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Can you cook?

Guest Pabster

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Guest Pabster



Can you cook? If so, what kind of food can you put on the plate?


I can't but I love my microwave and toaster. Just throw in a microwaveable pizza or bacon, anything and it does the job and tastes decent. Those microwaveable chicken curries from ASDA - oh yeah!


Toast is my food, I love it.


So come on, put on your chef's hat on and tell us your cooking capabilities.



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I can cook one thing- Nachos.


Luckily, they're delicious.


Dorritos, cheese, Salsa, jalapenos and sour cream. Maybe even a bit of Tesco's cooked chicken in the mix too. Deeeeeelicious.


Oh, and I got a toastie maker for Christmas, so I quite often indulge in a cheese and ham toastie.


Other top easy to cook foods include-


Micro Chicken wings

Micro Pizza

Micro Roll In Sausage

Heinz Tomato Soup


And these new Micro Mini doughnuts...Mmmmm.

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Guest Peter K

Depsite being amongst quite a number of skills I possess (Word Processing, video gaming, wrestling, sign language amongst others) cooking is one skill I have yet to master.


But bring me a microwave and I'll knock up a decent meal for you all......thats the extent of my skill regarding cooking, I say, extent!


Anything with Micro on it will do me, otherwise I go to fast food stores.

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Guest Peter K
Originally posted by draVen

I can make a mean Sunday Dinner, with chicken, mashed potato, stuffing, carrots, peas and gravy. Fruit Salads I can rustle up too, as I can with a selection of deserts. I'm like Betsy friggin Crocker :)


Who's Betsy Crocker?

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Guest Goldy
You lot (Bar dra and Nicole) sound like typical men lol, toast and noodles hehe, :D anyways im quite a good cook, i can do great fishfingers , chips and beans :) no seriously, i can make most things, i quite enjoy cooking when i have the time.
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Guest MillionLiraMan

Being a student, pasta and soups are always easy to make and a reasonably cheap option.


I have actually tried recently to set a day of the week aside for cooking something nice, not typical student muck, and have learnt to cook a variety of things such as steak (in red wine) with pepper sauce, bruscetta, mexican food, various chicken dishes with rice, chicken melts (stuffed with bacon and cheese), and my absolute speciality, salmon cooked in white wine with hollandaise sauce and a side dish of chilli pasta. I plan on doing the traditional haggis, neeps and tatties next week, which I've not done before but sounds quite simple.


And if you ever run into difficulty, just phone the takeaway! :xyx

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Guest ChrisfromBirtley

I've always considered it a girls thing to be able to cook.


Not that its wrong 4 a man to cook, at all.


Just, a woman's place is in the kitchen, a man's place is to get down dirty in the "mines" and earn the pay that keeps the wifey cooking.

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