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IMPACT WRESTLING - 20th June 2013 (Peoria)

Guest FreeSpirit

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Guest FreeSpirit





The Peoria Civic Center - Peoria, Illinois


TV Schedule:

USA: Thursday 20th June on Spike TV at 9/8c - LIVE

UK: Sunday 23rd June on Challenge Late Zone at 9pm


Open Fight Night As The Bound For Glory Series Begins

20th June 2013


Preview Thursday's special "Open Fight Night" edition of "IMPACT WRESTLING" on SpikeTV at 9/8c LIVE from Peoria, Illinois at the Peoria Civic Center, as the annual "Bound For Glory Series" officially kicks off this week.


Thursday's "IMPACT WRESTLING" will feature the official start of the annual "Bound For Glory Series". All 12 participants will be in action on the huge broadcast. Based on fan votes at our website, either Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode will get the first call-out to kick off the "Bound For Glory Series". On Thursday, the annual competition begins, with one lucky superstar eventually winning a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.


"The Icon" Sting shocked the wrestling world by announcing he was forming a new Main Event Mafia in TNA. Will Sting reveal more about his plans this Thursday to reform one of the most dominant groups in TNA history? Who will be the members of Sting's Main Event Mafia? Don't miss more from Sting on "IMPACT WRESTLING".


TNA Knockouts executive Brooke Hogan will give a "State Of The Knockouts Division" address on Thursday night. What does Brooke have planned for the ladies of TNA?


Plus, Thursday's "Open Fight Night" edition of "IMPACT WRESTLING" will feature more of your favourite superstars, including Hulk Hogan, World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and the Aces and Eights, Kurt Angle, World Tag Team Champions "Cowboy" James Storm and Gunner, X Division Champion Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and many more.


All this and much more on Thursday's LIVE "IMPACT WRESTLING" from Peoria at 9/8c on SpikeTV!



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Guest FreeSpirit






Airing This Sunday in The UK


We open with a video package looking back at the history of the Bound For Glory Series to hype this year's edition, then we go to the ring where Hulk Hogan has ten of the twelve participants in this year's BFG Series in the ring. We kick off the BFG Series tonight, and Hogan brings out the final two participants and the previous two winners, Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy so we can find out who the fans voted to get the first challenge on Open Fight Night. Jeff Hardy wins with two thirds of the vote to not my surprise, but Austin Aries interrupts before he can make his choice and says that the fans voted for him, but they cheer Aries' name every time he comes to town. Daniels interrupts Aries and says it might be a good idea to challenge Aries or anyone else in the BFG Series because he'd start the series with the most demoralizing defeat of his career if he faced Kazarian or himself. Hardy says they all make good cases, but Bobby Roode made it personal last week so he's calling him out. Before that match can begin, a big brawl breaks out with all twelve men fighting it out in the ring. We go to commercial while TNA officials try to get this sorted out.


We're back,and just so everyone's 100% clear on the scoring, here is how points are awarded (or lost) in each match:


Submission: 10 points


Pinfall: 7 points


Countout: 5 points


DQ win: 2 points


Draw: 2 points


DQ loss: -10 points


So obviously you want to go for the decisive wins, and avoid doing anything that will get yourself disqualified. Ken Anderson comes out first and says that he wants to face Joseph Park...Park for an easy W.


Bound For Glory Series: Ken Anderson vs Joseph Park


Anderson toys with Park to start, zipping around him and actually feeding Park a side headlock so he can easily escape. Anderson easily controls the match until Park suddenly starts chain wrestling circles around Anderson. This only serves to piss Anderson off, and he dropkicks Park's knee out from under him then starts unloading with right hands. Park gets a quick schoolboy rollup for 2, but Anderson smacks him right back down. Park dodges a swanton and starts a comeback. Park gets Anderson in a Boston crab, he lets go of the hold when Doc runs down to ringside to distract him and Anderson gets a rollup for 2, Doc nails Park with a boot from the outside and Anderson hits the Mic Check for the win.


Winner: Ken Anderson


Anderson wins the first match in this year's BFG Series, and is currently at the top of the leader board with 7 points.


Speaking of the BFG Series, the rest of the participants are backstage, and they're...GETTING PSYCHED! We'll find out who challenges who next after commercial!


Aces & Eights is in the locker room and Anderson is gloating over his win, saying he deserves to be the new VP. Doc says that Anderson was skating backward until he came out to help him, but Bully Ray gets between them and says that the VP will be decided by a group vote.


