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Talk Wrestling Online: 13 Years Old Today!


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Talk Wrestling Online is 13 years old today!


We're still here...with almost 55,000 thread and over 1.1 million posts, a big achievement for any forum. It's a real testament to everyone who's contributed to the site in one way or another over the years. As always I have to thank all the forum moderators past and present as well as all the regular contributors for all their help and support.


A special to mention to Anime Otaku , BRM, Chris2K, DraVen and Inno who have all been here for at least 10 years and still posting!


Here are just a few of the big topics discussed over the years:


Over on the non wrestling side:


Here are the most discussed wrestling shows in the history of the site:


Top 10 PPV Discussions


Top 10 TV Show Discussions


Here's a look back at all our previous Community Newsletter Birthday specials...


The Birthday Newsletters




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Guest FreeSpirit

Who came here to see Dubya See Dubya. And who's here for the T.W.O?


One more (year) for the good guys :)

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10 years and still posting... I believe I've actually been here for 11 and a half years. Soon, there will be kids posting on here who were born after I joined here. May have to skip that part in my inevitable autobiography.


However, 13 years is, yeah, wow. Congratulations on that.

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I think there's going to be quite a few "10 Yearsers" this time next year. I think the 2004 vintage kept particularly well :P.


But congratulations to Kam and the likes of Inno, Dra, Nicole, Russ, MLM, BRM, Chris2K and all those involved in the formative years of TWO.


13 years is a hell of a long time for any forum.



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Guest Laffy

Happy Birthday, and thanks to Kam for keeping TWO running, without him I would not have had this site, made friends, enjoyed peoples company and enjoyed the resulting arguments and conversations that have transpired over the years.


Here's to many more years.


Thanks to everyone who has made this site what it is and participated in the fun we have had over the years.


Oh and Maxxy by friends you know that excludes you don't you? your my guilty pleasure, easy to tease and have fun with but disregard in equal measure. The stud of T.W.O is waiting girls and Darkstar have fun!!!!


Boyo where's my drink!!!!

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Happy Birthday



Thanks Kam, this site has seen a great deal of procrastinating from myself the past 12 years.



On another note, looking at those threads that Kam linked to on the opening post. That's a lot of death right there.

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