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WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Discussion Thread - October 28, 2012 from Atlanta, GA


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The fourth annual WWE Hell in a Cell will come to you, live on pay-per-view, on October 28 from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.


Official Theme Songs: "In The End" by Black Veil Brides & "Sandpaper" by Fozzy




Confirmed Matches/Events


WWE Championship: Hell in a Cell:

CM Punk © vs. Ryback


World Heavyweight Championship:

Sheamus © vs. Big Show


Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio


WWE Tag Team Championship:

Team Hell No © vs. Team Rhodes Scholars


Intercontinental Championship:

Kofi Kingston © vs. The Miz


Divas Championship: Triple Threat:

Eve © vs. Layla vs. Kaitlyn


Exclusive Pre-Show Interview with John Cena




Tag Team Tournament Brackets

The Usos-----

-------------------------Rhodes Scholars (9/28)

Rhodes Scholars-----


------------------------------------------------Rhodes Scholars (10/8)

Ryder & Santino-----

--------------------------Ryder & Santino (10/3)

Kidd & Gabriel-------


---------------------------------------------------------------Rhodes Scholars (10/22)

Truth & Kofi---------

-----------------------------Prime Time Players (10/5)

Prime Time Players---


-------------------------------------------------Rey & Sin Cara (10/8)

Rey & Sin Cara------

-----------------------------Rey & Sin Cara (10/1)

Primo & Epico-------

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Just be glad that they don't have two pay-per-views in October anymore, otherwise, we'd have about a two week build to Hell in a Cell :lol


I've read rumors that they are planning on having Sheamus vs. Big Show in a Hell in a Cell Match. Yikes.

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Guest Jimmy Redman

As of now he'll be a face on house shows to replace John Cena.


Whether he'll do the same on TV we dont know yet. I'm sure they're spending the next 24 hours trying to figure it out.

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Guest awstevans

Its about time Big Show had a face turn. Its been almost 5 months without one.


*while you have been reading this message Kane has turn heel and then back to face again.

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Sheamus vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title has been announced for Hell in a Cell (it's not a Hell in a Cell match, however). There will also be a WWE Tag Team Title match as the winners of the tag team tournament (Rhodes Scholars, Primo & Epico, Ryder & Santino, Truth & Kofi, Rey & Sin Cara, Kidd & Gabriel, or The Prime Time Players) will challenge Kane & Daniel Bryan at the pay-per-view.


I can't see them going through with Punk vs. Cena at Hell in a Cell given Cena's injury. Supposedly, Cena will not be allowed to wrestle for another 5 weeks and it seems too risky to have him compete in a major title match fresh off the injury (especially in a Hell in a Cell match). I fully expect to see Punk vs. Ryback at the event, even though I don't want to see Ryback have his undefeated streak ended so soon.

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Guest HH-Evolution

The moment he loses, all momentum in his push is lost and people will wind up not caring...

Ugh, that's not a plan I'd like to see yet - I would rather have had Punk/Show or somethin, given any choice at all.

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Guest Ciaran The King
Unless Ryback joins with Punk WWE are risking a lot by potentially having him lose clean. At this stage maybe they should add Kane/Bryan and Dolph in and make it a 4 way.
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Guest Jimmy Redman

He can lose not cleanly.


And I still think there's only a slight chance of this happening anyway. Cena will work the show unless his arm falls off.

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Guest Edgehead
I hope Cena makes it to the ppv. I'd much rather see Punk v Ryback but its way too soon for Ryback to win the big one & I don't wanna see his undefeated streak end yet.
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Guest The Beltster

Ryback as WWE champion. Even the thought of it is God-awful. First off all, he's f*cking dog shit, secondly, he looks retarded and third, and most importantly, he used to be called Skip. SKIP!



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