Jay Bradley is in the ring and says he's not hiding from anyone, and he wants the man who won the TNA World Title last year during the BFG Series, and tells Austin Aries to get out here so he can get Boomsticked.


Bound For Glory Series: Jay Bradley vs Austin Aries


They start fighting before the bell, go out to the floor briefly, then go back inside where Bradley backdrops Aries to the apron and then boots him out to the floor. Bradley starts unloading on Aries with heavy shots, but misses a boot in the corner and allows Aries to connect with a series of punches and the IED. Aries hits a missile dropkick and goes for another IED, but Bradley gets the boot up and goes for the Boomstick. Aries blocks, but Bradley picks Aries up and hits a backbreaker and goes for another Boomstick. Aries counters to the crucifix bomb, hits another IED and finishes Bradley with the brainbuster.


Winner: Austin Aries


Aries wins this one between two first-time BFG Series competitors, and is now one step closer to a chance to regain the TNA World Title.


We go to a video package looking at Sting getting hung out to dry against Aces & Eights, and his subsequent announcement that he's bringing back the Main Event Mafia. Speaking of Sting, he's backstage and tells the cameraman that he has a sit down meeting tonight and promises that the Main Event Mafia is back and it's growing.




Chavo Guerrero, Jr is backstage giving Hernandez a pep talk, saying that he's out there by himself tonight and nobody's worked harder than he has, and to go get some points. Hernandez comes out to the ring and says there's one loudmouth who's really been pissing him off, and tells Christopher Daniels to come down and get his ass kicked.


Bound For Glory Series: Hernandez vs Christopher Daniels


Daniels starts the match off by dropkicking Hernandez' knee out from under him, then he mostly manages to avoid the power spots while getting his shots in. Hernandez finally nails him and hits the charging shoudlerblock from the ramp, but Daniels catches him with a Flair uppercut when Hernandez tries to German suplex him. Daniels quickly hits the BME for a very quick win.


Winner: Christohper Daniels


Well, Daniels sure made that look easy.


Brooke Hogan is backstage, and she's...WALKING!


Sting is somewhere deep backstage at the arena asking some mysterious figure if he's in (presumably meaning the Main Event Mafia), and the figure wordlessly shakes Sting's hand.


We're back and Frankie Kazarian is in the ring, he says we just saw the beginning of the domination of Bad Influence, and now he wants to continue that by calling out someone everyone calls a rising star, including Dixie Carter who thinks he's so cute (tee hee), and tells Magnus to come out and face him.


Bound For Glory Series: Frankie Kazarian vs Magnus


They go at it and go right out to the floor where Kazarian rams Magnus into the ring apron, then brings him back inside and tries to ground Magnus with a chinlock. Magnus gets free and connects with a series of clotheslines, Kazarian tries a springboard crossbody but Magnus catches and slams him for 2. Kazarian dodges a corner charge and goes for a missile dropkick, but Magnus catches the legs and gets him in a Texas cloverleaf. I feel like they should call it something like the Kent Cloverleaf or something when Magnus uses it, but Kazarian taps out regardless.


Winner: Magnus


Magnus now leads the pack with 10 points.


Hulk Hogan is backstage chit-chatting on his cell phone, Bully Ray walks up behind him with a hammer and Hogan turns around, grabs him by the collar, and slams him into a wall and tells him to go ahead and take his best shot. Bully says he would never hit someone in the back of the head with a hammer, he's just here to talk to his wife. Hogan says Bubba and Brooke are done, but Bubba asks him why Brooke would stop Hulk from hitting him with the hammer a couple of weeks ago if they were done. He tells "dad" he'll see him later and walks off on the consternated Hogan.


Brooke Hogan comes out to the ring and does the usual Hogan blahblah stuff, then says there are some things she needs to address and asks the Knockouts to come out to the ring for the State of the Knockouts Division Address. Mickie gets her own "special" intro because she's the champion, and she comes out with a mic and says it's great that she's gotten the opportunity to carry the division, get music videos, and be a spokesperson in a commercial. Carrying the division on her back is easier than Velvet carrying it on her knee, but Brooke cuts her off because she has some business to get to. She asks Eric Young (who came out with the Knockouts Tag Team Titles with ODB) if he remembers what they talked about a year and a half ago, and EY admits that he's not a woman, but he's the toughest dude in the ring. He hands the Knockouts Tag Team Title belts back to Brooke, then says the good news is that it's National Kissing Day and makes out with ODB. They head to the back to do whatever they do, and she tells Velvet she's proud of her for being the toughest person in the division. She knows that Velvet wants her rematch, but Mickie says the pigeons aren't going anywhere because she's still hurt. Brooke spoke directly to Velvet's doctor, so they can do the rematch next week. Gail Kim interrupts and says Brooke forgot about her rematch, and she wants what belongs to her now. Brooke puts over the match Gail and Taryn Terrell and says that Gail will get her a ladder match when they get to Las Vegas. Mickie looks totally unfazed by all this as she heads to the back with a big celebrity smile on her face.


