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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - February 4, 2013 from Atlanta, GA (#1028)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, February 4, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, February 5, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA


Confirmed Matches/Events


Miz TV with Special Guest, Paul Heyman


Build to WWE Elimination Chamber

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Loved how Cena, Ryback and Sheamus did a "Shield" on The Shield. Have to say that since I've started watching wrestling again the wrestlers that have caught my eye have been Dolph and Seth Rollins. Loving the Shield so far.
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Guest Fatherof10minis

I jumped out my seat for Mark Henry, that was a badass return.


Brock fu##ed Miz up good and i have to say I kinda liked it cause it was the Miz. Heyman was awesome yet again.


Punk/jericho was great match and punks opening to the show was awesome.


Is anyone disappointed besides me that the "champ" no showed? This is what disappoints me about someone getting a belt on a part time workload. Rock needs to be on every raw building towards mania at this point IMHO.

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I dunno. This was more the good guys saying "we're onto your tricks now". What really needs to happen is for the Shield to escalate it a level next week. I'd have them take folks out backstage one by one instead of all coming through the crowd for a change, just to prove that NOWHERE is safe from the Shield. But then I'd also do crazy stuff like have someone attacked at home or in their hotel room by the Shield, just to really put across that you can never be truly safe from them.


Come on WWE spies, you listen to Jimmy's stuff all the time, how about listening to one of my ideas instead of just stealing my tag team name? :lol

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Guest Canned Heat

Punk was fine to start the show.


OH MY GOD WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? IS JACK SWAGGER BACK? WOW! HE DOESN'T HAVE A COMB OVER ANYMORE AND HIS GEAR IS BLACK! WHAT A BMF'ER! NO. You suck and so does your gimmick. Get completely new gear and become a face. Because that is the only way you will get over.


Vickie is the most talentless performer the WWE has EVER signed. She talks like she is reading off of a teleprompter and she has trouble reading. Why do you assign the worst talker in history to a job where all she does is talk? She makes me want to turn the channel and never turn back.


Jericho vs Punk was awesome. Best WWE match of 2013? I'd say so. "Sit down, Marks!"


I'm being completely honest when I say this: Brad Maddox absolutely blew me away tonight. Push this guy to the moon.


I also really liked Big Show tonight. Some really good AE type stuff, which this whole feud has really been built on. Tying guys up and beating the crap out of them? Check. Waiting it the parking lot? Check. Brawl at an off site hotel? Check.


I also REALLY liked The Shield segment with Ryback, Cena, and Sheamus. REALLY LIKED IT. Until the end, when they just ran away after some corner brawling. I would have liked for all of the Shield members to take a finisher.

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Guest Ciaran The King

Really enjoyed Raw this week:)


Rhodes/ADR, Rey/Bryan, Ryback/Cesaro, Orton/Barrett, Kane/ Sheamus, Punk/Jericho, Brock, Henry, Punk and our new WWE Champion The Ro.....oh yeah that's right the WWE Champion didn't appear.


For the guys that did show they made Raw a very enjoyable 3hrs:)

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I couldn't help but notice the lack of Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, & Big E. Langston on the show. Don't tell me they are giving up on Dolph again. Giving up on Big E. Langston, I would understand, but not Dolph. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that they are keeping Ziggler off of TV to try and take him out of the fans' consciousness to set him up to cash in at Elimination Chamber to win the title.


When it comes to The Rock, we will all have to get used to the WWE Champion (*shudders*) not appearing in the WWE as he is not scheduled to appear at all for the entire month of March from what I've read. In a perfect world, Rock would drop the title at Elimination Chamber, but this is the WWE we're talking about, so I expect them to go forward with Rock vs. Cena II for the title at WrestleMania with almost all of the build-up coming from Cena.


I was genuinely surprised to learn that they had finally netted Bruno Sammartino for the Hall of Fame. Granted, when they teased an "epic announcement" about a legend getting inducted that was well overdue and all that, it kind of gave it away as, to me, it was either going to be Sammartino or Randy Savage (who should still get inducted this year, by the way).

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Guest Jimmy Redman









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Guest Ciaran The King
Is it me or did Maddox talk like Baine at some key points of his promo?


Yeah I noticed it too, I think it was when he said "do what you will"


Personally I like Maddox, reminds me of Ziggler when he debut

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