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WWE RAW Discussion Thread - July 22, 2013 from Austin, TX (#1052)


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United States: LIVE, Monday Night, July 22, at 8/7c on the USA Network

United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, July 23, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3



Frank Erwin Center at UT Austin in Austin, TX


Confirmed Matches/Events


Build to SummerSlam

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Guest BarrettBarrage
I thought this was a pretty bad edition of Raw, there was so much filler put in there. The Daniel Bryan stuff dragged on a bit too long as well. Although the stuff with Cesaro was brilliant.
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Daniel Bryan won't win at SummerSlam. If he does I hope Orton cashes in on him. Not because I dislike Bryan but because I love him.


Bryan to win the Rumble/lose at Mania/win the title the next night on Raw.




I'd be totally down with:


-Bryan beats Cena

-Orton cashes in and takes the strap

-Bryan gets p*ssed and vows to regain the title

-DB wins the Rumble

-Bryan wins at Mania (while I watch in glee from the crowd)



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Guest Pepsi Twist

I could have watched D Bryan all night, he was awesome! And Cesaro of course. My favourite match of the year so far anyway.


I don't see him winning the title (YET!) but it's possible, he's soooo popular, everyone loves him, and he can deliver in the ring and on the mic. Plus Cena doesn't seem to have much to do really, he's just picking a new opponent for each PPV (I know that's kind of how it works, but it feels pretty empty. He beat Rock - hasn't been seen since. He beat Mark Henry - Mark forgets him and turns face. Had a little series with Ryback, who now can't even come in fresh and beat D Bryan after an epic war with Cesaro.).

Anyway I'd like to see Daniel win it, and I will have hope!


The rest of RAW was pretty standard fare though, I really wish Wade Barrett would get to do something.

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