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Fantasy Wrestling League: Win up to £250 - Only 7 days to enter!


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Fantasy Wrestling League


The new season of our free to play WWE Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) game is now accepting entries - you only have until midnight (GMT) on Monday 24th August to get your entries in! Remember you can change your picks anytime before the FWL starts.


The Changes


Changes made from our previous season include:


* This season you can now change up to 2 picks during each pick change

* Some of the show points have been updated


The prize


I'll be keeping the prize structure the same as the last season. Once again, those of you that want to play and do not contribute to the forum are still eligible for the £50 prize. However if you are a regular contributor to the forum and win the league...the better your prize could be:


The winner of the league will win:


£50.00: 0 posts

£75.00: 1-50 posts

£100.00: 51-200 posts

£125.00: 201-350 posts

£150.00: 351-500 posts

£175.00: 501-750 posts

£200.00: 751-1000 posts

£250.00: 1001+ posts


You must have made 25 posts within the season. The post count will be taken at the end of the final day of the season. Posts will be checked so please do not spam as they will not count! Talk Whatever Online’s decision will be final.


I've made these changes to reward the regular forum contributors for their participation.


The prize will be sent via Paypal to the winner, or if you prefer we can try to arrange a gift voucher of equal value for an online store: etc


Your Team


This season you will be able to pick 7 WWE Superstars within your budget of $4,000,000. Not only that, you'll be able to select a Team Captain, this Captain will receive DOUBLE points during the season.


Pick changes


This season we will have FOUR pick changes! The current scheduled dates will be:

  • Monday 14th September
  • Monday 5th October
  • Monday 19th October
  • Monday 16th November

You will only have a 24 hour window to change up to 2 picks and/or your Team Captain during each date. For more info, click here.





Start date: Monday 24th August (begins with the WWE Raw show, entries must be in 1hr before the show airs live)

End date: Sunday 22nd November (ends with the WWE Survivor Series PPV)


If you have any friends that may be interested - let them know! Also please help us by sharing the game on Facebook, Twitter etc

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