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The WCW thread: top 5 WCW superstars of all time:

Guest meushar100

Greatest 5 WCW wrestlers of all time:  

97 members have voted

  1. 1. Greatest 5 WCW wrestlers of all time:

    • Hulk Hogan
    • Bill Goldberg
    • Sting
    • Kevin Nash
    • Bret Hart
    • Ric Flair
    • D.D.P
    • Lex Luger
    • The Giant
    • Booker-T
    • Big Van Vader
    • Rey Mysterio
    • Chris Benoit
    • Chris Jericho
    • Sid Vicious

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I'd say Hogan, Flair, Sting and Goldberg are the obvious ones. After that, maybe Nash, Savage, DDP, Steiner, Booker T etc., but the top 4 is clear, I think.
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Guest meushar100

If I need to rank them, I would say:

#1. Bill Goldberg (ofcourse)

#2. Hogan

#3. Sting

#4. Kevin Nash

#5. Bret Hart

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Guest The Beltster
Tough to say an order. Flair is probably the most famous NWA/WCW guy because of his tenure and WCW was considered the Flair promotion, but Hogan killed Flair when they went head to head in the 80's and then in the 90's, Hogan did better business with the nWo than Flair even did in WCW. So for business, Hogan over Flair, for connection to the company, Flair over Hogan. Sting and Goldberg were important, Goldberg because he was a huge short term draw and Sting because he was the face of the company, even though he never drew anything. The Horseman and Dusty...you can go on and on.
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Guest John Hancock

Voted for Goldberg, Sting, Flair, Hogan and Jericho in no particular order.


Goldberg was the closet WCW ever came to making a star, Sting was the closest thing WCW ever had to a mega-baby face icon (Goldberg was always too new for icon status I thought), Flair was the figure head of the company from the NWA days, Hogan going to WCW started the Monday Night Wars and made the company a big deal in the first place, and Jericho was the best piece of talent scouting they ever did and was the mouthpiece and front man for an entire division; a division that also happened to almost always have the match of the show, every show.


In terms of comparing it to modern day WWE;


Goldberg = CM Punk (he's not John Cena because everyone with descended testicles didn't loath him)


Sting = Undertaker


Flair = Austin/Rock


Hogan = I've run out of already pretty weak analogies


Jericho = Daniel Bryan

Edited by John Hancock
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Sting. Flair was more of an NWA guy than a WCW guy, he was already well passed him prime by the time WCW came around. But the man who took his place was Sting, he was THE man in WCW.
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