We look at some "earlier tonight" stuff, then we go to the garage where Hulk Hogan tells Brooke that she did great out there, but he wants her to leave now because Bully Ray wants to turn this into a circus. Brooke protests, but gets in the limo and leaves after she and Daddy say they love each other.


AJ Styles comes out to the ring and cuts a great promo saying that it's not about Aces & Eights or TNA, it's about the money. Everyone is looking for a hero, but just to repeat what he said earlier for anyone who didn't hear him, he's tired of trying to do the right thing. TNA is no place for a hero, and now he's just out to win the TNA World Title for himself.


Bound For Glory Series: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe


They slowly feel each other out before Joe backs AJ to the corner and unloads on him. AJ takes Joe to the mat with a side headlock, then he ties Joe up in the ropes and kicks at his legs before hammering him with stiff forearms. AJ flattens Joe with a clothesline and then dumps him on his head with a backdrop suplex, but Joe catches AJ with a boot that sends him out to the apron, then Joe goes out to the floor and sweeps AJ's legs out from under him, causing AJ to fall face first on the apron as we go to commercial.


We're back and Joe is still working AJ over, but AJ connects with a sweet dropkick to send Joe to the floor, then drills him with a baseball slide under the ropes. AJ rolls Joe inside and hits a springboard forearm for 2 as Christy tells us we only have two minutes left in the time limit. Mike Tenay informs us that these are the only two men who have been in all three BFG Series as Joe gets AJ in a cross armbreaker, but AJ gets to the ropes to force the break. Joe puts AJ on top and tries to superplex him, but AJ shifts his weight and comes down on top of Joe. He's too hurt to cover and both men are down, AJ is up first and hits a combo of nice strikes but Joe just drills him with kneestrikes until AJ gets his new submission (I think it's called the Cow Killer?), Joe reverses to the Kokina Clutch, and AJ rolls over his shoulders for 2. They trade punches as Christy tells us there's thirty seconds remaining, Joe takes AJ down with a double leg and tries to get something as the time limit counts down, but they run out of time before Joe can get anything.




The crowd chants to let them fight and five more minutes, but rules are rules and they each get two points.


Bully Ray is on the phone with Brooke asking where she went, and he says he needs to see her tonight and asks her to come back so he can talk to her. He finishes the call and tells some of his guys to make sure she gets to the arena okay, then tells everyone else to watch his back as he goes off to conduct a little business.




It's main event time!


Bound For Glory Series: Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode


Roode jumps Hardy on the ramp as he makes his entrance, and they fight their way back to the ring where Roode gets him in a crippler crossface right in the middle of the ring. Roode starts working over Hardy's throat, choking him on the top rope and then working it over on the floor as well. They head back inside where Roode hits a kneedrop for 2, Roode continues to methodically work Hardy over but gets caught with a boot in the corner and a second rope splash for 2. Roode counters the Twist of Fate to a spinebuster, Hardy counters a Perfectplex attempt to the Twist of Fate the second time around, Roode dodges the swanton and gets the crippler crossface again. Hardy hangs on and rolls Roode into a cradle for 2, then hits the Twist of Fate for the win.


Winner: Jeff Hardy


So there you have it, Hardy wins the battle of the two previous Bound For Glory Series winners. Just to summarize, Brutus Magnus is leading the pack with 10 points after week one and Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels are tied for second with 7 apiece.


Sting is backstage and the dumbass cameraman asks if he's done for the night, and Sting says not quite yet.


