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Wrestling-only avatars or Mixed Avatars?

Dead Crow


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    • Wrestling-only
    • Wrestling and entertainment mixed

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Right, simple as simple says.


If you want the new avatars to be wrestling only, vote for it. If you'd like mostly wrestling but with a fair few music or tv ones, vote for that.


Personally, I go for the latter. It works well at WZ (a wrestling site) and I see no problem with it as long as wrestling takes dominance, as I don't want people who don't like wrestling to go without.


But at the end of the day, majority will win. So get to it.

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Guest PeteR Richards

Haaaahahahah! I mean er, Chris, grow up!


I vote the latter, it's no trouble having a few non-wrestling avatars. Yes, it's talkWRESTLINGonline, but we also have Music, Games and TV forums, so why not Music Games and TV avatars?

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Guest MillionLiraMan
I went for the mixture option, I'd still want to see mostly wrestling but if you had a smaller percentage of avatars that were non-wrestling based, say about five percent or so, then I really don't see how that would be a sacreligious criminal scourge upon the name of this website. If it does turn out to be wrestling only I wouldn't mind, as I'd probably use a wrestling avatar anyway unless Jimmy White or Jim Bowen were on there(!), but I think that some of the 'wrestling only or we'll gouge your eyes out' brigade could really do with lightening up, quite frankly.
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Guest Nicole
If so many people have a problem with the name being talk wrestling and we want music icons, why not close down all non wrestling forums so we won't ask? If it bothers you so much, just close down every non wrestling forum and see how TWO flourishes. Your all too stuck in your ways, change is good
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Guest Nicole
Originally posted by Chris2K

There's very little point in this poll anyway, everyone knows there'll be music avatars regardless of the result :roll


Would it hurt you if there were music avatars anyway? Would it hurt the site in any way? No

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Guest Feenix

I'd love to see some non-wrestling avatars. And I totally agree with Nicole, there's nothing wrong with some non-wrestling avatars. It isn't going to hurt anyone, they are selected by YOU, if you dont want a non-wrestling avatar then you dont have to pick one!

Yes this site is a wrestling website, but it's not only wrestling is it?! We have TV & Movies, Music, Video games and sports forums we should embrace these things, because in the long term it's gonna get more people to come to the site.

I'm not suggesting a takeover of actors and rockstars but just a few would be nice for those of us who want it.

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