that this just might be the solution to the Miz conundrum. He was OK but he didnt say as much as I expected him to. He seemed either scared of or prohibited from talking a lot of the time, there was a lot of dead air. But I totally hope they revisit this since he has potential.

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