Bully Ray says the BFG Series is underway for a chance to face him at Bound For Glory, and three guys are fighting for the X Division Title next week for a chance to face him in July, and that's 15 guys trying to bring him down. He'll do whatever it takes to keep his title, and says that what he did to Hogan and Sting is an example of what happens when you face him. It's Open Fight Night and he wants to call someone out, but not to fight because he's a lover, not a fighter. He asks his beautiful wife Brooke to come out to see him, Brooke doesn't come out right away so Bully asks him to come out again but instead, the Main Event Mafia music hits and Sting comes out in his dapper suit. Sting says Bully inspired him to go back to his family, Bully says he beat Sting and he can never challenge for the title again, but Sting says that doesn't mean he can't get his retribution here tonight. Bully says Sting has nothing left in his tank and starts running Sting down, but Sting casually takes his tie and jacket off as Bully says all he needs to do is snap his fingers and his guys will come out and snap his neck. Sting starts to unbutton his shirt, and Bubba says if he doesn't believe him, that's his choice and tells Aces & Eights to come on out. They don't come so Bubba calls them again, and again they don't come as Sting throws his shirt in Bubba's face. Bubba calls them a third time, and we go to the video screen where we see the entire gang laid out in their clubhouse as Sting nails Bubba and starts to chase him up the ramp. Bubba backs away from Sting and turns around right into Kurt Angle, who takes Bubba down and puts him in the anklelock. Bubba taps on the ramp (I hate when they do that) as Sting gets right in his face and yells stuff at him as we call it a week!

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Guest Jayfunk
No way, no WAY are they doing an other Main Event Mafia! TNA bookers must have amnesia.


To be fair it was logically set up, they just need a faction to fight Aces and 8.

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Guest Jamster26

Loved Styles V Joe. I HATE it when the have that stupid time limit stipulation though, it ruined it alittle bit for me as I was enjoying it.


I'm probably in the minority who is a fan of the Main Event Mafia so I'm glad they're reforming to take on Aces and Eights.


So Kurt Angle is the other member of MEM. Be interesting to see who else is revealed.


Loved the ending as Angle had Bully in the ankle lock as Sting was talking trash to Bully and getting right in his face. :lol

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Guest John Hancock
to be fair it was logically set up. they just need a factor to fight Aces and 8


TNA just needs to stop with the mega-factions. I know their entire booking strategy is "Remember the NWO? Do that, whatever that was, do that", but I don't think it's ever once worked out for them. Aces & Eights is now the punchline every time some random jobber gets fired from the WWE, Main Event Mafia was just embarrassing, Fortune went nowhere, and their feud with Immortal was just a complete mess. I mean, we all know TNA's booking staff have literal, diagnosed learning difficulties, but even they must have figured out that they have no idea how to book a faction war, especially when one of those factions is an industrial laughing stock, and the other one is some horrific memory we're all trying to collectively repress.

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Guest Jamster26

I don't think it's fair to judge an angle before it's even had chance to play out yet. I don't blame you for hating the old MEM (or the Immortal and Fortune stables), allot of people did, but this one might just surprise people and enjoy it.


Allot of people were underwhelmed at who the members of the aces and eight were after they had all been revealed (me being one of them), however looking back, who were we all expecting? Some top WWE guys? I think it was perhaps unrealistic to expect that, and, even if the names are abit boring, I think the angle has been played out well, with the Bully / Brooke Wedding surprise from Taz, and the Leader reveal at Lockdown.


As Jayfunk says, the current angle which has led to the reforming of the MEM makes perfect sense. i.e. Aces and Eights are a tight-nit bunch, always have each others backs. Sting felt the only way to beat Aces is to have his own family who will also watch his back. (Something which wasn't apparent at Sting's last match at the PPV, when he was all alone).

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The issue I have is that if Sting gets his MEMbers (see what I did there?) from the current roster, why would Aces &8s be afraid? They've taken out most of the roster numerous times, including en-masse situations, so to bring out people they've already manhandled and suddenly have them afraid would be foolish.


Matt Morgan is the only intimidating guy on the roster that I can think off of the top of my head that they haven't done anything with, so perhaps he could join. I also fully expect Rampage to be a part of the faction.

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Guest John Hancock
Allot of people were underwhelmed at who the members of the aces and eight were after they had all been revealed (me being one of them), however looking back, who were we all expecting? Some top WWE guys? I think it was perhaps unrealistic to expect that


Then don't do it. If you haven't got anyone anyone cares about, don't book a surprise reveal.

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Guest Pepsi Twist

I'd hoped Sting's title shot would be his last gasp before they let some younger guys take the top spot (AJ, Morgan (though I'm about the only person that likes him), even Sabin or Magnus maybe???) but now they are doing the MEM he is going to be the spotlight AGAIN for lord knows how long.

Some of us actually had hope when Aeries and Roode were in the title picture!

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