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The FWL is back: £50 prize, all new game!


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Fantasy Wrestling League


The 31st season of the Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) is now accepting new entries - you have until midnight (UK time) Monday 4th November to get your entries in! Remember you can change your picks anytime before the FWL starts. There will be a £50 prize on offer for the winner! This will be sent via Paypal to the winner, or if you prefer we can try to arrange a gift voucher of equal value for an online store: Amazon.com/.co.uk etc


:info41: New changes this season! :info41:


This will only be a short 6 week season as we're testing new changes we've made to the game. This season you will be able to pick 6 WWE Superstars within your budget of $4,000,000. Not only that, you'll be able to select a Team Captain, this Captain will receive DOUBLE points during the season.





Start date: Monday 4th November (begins with the WWE Raw show)

End date: Sunday 15th December (ends with the WWE TLC PPV)


For those that do not know what it is:


What is the FWL?


It is basically like fantasy football, but for the WWE. All you have to do is pick a team of WWE Superstars who you think will do well over the next few months. The better they do (more wins), the more points you get. At the end of the time period whoever has the most points, wins a prize, and its FREE to enter!


It's always good fun - so when you have a few spare minutes, please enter. I'm sure that £50 prize could come in handy just before Christmas! :)


Also, PLEASE tell any friends that might be interested in this as soon as possible! What always happens is someone will tell a friend AFTER the deadline which means they cannot enter until the next FWL.

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